How many are pursuing nursing studies just for the money?

  1. I was just curious about this. I always see other people post that they are not interested in the amount of money or that they are not in nursing for the money (as we all know that nurses don't make that much). But is it true? Are we fooling ourselves or what?
    I often see other posters deny that increase in salary would benefit the nursing shortage... What do you guys think?

    I personally think that increase in salary would make a big difference but that it is not the only solution to the shortage. I didn't go into nursing mainly for the salary but I'm not ignoring it as well...
    Opinions! This is a no flames thread!
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  3. by   FutureNurse2005
    I agree that it would only be a part of the solution.

    I for one am not going in to this for the money. No need to! lol!
    Hubby makes good money, I'm doing this because it is my passion.
  4. by   Jen2
    My opinion on this one is that if there are people going into it for $, then when they finish, they will not like it and head straight for working for ins. co. and places like that. I don't make that much money now so the $18.00/hr (what new grads make in my area) sounds like alot of money, but when you actually think about what you have to go through to even become a nurse and then what you do (are trusted with peoples lives everyday), it's really not that much $.

    My thought on what would help the shortage is this. I can only speak from my program, but most people entering school are over the age of 25. This is great because of maturity, and adult students with a mind set thrive in nursing. The problem with this is that it's so hard to get financial aid. Many students don't even qualify for loans, and it is very expensive to go to nursing school. I get zilch from the govn't. Thank goodness I am able to get loans, or I wouldn't be there either. This is a huge problem, since I can only work so many hours due to school, must keep on working so that I can have health ins., pay my car payment, car ins, and every other bill that we all have. After I get my paycheck, I'm lucky if I have $40.00 left over to last me for the next two weeks, and most of this goes to buying gas. So I think that if the govn't would provide more assistance for adult learners, who don't qualify for grants then more people would want to do it. This is a huge gripe of mine, and I don;t mean to start a fire, but when I had orientation the other day we were required to put a deposit on uniforms. It totally broke me to write that check out for $50.00, I was then told that I had to pay the $130.00 balance in three weeks. There were other students that said they won't be getting their govn't money (grants or whatever), until the end of Aug. They said, "O.K. thats fine." So I don't think that they will be getting the rest of my money til I pick up my uniforms either.
  5. by   teeituptom
    Whats wrong with money honey
  6. by   Jen2
    There is none!!!!!!!
  7. by   LeesieBug
    I am not going into nursing soley for financial purposes. However, it is a consideration. I believe that finances are always an issue when choosing a career. It is important to pick what you would love to do, but equally as important to pick something that you feel will provide security for your family. If nurses were paid minimum wage, OF COURSE I would not choose be a nurse, no matter how badly I wanted to.

    To end the nursing shortage, I do not believe that salary should be the biggest priority (although an increase would probably help). WORKING CONDITIONS should. I think THAT is what is causing the majority of the problems.

    I also agree with Jen that increased aid to independent students would help get more adults back to school and into nursing.
    I HEAR YA' on the $40 to last 2 weeks thing! Been there more often than I would like to admit, and it usually happens during the time when all three kids need shoes! :chuckle And I am not looking forward to uniform buying time, myself!
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  8. by   ava'smomRN
    I know that a large majority is going for the money, not me though this has become a passionate dream that i had since a child. it really makes me mad when i talk to other prospective students and they are really all about the money, and half of them will admit it. poor things, i hope they learn very soon that if your heart isnt in this profession you will not be happy, i dont care how much your paycheck is for. and it will be a shame for pts to suffer
  9. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    MONEY in nursing...I don't think so. If people enter this profession for MONEY, they will definitely be in for a RUDE awakening. THEY WON'T LAST.

    I was shocked when I asked a group of 3rd year nursing students why they chose this profession. Alot said "MONEY" and I was sickened by that response. I definitely wouldn't want someone who has entered this profession to look after me for the "money".

    Other professions out their for way better "MONEY" than nursing.
  10. by   fnimat1
    I definitely want to become a nurse because I feel passionate about helping people and educating people about their health. I have talked to many of my pre-nursing classmates aand 2 out 4 of them said they are going into it for the money.... I think this is terrible. Earning money will be great....I've been a SAHM on and off since I got married....and that's been for 9 yrs. Another salary will help my dh out being that he has been the sole financial provider. Yes, my children will be able to go to camp and take dance lessons,etc....all of the other extra-curricular activities...that's when the money will come in handy. But doing it just for the money....that sickens me.

    Fatima (who is still waiting for her letter)
  11. by   nursing 101
    Hi Sarah,
    I just took bio-medical ethics and a survey was done by the American Medical association(the instructor brought the article/journal in). 1 out of 3 medical students were becoming a Dr. for the money!Not for the care of people, not even for the status, solely for money purposes. Money rank #1 for the reason why people were in med school. Now we all know that nowadays Dr. are getting killed by insurance fees so they are not really rolling in the dough. So eventually we will all come across the nurse, the dr., the radiologist, the teacher ect... that choose their career path just for the money! Now we all have our own definition of which amount of money will satisfy us as individuals.
    Just don't be too sickened by the!
  12. by   BMS4
    I think that those who go into nursing find out pretty quickly that there's not alot of money in it. And some figure out in school that this is not what they want. Maybe that's why school is structured the way it is - to weed out.

    There was a guy in my class who refused to clean up a patient our first day in clinicals. He stated that he was going into flight nursing and wouldn't be doing any "of the dirty work". Obviously, he wasn't in class after that day. It wasn't about money for him, but it turned out to be alot more work than he wanted to do and not as glamorous as he thought it was gonna be.
  13. by   Nurse2bSandy
    Okay, I guess in many ways the money is what pushed me into nursing school. I knew that I wanted to train for a service related field and would do well in either psychology or social work. But either of those with a bachelor's have very few choices for good jobs that pay well. A nurse with a bachelor's does have more choices and I am planning on using my degree in the psych field.
    I have wanted to be a nurse for many years, but didn't feel like I wanted all the personal care like on a med/surg unit. Once I realized that I could use my nursing on a psych unit, I felt like that was the way that I would go. I'm just starting clinicals in the fall... we will see where I actually end up. Wherever... I think the money will be better than if I was an entry level social worker! As you might notice from my signature... I'm old... I can't work awhile and climb a pay ladder... I do need a job that pays better to start!

    By the way, my prereq classes always include younger students going into the nursing field for the money. I know that they won't last long. It's too much work for the money!
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  14. by   TCW
    I am not going into nursing solely for the money...I do feel passionate about helping people and someday having a career that matters. However, I will not deny that the stability (more so than what I have currently) helped me seal the deal. I don't believe it is wrong to list money as ONE of the reasons for becoming a nurse, but as the main reason then that to me would be questionable. I think there are a lot of factors that need to go into choosing a career.