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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   mayo6
    Hi, I am Julie, married, 32 years old graduating in May USA NC
  2. by   rhall
    Hi, mother of 4 in Louisiana....last semester!!! I graduate March 9, 2006:hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:
  3. by   wingles012204
    My name is Bill and I am in the 2nd semester of a 5 semester program. I have 2 daughters with a third on the way in April. I am 35 and taught high school for 8 years. I am now home with my girls and going to an evening weekend program at Huron School of Nursing in Cleveland, Ohio. So far so good I am really excited for the career change and wish all of you luck.

  4. by   ladygray92
    I'm a 29 yo mother of two girls 9 & 7, married, and in my final semester of nursing school HURRAY!!!! It's sure been a long haul. I just joined the forum today, still getting to know everyone.... Staying pretty busy though, I may only get to check this thing on weekends....

  5. by   SBradshaw
    I am currently in my last semester for my LPN at Delaware Technical & Community College. I will get a diploma in May which will allow me to take the licensure exam. I am continuing at Del Tech next year and will graduate with an Associate's Degree in May of 2007. I can't wait. I have a little boy who is almost 4 years old and a wonderful fiance. I work part time at a local grocery store and I am attending classes full time. I would like to continue my education atleast to a Master's degree. Once I get my Associate's I plan to only go part time so I can spend more time with my family. I would like to specialize in pediatric oncology.

  6. by   joejoe101
    Hello nursing students, I am in my last semester of nursing school @ a to yr. RN college program. It feels awesome to have made it this far! Yet it is also scary:uhoh21: ! I will be graduating in May and I can't wait. I plan to relocate in Florida by the end of the year.:hatparty:
  7. by   SNLiz
    I am Liz, in my 3rd semester of a 4 semester ADN program. Mother of two children (5 and 7) and wife to a third one, life gets a little crazy around here..especially during test week! Only one more semester to go after this one-and its going fast!
  8. by   dunegirl84
    Hello all
    I am in my 3rd quater of 9. I will graduate it just does
    not seem soon enough. I hope to get to know everyone soon!
  9. by   einsteinsboi
    Hi all,

    I am in the first semester of a 4 semester ADN program at Our Lady of Lourdes SON in Camden, NJ. I took 3 semesters to get my pre-reqs done and am now finally in Nursing 1. I love this forum and spend a lot of time in here lurking. Hope to participate a lot more now that I am in the program and can decipher what everyone is talking about . Look forward to getting to know you all.

    I am 32, in a relationship, no kids, self-employed, and live in the city of brotherly love.
  10. by   ajs08RN
    Hi everybody !!!!

    I'm Alicia, married (8yrs) mother of 2, 11y/o boy and 7y/o girl. I got my call last week and I had my entrance meeting today and.......I'M IN
    Is my happiness obvious? I start in May, which means I should finish Nov-Dec 2007.
  11. by   Pinky2
    I'm Beth I'm in my first quarter of CNA classes. I will start the LPN program in the Summer (I hope)! I work full time and have 3 little boys Oh wait make that 2 little ones and a husband!!
  12. by   greenmiler
    46 Year Old Male in first semester of ADN school..Hanging in there so far but my brain hurts
  13. by   Michelle123

    My name is Michelle and I start my Bachelor of Nursing in just over a week! I'm 26, married with a 2yr old daughter! Thanks for having me on the board!