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My own cost $10,100 a semester? How much is yours?... Read More

  1. by   Bonny619
    20 bucks per credit hour, ADN program, this semester probably around 250 bucks total.

    I am blessed with southern CA junior college prices. Once im done with this, i'll have the money to do the step up program at a University.
  2. by   not now
    $12 a semester for my LVN program and $15 a semester for my LVN to RN bridge. God bless the Board of Governors fee waiver at California community colleges. All I pay for is my health fee. I did pay for all my books, equipment and such.

    Normally, tuition is $20 a unit.
  3. by   ann945n
    I pay around 800-1000 per quarter depending on how many books and other fun fees they decide we have to pay. Its a ADN program so 6-7,000 when its all done. Im paying 5,000 for one year for my BSN at the same time.
  4. by   lil-hosp.usa
    Next question. Are you going to a university 4 year bsn program or a community college 2 year adn program.
  5. by   Chrissypa
    Mine is 12,500 for a 1 year LVN/LPN program. Plus uniforms. Only 7 months to go!! yipee!! Hugs, Chrissy
  6. by   MSJ2007
    2006-2007 MN program was $36,000 for the program plus books etc. I start this spring, and they haven't posted the 2007-2008 price yet, but I doubt that the price will go down!
  7. by   ZooMommyRN
    70$ credit hour (some take minimum classes and grad with AAS, I'm loading up for the AS so I can bridge faster to BSN & MSN thru FGCU's accelerated 3 yr program so this figure varies quite a bit) + books, uniforms were 180 for 4 tops and 2 pants and 1 lab coat, luckily the government agrees with me that I'm broke so I qualify for Pell and have other scholarships as well
  8. by   np_wannabe
    Quote from SA2BDOCTOR
    My own cost $10,100 a semester? How much is yours?
    What school is that?!? My ABSN will total $8300 for everything.
  9. by   aerorunner80
    Quote from amyk_ncsu
    $185/hour = $2500 for 1st semester for just tuition. Gonna run me about $11,000 for the whole program plus books, uniforms, gas, etc etc. This is a 2 year ADN program
    Holy crap! That's more than it's going to cost me to get my BSN! Mine will be about $2200 per semester x4 + books, uniforms, parking, and gas.

    That is just for the actual clinical classes not including the prereq's. I'm taking my prereq's at a community college at about $43 per credit hour.
  10. by   student456
    mine is 5200$ a year plus books X 4 yrs

    total is around 21 000$ for tuition plus probably around 3 grand for books (CDN money)

    so its like close to 25 000$ by the time I finish
  11. by   NikkiRN_BSN
    Quote from muhaha
    mine is 5200$ a year plus books X 4 yrs

    total is around 21 000$ for tuition plus probably around 3 grand for books (CDN money)

    so its like close to 25 000$ by the time I finish

    Err, I will graduate in May with $50K in student loans. I'll trade you gladly!
  12. by   Dream2BANurse
    Mine is $90 per credit hour. Pretty cheap compared to some of the others posted!
  13. by   beth66335
    93.00 per credit hour X 67 hours, (NS and prereqs) plus 15.00 per semester for fees and a max of 112.50 per semester for labs and such, plus 17.50 X four semesters for malpractice insurance. It isn't to bad because I go to a CC, but it also has a 97% pass rate on the NCLEX!
    Out-if-state students pay 278.00 per credit hour!:uhoh21:I actually paid for 3 extra hours because when I started computer class was req'd, an the next semester they dropped it, but they also up'd the labs for micro to 2 a week and increased the hours for that course, and I had already had it! I don't know about books, I have bought alot of mine used on Ebay over the years, next semester they are offing a bundle w/DVD software so we can load our entire semester of books onto our computer, so I will be buying new for sure, about 300.00, but worth it!
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