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My own cost $10,100 a semester? How much is yours?... Read More

  1. by   jla623
    Including books, supplies, testing fees, etc. I think mine is about $8,000-$9,000 or so (total). It is a 16 month accelerated ADN program.
  2. by   StudentNurseAbby
    Around $2400 a semester.
  3. by   marilynmom
    BSN= I pay about $1900.00 a semester.

    Next semester (my last!) I only have to buy one book (we are still using our patho book, med surg, etc). I've always gotten my books online and have never spend more than $200-$250 a semester for books usually.
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  4. by   nurz2be
    I am going for my ASN at a Private University. When it is all said and done we pay almost 40,000. That is books and tuition, no wait list, extremely high first time pass rate record, outstanding reputation with local hospitals. Facilities, in my area, pay top dollar for students from the school I attend. All of our instructors have their Masters, we have 8 instructors. Small class sizes, 24 max in a class. The least amount of experience our instructors have is 25. The most experienced nurse has 35 years in house experience, 10 years in instructing.
    It is expensive but we are paying mostly, I see now, for the school image and not having to be on any wait list.
  5. by   APBT mom
    $3800 for everything in a LPN program ran through the school board. Other schools for LPN range $14000-$17000.
  6. by   nphan2
    For the whole program, including books and graduation and miscellaneous fees... it ranges around $20,000
  7. by   Gauge
    Tuition at the university I am attending is about $2500 a semester for full time. Books end up costing around $600 for nursing plus all the extra stuff you have to buy.
  8. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    $2,400 per semester for 5 semesters for a DE-MSN program
  9. by   SusanKathleen, RN
    For 12 months of an Accelerated Program - $22,000. That doesn't include the $1000's spent on pre-req's.
  10. by   kentuckymomma
    $14k first year LPN
    $18k second year RN

  11. by   SA2BDOCTOR
    ahhhhhh and dont forget gadgets!!!!! like PDA's
  12. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    My school is $21,000 plus about $1000 in pre-reqs'.
  13. by   DutchgirlRN
    $9,000 for my 2 year ASN degree