I hate nursing school (and it is not because it is hard)

  1. I am in one of the top nursing schools in the country, and, coming from the interesting pre-reqs like chemistry and A&P, to the nursing model, which, I am sorry to say, is devoid of any real medical knowledge.....is heartbreakingly frustrating.

    Pharmacology is not about pharmacology...its about a few specific drugs and memorizing things about those few specific drugs.

    Pathophysiology is barely about physiology at all, its about how to nurse someone with a pathology more than anything.

    My issue, is, I am 32 and afraid of getting back out there to get pre reqs for PA school or med school. What if I run out of public loan funding halfway through...I'm stuck. (I cant get private loans)
    How do I pay for my life while I go back to school for a year for pre reqs?

    All of this momentum and fear has kept me in a nursing school I hate more and more.

    And no, it is not hard at all. I get straight A's. And god I wish I was bragging, but it just feels sad.

    Its a rant. I am frustrated.
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    Quit then. If it is so beneath you, bite the bullet and become an MD or PA.
  4. by   Nurse Leigh
    Perhaps your "top" school isn't as awesome as you say, then?
  5. by   cracklingkraken
    It sounds like you're in a bad nursing program.
  6. by   eris08
    I agree with SlinkyheadRN. If you don't like it quit and go for PA or MD/DO school. I decided to not go to medical school because even though i love the science behind it I prefer to actually get to know my patients and be there for them. That is why nursing was the best choice. Regarding your classes I am not sure, but my school expects you to know the basics or if not the advance topics in patho. My professor said, "we are not doctors, but having a knowledge of the process and effects of a disease can help us advocate and care for our patients as well teach them about their illness." In pharm we are learning important medications and how it works in the body. So there is no simple memorization.
  7. by   pixiestudent2
    Doesn't sound like a top nursing school.
  8. by   Rose_Queen
    Quote from baleen
    I am in one of the top nursing schools in the country, and, coming from the interesting pre-reqs like chemistry and A&P, to the nursing model, which, I am sorry to say, is devoid of any real medical knowledge.....is heartbreakingly frustrating.
    The nursing model is taught in nursing school rather than the medical model because it's nursing school. If it's medical knowledge you want, then nursing is not for you- become a PA or MD.
  9. by   direw0lf
    I felt similar as you and made a thread about it called "I'm bored" in September or October. I came out of science classes I really loved, and thought assessment and foundations were boring or my exact thought was that these classes were "dumbed down" from the sciences. Not even close. In my nursing program they teach us like adults getting ready to be professionals which means they aren't going to spell out everything like science classes and we need to be proactive in learning and go beyond what seems like simple teaching. That means no not just memorizing a few drug names, but you learn all about their action, pharmacokinetics, etc. In pathophysiology you learn about the etiology of the disease, effects on the body, etc. You're not going to be babied each step of the way anymore in nursing school. You're expected to learn things on your own, to look up drug info and disease process on your own. That's why we go to the hospital the night before clinical and are ready the next morning to tell our teacher why our patient is on the drugs they are, and if we can't do that, our teacher will say go home.

    Right now you're missing out like I was at first.
  10. by   direw0lf
    Oh and just one last thought. My teacher told us about her friend who took a couple years off school, worked hard as a CNA to earn money, and went to med school, now a successful cardiologist in NYC.
  11. by   umbdude
    Why can't you get private loans? Can you work and pay for pre-reqs so you don't have to borrow?

    From reading your post, I think you really need to try pursuing PA or med school. If you have this type of mentality, even if you suck it up and stay with nursing, you will not be happy in nursing. Nursing courses won't go that indepth with medical stuff, even in med/surg and beyond. You'll be torturing yourself and probably others.

    Good luck!
  12. by   baleen
    Its consistently in the top 10 in the raitings...I.E: US news. and it is is located inside of a very reputable institution.
  13. by   baleen
    Thank you for that. It is nice to hear.

    I spend a lot of time researchign on my own the pathophysiology of diseases that we are studying and then I come to lecture and want to hit my forehead because it is so dumbed down. And as for pharmacology, I studied very far into it as well and the same thing happened. I seem to study for nothing.....it feels like anyway. but thank you for your caring response. That is what I like most about nursing school. The cohort is full of wonderful caring people.
  14. by   baleen
    Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate it.

    I have no credit, bad credit etc...a wayward 20's
    No one in my family is alive to co sign a loan....not tiny violin but just fact

    Thank you again though.