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I was just curious about this. I always see other people post that they are not interested in the amount of money or that they are not in nursing for the money (as we all know that nurses don't make... Read More

  1. by   PennyLane
    I agree with most of the above. The fact that the profession pays fairly decently helps. I would not have gone into nursing if I would end up making minumum wage.

    One of the reasons I didn't go to grad school for teaching after college was because I couldn't justify paying all that money for a master's degree, and then only making $25,000/year as a teacher. Nursing is somewhat similar to teaching and social work (professions that run in my family) in that there is an altruistic component involved. But everyone has bills to pay, and I needed to choose a career that wouldn't leave me broke every month!

    The real reason I decided to go into nursing, though, was because I really like working with people one-on-one, wanted to help others, and I'm fascinated by medicine and the way the body works. Oh, I and I think scrubs look cool (haha, just kidding).
  2. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    Hi Nursing 101...glad that you shared your US stats with us and also pleased to have seen you post "I didn't go into nursing mainly for the salary but I'm not ignoring it as well... "

    Good for you
  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    Part of the reason I chose nursing was because it offers a decent salary. Not a fabulous salary, but enough to be reasonably comfortable on. Is it enough for what we do? No, they could never pay us enough! I also chose nursing because I love biology (I also have a bio degree) and medicine, I get the chance to really influence the lives of others in a positive way, and I will have job security. There are many reasons why people chose a particular career, and of course money is one of the factors involved!
  4. by   Gampopa
    I'll be leaving my current job in a couple of months to start nursing school in Aug. A lot of people have thought this was a great change for me. Other people look at me like I'm crazy. Why? because currently I make $21/hr. at a very low stress, administrative job on a college campus. I literally have nothing to do for long periods of time. I come in anywhere from 8-9:30am and leave between 4-5pm. I often take 2 hr lunches. I've taken classes and basically hung out for the past couple of years. There's lots of people who want this job.

    I'm going into nursing because I want to do something positive with my life and I can't think of anything better than helping others in a time of great need. In order to do that I'll go through a period of high stress, no money, debt, etc. etc. and I can't at this point think of anything I'd rather do:roll Sure it helps that nurses are starting to earn a decent salary. But with all the stress & BS involved getting paid a lot of $$ doesn't balance things out.

    I too love biology and learning how the body works and having the opportunity to put that knowledge to good use really excites me.
  5. by   Mkue
    I'm not ignoring the money but the best part is the variety in nursing, there are so many things to do.
  6. by   renerian
    Those in it just for money are in for a big shock LOL.

  7. by   LauraLou
    I left a job that paid $60,000 to go into nursing. The work wasn't hard or stressful, but it was very unfulfilling. I sat in a cube in front of a computer all day with almost no people contact. I was bored and depressed at the thought I would be doing this for the next 20 years.

    Staring salaries for nurses in my area is about $40,000. It is a big pay cut, but still a decent salary. I also like the stability of nursing, the demand is so great you can work anywhere.

    I didn't go into nursing for the money, but if nursing salaries were $25,000 instead of $40,000, I wouldn't have been financially able to make the career change.
  8. by   Kim62
    I am making more money at my present job than I will as a new grad, so money wasn't the deciding factor for me. Nursing is something I have always wanted to do. I also wanted a career with many different paths and stability. I presently work in manufacturing and it is a day-to-day guess as to when the doors are going to close for good. I do agree with the other posts that said if nursing paid minimum wage they wouldn't be going into it. I do have to make a living, but it isn't the main reason I am doing it.

    My one suggestion for getting more students into nursing (especially older ones like me) is to make nursing programs more available. My local Community College started an evening program just for that reason and it is the only way I can go. I work during the day, so without an evening program, nursing would not be an option for me.
  9. by   straba
    Although RN's make way more than I do right now, and I'm looking forward to the pay increase, There are LOTS of easier ways to make money than nursing!!!! I believe that I have a true passion for nursing, and helping people, but I'm not sure I would be as drawn to nursing if RN's made, say 10 bucks an hour!! Just being honest.
  10. by   cna on her way
    I also think that choosing a career has to involve several aspects. Money is one big priority when you are raising a family and need the income. Benefits is another. Also in nursing or any healthcare field, you have to want to be a person who is willing to make a difference in peoples lives. Another wonderful thing about this profession is the variety of jobs. Where else can you be in the ICU for one year, Labor and delivery for another, and then maybe a school nurse or in a doctors office? There is an endless supply of jobs for nurses. I believe that you have to have a drive in you to want to help people. Money may be what initially draws you to nursing, but love for the field is what will keep you in it.
  11. by   nursing 101
    You are right . I think those are the words that I was looking for...
    Good luck in your studies!
  12. by   marilynmom
    Uh what money? New grads here start at $15-$16 an hour....not much.

  13. by   RN NascarFan
    Personally, I don't think any job should be persued for money alone.
    Before I decided to go into the nursing field, my husband and I talked for a long time about what I would do for work, once the children were old enough.
    I had been a SAHM for ten years, no higher education and childcare and grocery clerk experience.
    During the itme I was a SAHM, i also lead some parenting classes and foster/adoptive training. That was my extent of experience.
    The only career I had ever thought about, other than parenting, was nursing.
    Of course money DOES have an impact, as someone has already said, not many WOULD go into the field if the pay were minimum wage, not with everything that the job entails.
    Nursing is so much more than "just a job", at least imo. I want a career that I am doing something useful, contributing to lives, and, hopefully, making a difference to someone.