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jamiejo05 has 6 years experience and specializes in ICU/CCU.

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  1. What Job Boards Do You Use

    I found my current job on indeed.com
  2. ANCC Review Course

    I did the Mary Kellerman review. It was awesome. I did the review as soon as I graduated then studied for 1 week and sat for boards. I had no difficulties at all.
  3. Nurse practitioner Salary

    Do PAs really make more that NPs? I currently work in an ER with other PAs and NPs and we all make the same salary. However, I honestly though NPs would make more and be more desirable overall.
  4. what is an appropriate migraine treatment

    I always do IV Toradol and IV Reglan.
  5. ANCC practice questions

    I bought the 150 practice questions thru the ancc. They were very similar to the actual test. I passed my first time. Good luck!
  6. Steps to become ER NP?

    I worked in an ICU and CVICV for 6 yr while getting my BSN and MSN as an FNP. Three months before graduation I applied to ERs in the area and was hired. After practicing for two years as an ER NP (ENP-BC) I can apply. Per the ANCC; Have practiced th...
  7. Ohio or Texas

    I'm from ohio.... I don't feel we have restrictive laws and there seems to be tons of jobs. I was hired 2 months prior to graduation!
  8. FNPs- what settings can I work in

    I personally work in an ER... My MIL who is a FNP works in Psych... My two best friends are FNPs and one work as a hospitalist and the other in nephrology. I know many FNPs who work in specialities...
  9. New NP mistake

    I agree 100%, it was listed as a 3.
  10. New NP mistake

  11. New NP mistake

    Thank you all for your comments. I greatly appreciate it. As for orientation... I study daily, I did take a suturing class and did suturing in school. What type of orientation should I have been provided?
  12. New NP mistake

  13. Can NP's self prescribe?

    Thanks for the tip. I should have said... I would just call her. I have never needed anything. But again thanks.
  14. Can NP's self prescribe?

    I personally know NPs in ohio that self prescribe antibiotics... I have never and highly doubt I would. My MIL is a NP so I just call her!
  15. New NP mistake

    Prior to being an NP I was an ICU/CVICU nurse for 6 years and felt I was good at it. I went into ER and have worked 5 shifts so far.... I love it so much but I made a mistake and got yelled at already... I feel so so stupid and don't know what to do ...