How many Accelerated RN students?

  1. I am one! Starting 8/25/06!

    BSN Program MN! (Minnesota State Mankato!)
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  3. by   Josh L.Ac.
    I start...tommorrow? Really?

    Our classes start on Monday, but we have two days of orientation starting tommorrow. I only had five days between my packed summer session - part of the AO program at Research College of Nursing requires us to take 15 credits at Rockhurst, a private Jesuit college, all of which are to be finished prior to the start of the program...since I just moved to KC from Seattle, I had to take all 15 credits over the summer.

    But I'm excited to get going on the program.

    Edit: I think we need our own subforum.
  4. by   StarGirl
    I am in an accelerated Rn program at Shenandoah University in VA. We start classes on the 28th! I can't wait!
  5. by   Sunshine0425
    I am in an accelerated RN program in New Orleans, LA. We start Sept. 5. I can't wait.
  6. by   fleur-de-lis
    I just finished semester 1 of 4, and semester 2 starts on Tuesday! It is challenging but you'll be so proud of what you accomplish. Good luck to everyone about to start!

    I agree that we need a subforum!
  7. by   xomandalized
    What makes a program accelerated as opposed to regular?
  8. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    xomandalized, an accelerated program usually is for those who already hold a bachelor's degree in another discipline. unless the op is referring to rn -> bsn or something. but i think everyone's referring to accelerated bsn programs, which are short (12-18 month) programs for folks who already have a degree. like me.

    i'm waiting (see my countdown) to find out if i'm getting into the upcoming absn program at my university.

    and i agree it would be nice for us to have our own subforum.

  9. by   hospitalstaph
    There are also accelerated ADN programs.

  10. by   iToniai
    I'm starting in August, can't wait!!!
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  11. by   circanw
    I'll be starting the "ACE" (accelerated career entry) program at Drexel U. in Philly, PA on the 25th of September.........leaving my home in Oregon for a year to do it!
  12. by   Cammykiss
    Starting 3 semester RN-BSN program Aug. 28th in Salisbury, MD!! Finally!
  13. by   Sunshine0425
    Yep, there are accelerated ASN programs...I am in one!!! It is for those who hold a Bachelors already and you have to do a list of prereq's but the program is only 9 months long. Who hoo!!! I'll be a RN next summer.
  14. by   chickapin
    I start the aBSN program at USF in Tampa, FL on the 28th!