How much does your tution cost?????


My own cost $10,100 a semester? How much is yours?


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Megsd, BSN, RN

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About $2400 per quarter. Grand total: around $12,500 for the whole program.


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Mine will be about $3500-4000 for the whole program.


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$2200-$4000 per semester for nursing courses only. total for the program including all courses $16,000

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locolorenzo22, BSN, RN

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Tuition : 800/semester, Books: 400, Life :Everything else I have.


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Tuition : 800/semester, Books: 400, Life :Everything else I have.

meeee toooo ! add in life's blood and there you have it! :)

mine will total $7300.00 with tuition, books, uniforms. That does not include the 2 years of prereqs.


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About $8750 per semester just for tuition.

Soup Turtle

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$505.00 for the first semester, the books cost more than the tuition

Achoo!, LPN

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About $1500 for tuition and books at the local CC.


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$4000 per semester. This does not include books.


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$15,500 tuition not including books and uniforms. However after signing away 2 years of my life it's free.

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