I was terminated from my job because of school!!!

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    I was "terminated" because of school!!!
    I just found out last Friday that I was terminated from my job when I started school!

    I had worked in a LTCF as a CNA for awhile. I enjoyed my job, not necessarily the people I worked with, but I loved the ones I worked for (the elderly). I have always thought of going back to school when our youngest went to 1st grade. Now I am in LPN school. I had always been under the impression that if you worked in Health Care, the company would stand behind you and be for you going back to school to get a nursing degree.... not so.

    As the time for school approached, I went in to my DON and told her of my plans, in plenty of time to find a replacement for me on my 1st shift, full time CNA status. About 2 months in advance. She told me she would put me on "Casual Status" when school started and they would call me when they were short to see if I could work. I agreed. After about a month of no phone calls, and after my school schedule was pretty much in a routine, I called to ask her if I could work every other Friday night. (I was doing Home Health every other Saturday all day.)

    When I asked her that, she sounded a bit shocked and said, "Julie, your job has been terminated. Since you didn't work one day last month, we took you off our schedule."


    But to make me feel better she did say that if I wanted to continue working for that company, I could come in and reapply and start the whole process over.
    I said, "No thanks."

    And you know the worst part of the whole deal? I have to do a 6 week clinical rotation there, starting next month!!!

    Oh well..... Thanks for letting me blow off some steam!


    PS I had this message posted in General Conversation, but I figured a student would be more apt to read this. Guess I am just angry is all...
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  3. by   peaceful2100
    Julie I am sorry to hear about your job. I know this is probably not what you want to hear right now but there are other jobs out there who would love to have you and are really good with nursing students. It would be one thing to terminate you if you did not call or tell them anything but you told them and they knew and that is wrong.

    How long have you been on the job? What are their policies about not working. Because I know at my job if you don't work for 90 days theyy have the right to terminate your job. However in your case it has not been 90 days.

    If I were you I would find out their policies because they may have illegally terminated your job.

    If you did not have anything in writing to prove that your employer would but you on casual status that can get tricky proving that because if would be wrong for your employer to say that they will call YOU but never did.

    I hope you find something out because something don't sound right with your employer.

    THe hardest part is going to be your clinical experience but you know what when you go in to do your clinical you do the best job you can do (I am very sure you will anyway) and make them see and regret that they let go such a good future nurse who is a hardworker.
  4. by   GPatty
    You know what, Peaceful? I wholeheartedly agree with you....

    Although I loved my patients, I really hated going in to work sometimes because of the attitude of nurses with the patients and with the attitude of certain "queen" CNA's. I am better off, and I will find a better job.

    The most frustrating part of being let go is my connection with the elderly. I really love those people, and being with them on a day to day basis made me feel like a better person because I knew what I was doing was right. At least I know I can go and visit when I am at clinical there.

    I am not going to look into anything about the place. The shabby way they treat employees has been known for quite sometime, so why did I figure I was special?
    Just this past summer, the State was there for about 3 weeks because of infractions they were finding left and right... so sometime, somewhere...

    Thanks for your kind words and your support. I needed them at this time!

    At least I still have my Home Health to work at!

  5. by   essarge
    I'm sorry to hear that they did that to you but, unfortuneately if you didn't get it in writing there is nothing you can do....on the bright side, when you start your clinicals there, you will have the advantage of knowing some of the residents which may help it to make it an easier time!!
  6. by   Nurse4TI
    Hi Julie, I too am an LPN in LTC. I started the RN bridge program in January. I remember going to my DON with my schedule for school. I didn't tell anyone I was going back. We have 3 other nurses going back to school, so I figured it wouldn't be a problem. I approached the DON with my schedule and she responded" Oh, not you too." I was the nurse always coming in on my off days, working a doubleshift when the other nurse failed to show, so to say I was disappointed was an understatement. I put in my two week notice and now I work for a nursing agency and I am completely happy. Nothing is coming between me and school.
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    hmmmmm.....i wonder how julie is doing these days. :chuckle

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    I'm sorry to hear that you. You would think they'd keep you on as a recruitment measure. I guess they probably know most CNA's who get their RN don't stay.

    It's a blessing in disguise.

    Keep your eye on the goal.
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    hmmmmm.....i wonder how julie is doing these days. :chuckle
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    Hi Julie wherever you are!