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:imbar Ok call me old fashioned but I am kind of concerned. I had my nursing orientation today, and I was informed that as part of one of my practical nursing classes I will have to be sponge bathed... Read More

  1. by   TweetiePieRN
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    Very true...it could be worse...by reading some of the replies, my anxiety has gone down a little concerning the sponge baths. Don't care for a male partner, but I think I will take the attitude suggested..."play the game to pass" I surely do not want to be an instructor's target because I chose to make a big stink over something minor. Doesn't seem too bad now
    The "play the game" mentality got me through. Honestly, there was soooooo many things that would pi$$ me off about school, or the teachers...but I would just smile and think about graduation. I am glad that you are able to view it in a different light. Good luck in school. It goes by sooooooooo fast
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    Yeah, we had to do this in nursing arts lab. We were told to wear shorts and t-shirts (loose). A lot of us brought shorts in to change into but I didn't have to change cos I had on some loose stretchy pants and my instructor had my lab partner only pull up my pant legs. It really wasn't bad at all. We only did the face, arms, legs, hands, feet and 'made believe' cleaning perineal area. I don't recall anyone in my class having a problem with it cos it really is a great way to see what the real patient will experience in a clinical setting. And yes, we also had to practice putting our partners on bedpans too. All part of the learning process. Don't worry about it.
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    No bed baths in my program....but during our OB clinicals we changed into scrubs everyday together....saw 9 of my classmates and my instructor in their underwear...so, yeah you pretty much get over it.
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    Yes, we stripped down to our bras and underpants and put a pt gown and our classmate bathed us. And if they went around the bed to get something they forgot, and left the side rail down, the instructor motioned for us to "fall out of bed" and freak out our partner!! :chuckle
    I weighed much less then than I do now, but I was also eight months pregnant when we did that part, and I felt QUITE awkward. :imbar
    We also practiced subq injections on one another, that was our final grade for injections, was giving one to our partner and taken into consideration was how the partner felt we did!!!!
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    I wore shorts and one of those tank tops that has a built-in bra. That way the instructor couldn't ask me to take the top off. It really wasn't that bad.
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]i hope noone misunderstood what i was saying. i have no plans of rocking the boat or saying a word about it. i was just "suprised" and personally feel uncomfortable about it. i realize you have to just grin and "bare it" pun intended..but that doesn't lessen my pesonal anxiety about it. i had never heard anyone else who had been through nursing school ever mention this being part of the process and i guess i was shocked to say at the least. i don't think it's right but what in life is? i understand the whole put yourself in the patient's place concept ( lol..i've had 3 kids though so plenty od nurses and the doc have seen my booty shining in all it's un-glory..lol) and have had my share of bed baths being on bedrest for 4 months out of my last pregnancy. hopefully it will just be as a few on here have said where you just run a sponge down an arm, a leg, etc. etc. just personal anxiety, thanks for letting me vent!:uhoh21:
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    i wore shorts and one of those tank tops that has a built-in bra. that way the instructor couldn't ask me to take the top off. it really wasn't that bad.
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    Oh! I forgot. Our instructor also put bedpans with water underneath us when were laying on the beds. Made it a whole lot more realistic when getting partner on/off bedpan! -Andrea
    mine dod that too! what a hoot
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    We've had to do this almost weekly. We can wear swimming costumes, and wear a gown as well - though we do have to remove the gown for the bath. It's not as bad as it sounds!
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    I remember having to do this and our teacher also made us wash each other's hair. Good damn thing it only happened once, dont know if I could have done it twice.

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    :imbar Ok call me old fashioned but I am kind of concerned. I had my nursing orientation today, and I was informed that as part of one of my practical nursing classes I will have to be sponge bathed by one of my classmates and in turn need to sponge bathe a classmate. Ok fine. No worries. HOWEVER, the next breath was, you will have to strip down to your underwear only and your classmate will drape you and sponge bathe you and vice versa. I understand that as a nurse I will give sponge baths to patients and I have no problem with that. But one of my classmates that I am going to spend hours and hours with for the next 2 years bathing me is a whole other story! True, like the instructor said it lets you know first hand how the patient will feel while you are abthing them, so you will want to treat them with dignity but being an overweight gal I am uncomfortable with this because I will have to look at these classmates for the next 2 years. Did anyone else ever do this as part of their curriculum? I don't mean to freak out but I never heard of this. They can stick me with all the needles they want for practice, but bathe the mannequins...lol
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    When it comes to nursing school instructors, "Love the one you're with" and after class plot which student will run her down in the parking lot.
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    We did sponge baths, but were given the option to wear bathing suits or underwear. We also we allowed to choose our partner. I still didn't like it, but I got thru it. It does give you some insight of how the patient feels to have a stranger bathe you.
    Good luck!
    My first reaction to this thread when I saw it was WHAAAT? Then I saw that you got to pick your bathing partner...what do you say exactly.."Ummm...you're cute....wanna bath?"
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    I know how you feel, I was a bit surprised we had to do this too. It was very embarrassing for both of us involved. I lived through it, but hated it. It certainly didn't enhance my skills in anyway.
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    Not so. We practice IV therapy on each other.
    How long ago? Most schools I have heard do not for the same reasons. Your school, while its good you got to practice on real people before going to the hospital, but the practice itself is scarey for the schools safety.