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  1. kayel

    May 2009 Graduates!!! Do you have a job yet?

    I also graduate in May and have accepted a full time permanent position on a medical floor on which I did my senior practicum! I am still waiting impatiently for my grad license which should be here any day.
  2. kayel

    Last weeks of Nursing School!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doing a happy dance!!! Congratulations!! I am graduating May 30th! Whew!
  3. kayel

    Don't Rain On My Parade ....2009 Grads

    Me! Me! I am in a 4 year BN program and finally can also say I graduate "NEXT YEAR"!!! Awesome!! Here is one more thread https://allnurses.com/forums/f50/any-class-09ers-out-there-post-here-159948.html that you can drop by if you get a chance! My graduation date is May 30/09 but we are finished in mid April!!!! Yippee!!
  4. kayel

    Class of 2009 Nurses!

    Me! Me! I am in a 4 year BN program and finally can also say I graduate "NEXT YEAR"!!! Awesome!! Here is one more thread https://allnurses.com/forums/f50/any-class-09ers-out-there-post-here-159948.html that you can drop by if you get a chance!
  5. Well, nursing school was a major change for me as well in a lot of ways, although it was sort of replacing my work-at-home-and-camp job. Getting used to the idea of exams and actually "using" my mind again in that specific way was the biggest mental adjustment, although it seemed somewhat smooth at the time. It is a great thing you are doing and it will be so worth it in the end!! For me, it has been sometimes difficult to fit everything in and still feel like I'm doing everything I expect of myself as a friend, parent and spouse but .. my family is supportive of this and know it is helping to make me happier and improve all of our lives.
  6. kayel

    8 Weeks of training does NOT make you a nurse!!

    While "nursing staff" may refer to several parts of the health care team, the term by itself -- "nurse" -- doesn't. As I keep reading here, I see "support staff" is another way to refer to it and I have heard that before also. Anyway, as many have said, each job is so valuable in the team ... who knows why someone would stretch the truth but maybe the situation pushes someone to feel it it true at the time. Loved nurseby07's campfire story!
  7. kayel

    8 Weeks of training does NOT make you a nurse!!

    That is just plain bizarre!!!
  8. Hi, Malia!!! Great to see you again!! Bleah, you bring up the fact that maybe I should be checking to see if I have homework for the first day of classes on Monday. Ewww!! lol Have fun at the childbirth class tomorrow!
  9. hey, danielle! well, i think you can still fit all that other stuff in but, like mel said about her full-time job, you have to plan for it like you maybe didn't before! i know i need to get better organized this term .. maybe i will get writing up a schedule for my entire life today, not just for school! gl to you in your studies!! when do you start?
  10. Hi, Mel! Nice to see ya! I think it's amazing the people who work full time and go to school .. I know it can be done but I am not sure I am disciplined enough to do both things well! Anyway .... I also am just wide open to where exactly I want to work -- still ... in fact, I am thinking I might not decide until much after I graduate!
  11. Hey, guys! How is everyone doing? I am starting back to school on Jan. 7th after 3 weeks off!! I would be glad to hear how your studies are going! Mine are going well and last term wasn't terribly challenging and busy, although I admit busy enough. It was nice to have a little bit less hectic schedule than last year! Next term I have another gender and lifespan course, clinical, nursing research and some foundations courses ... I'm on vacation and too lazy to look up exactly what! lol
  12. Our facility is (slowwwwly) moving toward this as well and I can't wait until it actually completely takes effect! We computer chart things like BG and wound assessments but still writing in the pt charts. (and personally I like the chart by exception rule, although some of our instructors disagree.) There are still seemingly a LOT of bugs but hopefully they will continue to work it out .................... but it will be a long time I'm afraid! It's certainly not a seamless transition lol!!
  13. kayel

    First name or surname?

    At our hospital, the security picture name tags have only first names and the full name is in small letters on the back. It's definitely in the name of security and confidentiality. On the other hand, each individual is at her/his own discretion to provide her/his full last name and I would have no problem doing so (though can't speak for anyone else of course). I have honestly never noticed whether or not the doctors have just their first name on their picture ID but I know the other hospital professionals (specifically, OT, PT, ST, Dieticians) have first name only. I will try to look and see next time I run across one. Actually, speaking of which, our hospital REALLY needs to step up and ensure people are wearing their name tags in a visible place -- many people stick it in their pocket or wear it flipped over. That is the part I don't understand!!
  14. kayel

    8 Weeks of training does NOT make you a nurse!!

    I'm thinking "Licensed Nursing Assistant"? lol I have no idea though ..... It sounds like you handled the situation with grace and patience and that is awesome! I feel I have to bite my tongue at times too. A slightly different situation involves some friends of mine whose daughter-in-law recently graduated as a licensed practical nurse after 15 month's training. I am in a 4-year bachelor of nursing program and EVERY SINGLE TIME they see me, whether I comment on my busy-ness or not, they consistently say "imagine doing the exact same training and courses in 1 year, as opposed to 4" ...... The d-i-l is a fully qualified nurse, in a super-intense course, but the courses could not have all been identical! Oh well, I suppose I just have to be humbled every time I talk to these people and it's kind of funny but still irritating for it to be implied I am inferior each time I see them!! At last conversation, the m-i-l told me the d-i-l wants to get "into medicine" when I asked what specialty area she wanted to get into (after they mentioned it). I'm not exactly sure what that meant -- did she want to work on a medical floor or become a doctor, I dunno ...... But I digress ..... I hope this woman gets her head set straight eventually. That would be really annoying for real! I'm glad you handled it so professionally!! P.S. Maybe the fact that some patients call all the staff "nurse" will either give her fuel for her fire or satisfy her need to feel like a nurse! haha
  15. kayel

    preparing for school

    Yes, I agree that the best thing is to get yourself organized (work on a schedule for your life, in particular!!) and rested before school starts! It would be good to review past topics like A&P or whatever you took in pre-nursing. I would not start reading texts although the temptation is there and certainly wouldn't hurt you .. of course, if you have a syllabus that would steer you in the right direction. I do know that before I started, people said, "enjoy your time off," and I think that's a very good thing. GL in your preps!! That's very awesome and exciting!!!! Can't wait to hear about your first day!
  16. kayel

    Friends and nursing school

    I have made several good friends, one very good, who I believe will be lifelong. There are many more who are friends and I know I will remain friends, although not necessarily keep in touch with. With me there is an age difference as I am old enough to be the mom of a lot of them. However, you have to be careful not to get all caught up in some of the stupid social stuff that can happen and lose your focus so I don't think it is a bad thing to have not made a really close connection with anyone. It's always a back-and-forth struggle with me to not feel bad about being left out of some stuff (which I honestly don't care about missing, which doesn't make sense lol) and not at all caring, realizing I'm not there to focus on the relationships but on my schooling. I think I am doing okay and it does help to have the one friend I can bounce pretty much anything off of.