I start Microbiology tomarrow and I am scarred!

  1. I am so scarred that I will not get a good grade. I have a GPA of 3.1 and I need a 2.5 to get into my clinicals in the fall. What if I mess up? I don't know anyone and that is always hard getting to know oother people and make new friends every semester. Anyone taking Micro this summer that will be in the same boat with me? How hard is it and do you have any advice?
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  3. by   VicChic
    You are not alone.
    I start it tomorrow, have a 3.0 gpa, and also need to keep a 2.5 gpa to remain in my nsg. program. I've heard only the worst, and am petrified to death! I'll be taking it a night opposite of the rest of my nursing class, so I too feel alone. But just know you are not. Before the both of us even decided to become nurses, someone somewhere out there was in our shoes and made it out. I don't know about you but my non-nursing classes are the harder ones anyway. (I passed both A & P I and II with C's). But I'm not letting that hold me back, instead I'm just going to chalk it up for what it's worth: I have an area of improvement to work on so this will be my motivation to do well (besides the fact that it means my very success in the program--LOL). If you're like me then you have a tendency to think every litte thing/class predicts what kind of nurse you'll be. But I thought about that for a sec and realized no one became a really great nurse ONLY because they made an "A" in everything including ART HISTORY, the most worthless class to the nursing curriculum, which I am also stuck taking this semester.
    The point is there are other factors besides grades determining your success. Your drive, your determination, the will to succeed will compensate for some setbacks. Believe that these things are strong within you and then you will have no choice but to succeed.
    I wish you the best!

    When are you to graduate?
  4. by   USA987
    With Micro...do NOT let yourself get behind. Study a bit each day. If they have open lab time, take advantage of it...even if you have to rearrange your schedule a bit.

    Good luck to you both!!!
  5. by   MttoRN
    I agree with USA987, do not fall behind. I finished up micro this past spring semester. The lecture class was pretty deep, but my lab was pretty cool...nothing like testing your lab partner's gag reflex to get a throat culture. I can't say enough about study partners/groups..they really help. Good luck..you will do fine!!
  6. by   Gator,SN
    Micro is not that bad! I promise! It does have a lot of new terminology though so if your book or lab manual has a section for review, get the medical dictionary and find the definitions. It helped me a lot!! An example of this would be something like, bacteriocidal vs. bacteriostatic: one kills bacteria the other inhibits its growth. Bacteria are prokaryotes and everything else is a eukaryote.Once you know the words and meanings its easier to understand. Memorize and make note cards for your gram pos and neg bacteria. And you can come here and ask people questions if you are stuck!
    Good luck to you! Don't let it scare you! You are going to do great!
  7. by   RNIAM
    Micro wasn't too bad. It wasn't a walk in the park either. You will need to study and you will need to memorize lab tests, What the lab test results show, micororganisms, It will take time. Do the best you can do and remember stduy hard and you'll do fine.
  8. by   kbstudent
    Micro was not too bad. I sounds like it is the only class you are taking this summer. That is good. Not like me, who took Microbiology, Anatomy and English 100 while working full-time during the day. That was a couple years ago and somehow I survived that semester.

    As everyone else has said, just keep on top of things with both the lecture and lab. I found that my lab went a bit fast for me, but as I said I survived and pulled out an A. Good Luck !!!!
  9. by   Ortho_RN
    I don't know who has been telling you that Micro is horrible, but they are either delusional or didn't study...

    I loved Micro, yes you have to study, but it isn't that bad... Just as everyone said don't get behind... But it is a fun class.. I loved labs..

    Don't stress.. You can do it..
  10. by   marilynmom
    I have not taken Micro yet (I am enrolled for the summer though like you are though). My sister took it and almost everyone I have talked to about it said it was actually FUN. I dont know anyone who flunked it and most made C's and B's in it. I'm sure it depends on your instructor as well though.

    Im more scared of Chem than anything else!!

  11. by   HISSYTHECAT
    gordi24...I am too starting Micro this summer along with Anatomy. I have heard so many horrible stories about this class. I have started reading the first couple of chapters just to familiarize myself with it and I love it!!. I cannot wait till class starts. Hang in there and you will do fine. If we get stuck, we can at least ask each other. Hissy :O)
  12. by   LeesieBug
    I am one of the bunch that liked micro. I agree that there is lots of study involved, but it was very interesting. It was one of the few pre-req's that I actually felt would be USEFUL to my nursing career!

    The labs were GREAT. It was so fun to culture our kitchens and try to find pathogens! We also got to run around the school, culturing different areas that come in contact with human hands.

    Don't let the horror stories scare you. I find that a lot of classes people say are awful turn aout to be fun for me, and sometimes the other way around. You just have to see for yourself. Everyone I knew said government was a breeze and I HATED every minute of it.

    Good luck this summer!
  13. by   fulwood
    Gordi24, Please don't let micro worry you so much. I am the least scientific person in the world and I was fortunate to have great teacher who made class enjoyable and I just missed getting an A by 2 point! Just keep up with course work and I promise you will do fine. it is not intimdating as perhaps you may have heard. I htink there are some good micro sites out there as well. Good luck..
  14. by   HISSYTHECAT
    I do not mean this to be a stupid question. What is the best way to study Micro? Do you only memorize the terms from the chapters?