Humorous student awards

  1. I was hoping some of you might like to help my class.

    To blow off the stress of the last semester, we're going to hand out amusing awards to students and instructors. We already have a Nurse Ratched Award and Best Use of a Bedpan. Any other ideas?
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  3. by   JBudd
    Best caught the cukkoo over the nest (for an OB prof)?
  4. by   UM Review RN
    The Chocolate Chunk award, the Golden Foley award, the Microdrip award....lotsa possiblities there. Have fun!
  5. by   abbythetabby
    Ooh, these are good! Thanks!
  6. by   EMTandNurse2B
    How about the one with the strangest patient request? Like the lady that asked me to push her prolapsed hemorrhoids back in, or the patient who asked to replace her prolapsed uterus. ask them for the strangest request they have received and then award to the strangest one.
  7. by   locolorenzo22
    how about the Naked nurse award? whoever saw the most naked people wins....or....the Wheelchair wheeler...for whoever it seemed was always pushing someone in a w/c....
  8. by   nurseangel47
    I was presented with a pink plastic bed from a nursing instructor when we did OB rotation...d/t the fact I'd been up all night with the patient in labor I did my OB paper on....from start to finish and boy, was it a long labor/delivery! An award for the longest allnighter in nursing school....r/t clinical