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  1. NikkiRN_BSN

    Grossest Thing You've Ever Seen

    New nurse so the only one I have is the GI bleed that projectile vomited coffee ground material (and one lonely grape) all over the bed, the floor, and the wall. I could not get the stink out of my nose!
  2. NikkiRN_BSN

    Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Pay Range

    A little under $22 an hour in this are. Affinity (St. E's and Mercy) were paying the lowest at $19.75 but I have heard that they increased the starting amount to be competitive.
  3. http://www.amazon.com/Lippincott-Manual-Nursing-Practice-Pocket/dp/1582558973/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1218487886&sr=8-1 I have this and like it very much. Not that I have much time to reference it on a med-surg floor:p
  4. NikkiRN_BSN

    6:1 patient ratio and no aide on day shift

    I get six on NOCs but we have a floating CNA that does blood sugars, answers call lights, etc. On days and PMs we get four. There is no way I would feel comfortable with six!
  5. NikkiRN_BSN

    Question for Koi Wearers

    I like to try things on so I shop in store rather than online. I have several of the tops and I just bought some pants. I need the pants to shrink a little so I threw those in the dryer and I am crossing my fingers. I have been warned, every time I purchase Koi, not to dry the tops because they will shrink. That being said I did dry one on accident and it seems to be ok.
  6. NikkiRN_BSN

    Scrubs for Short People!

    :chuckle I am 4'11-1/4" and the dickies are the perfect length for me. I think I have short stubby little legs
  7. NikkiRN_BSN

    ERI compared to NCLEX?

    I thought that NCLEX was easier. I did well on ERI exams and passed the pre-RN one easily. However, I hated hated hated ERI. Personally, it annoyed me to no end that some of those questions needed to be checked for grammar. Also, if you are asking me which is the appropriate intervention than why I am supposed to choose among patient outcomes? Oh and don't get me started on the random OB questions sprinkled through unrelated material's test. Ack. Ok, I feel better having gotten that off my chest.
  8. NikkiRN_BSN

    Let's introduce ourselves...

    it doesn't feel real yet at all! i passed 7/2. i will be working in med/surg. all my experience is in psych. i think the change will be good for me to help me build a good foundation but i am a little nervous about being outside of my comfort zone.
  9. NikkiRN_BSN

    If you just passed the NCLEX-RN....

    60% and up on Saunders. I did not purchase Kaplan's Qbank. I did the review course and got a 73% on their readiness test. I passed with 75 questions on 7/2. Went in the testing center at 1330 and was out by 1412.
  10. NikkiRN_BSN

    Failed Nclex

    I took Kaplan and used Saunder's and I think I got more benefit from the Saunders.
  11. NikkiRN_BSN

    Non-Leather Shoes, Fully Enclosed (including back)

    Quarks maybe? I have some I rotate through and they seem comfy and they are easy to clean.
  12. Business casual or scubs where I work now. Where I am going when I graduate its scrubs which is fine by me.
  13. NikkiRN_BSN

    How do you handle these types of professors...or do you?

    We had a teacher that tested us out of material from a different text book and than refused to tell us which one she was using. So there were questions not covered by our text or her lecture. She didn't like our text. :icon_roll We were supposed to go to the library and read all the texts available :icon_roll I told her she needed meds. Not the best way to handle it but I was already sick of incompetent instructors. This was my sophomore year. Fast forward a year and a half and I got her as a clinical instructor. Thank god she appeared to either not remember or had let it go. She was an excellent clinical instructor.
  14. NikkiRN_BSN

    Ok Guysssss, Lets Start The Graduate Count Down

    Pinning May 16th with graduation on May 17th. :dance:
  15. NikkiRN_BSN

    What mantra is getting you through nursing school?

    "There is a light at the end of this tunnel" and now: "Please God let it be May" So exhausted!
  16. NikkiRN_BSN

    Bellin College of Nursing Students

    Cindy Finesilver is still teaching but not at Bellin. She said that they informed her that she was required to do clinicals and she felt she was too old to be hefting patients about. Cindy is doing Kaplan courses in Fond du Lac and WI and is teaching some patho courses as well. Lovely woman.