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iToniai has 5 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. Should I take CNE exam w/o teaching experience?

    Thank you! My question wasn't regarding the requirements, I know I already have the degree and the focus area for me to qualify to sit for the exam. My question was more so about whether the exam is passable for those who don't have teaching experien...
  2. Hi all, I'm interested in getting certified as a nurse educator. However, other than my practicum experience while completing my MSN, I have no formal teaching experience. I'm not really interested in teaching at a university/college. I'm essentially...
  3. VA Nursing Background Check

    Alternate, I'm not sure how they would know about your article 15's, but again why not disclose especially since you were still discharged honorably? I recently tried to obtain my medical records from the military and was told the VA now has all thos...
  4. VA Nursing Background Check

    Hey Alternate, Have you done VETPRO yet? If I'm remembering correctly it asked about article 15's as well. I would suggest you fully disclose, it gives you a chance to explain all yes answers. Go ahead and explain because technically you are committi...
  5. VA Hiring Process

    Hey LubbockNP, How did the boarding process go for you?
  6. VA Hiring Process

    LubbockNP, It's interesting how some VA require the dimensions as part of the boarding process and some don't. I've had a total of 5 tentative offers from different VA's and was asked by 3 to do this. My resume is very detailed so I used that as my b...
  7. VA Hiring Process

    Congratulations! Did they say when you can expect to see the written offer?
  8. VA Hiring Process

    So my team consist of the point of contact person (HR specialist) and another HR specialist who I was in contact with during the VETPRO process. I did contact someone else in HR who basically told me that they are overworked and understaffed, so they...
  9. VA Hiring Process

    As expected, I have not heard anything back from the HR specialist. I emailed her a few days ago and of course she hasn't responded back to me. I feel the same way as you, until its in writing I won't believe it, especially since I've worked for the ...
  10. VA Hiring Process

    Has anyone dealt with an unpleasant HR personnel? It's the most frustrating hiring process I've been going through since January; my HR contact person has been nothing but inconsistent and unpleasant. Apparently, I was finally boarded 2 months after ...
  11. VA Hiring Process

    GoalSeeker, Congratulations on getting a start date. I see from interview to start date was approximately 8 months. I'm in the process of going back into the VA system (I will post about the process once I get my final offer, in the past I added to t...
  12. VA Hiring Process

    Hi ccayanan, I worked for the VA on a med/surg floor. There were only 2 new graduates on my floor and 1 of them was a former LPN, who transferred from in-house clinic. From my understanding they normally don't hire new graduates with no experience. H...
  13. What's the weirdest thing management has said to you?

    After finishing my MSN, I started looking at positions that required a MSN; however, after speaking with my manager I was told just because I have a masters doesn't mean I should pursue other opportunities. Basically, I took this as you will forever ...
  14. Is 8 months too soon to leave a job?

    I know the feeling of not being happy at your job. My first job out of nursing school I only stayed for 2 months, the pay was great (76K) and it was at a prestigious hospital, but for whatever reason it was not a great fit for me. I say go with what ...
  15. Hey all! Thanks for those who left comments here and PMed me with programs. I went on 2 interviews and was offered a position in an OR perioperative internship program. I'm super excited and I look forward to starting in a couple of months. I will po...