I got my first J-O-B

  1. I applied for a nurse tech position at the local hospital (along with 4 others in my class) and I got hired!!! I am SOOO freaking STOKED about this. I get to buy my first set of Non-school scrubs soon! :hatparty:
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  3. by   dansamy
    WooHoo! Congratulations! :hatparty: I also got my 1st 'hospital' job. I'm going to be a 'patient care tech'. It's like the lowest possible position, but at least it gets me on the med/surg floor around patients. I should be an old pro at vitals, etc. by the time I start clinicals.
  4. by   Tweety
    Congrats and good luck. It really helped me a lot to be a tech. Gives you a taste of what the "real world" is like. Good luck!
  5. by   jenrninmi
    Yeaa! For you!!
  6. by   fnimat1
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! :hatparty:

  7. by   Altra
    [QUOTE=twintoo I get to buy my first set of Non-school scrubs soon! :hatparty:[/QUOTE]

    :chuckle :chuckle

    I SOOOO hear ya, Twintoo ... I look longingly at catalogs of attractive scrubs ...

    Congrats & good luck to you!
  8. by   Mom2kids
    Congrats Twintoo! Wishing you all the best.....
  9. by   Chevelle
    Congratulations twintoo!!!!!!!

    Mom2kids...I am with you-Harvick kicks...well....he is my favorite also. How nice to not meet a Jeff Gordon fan!
  10. by   2ndCareerRN

    i can remember my first job. I was a 18 y/o pup on my first med cruise. We pulled in Nice for some liberty and that night.....what? what?.....

    Oh my bad, sorry wrong type of job!! :imbar

    Congrats on your new job.

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  12. by   RainbowzLPN
    Congrats!! :hatparty:
  13. by   Havin' A Party!
    Great! :hatparty:
  14. by   AmyLiz
    Congrats! I started my first "healthcare" job in March & was really stoked about it too. Still am, really. I'm really enjoying it & the experience & benefits are awesome.

    Good luck!