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  1. circanw

    BSN job opportunities in Portland

    Thank you so much for your response! You gave me some excellent advice and really helped put my mind at ease.
  2. circanw

    BSN job opportunities in Portland

    Hello All, I've been trying to find some good feedback on new grad job opportunities in the Portland-Metro area, but much of what I've read is conflicting, some say it's hard for the new grads and others say it's not. I am an Oregonian, but currently living in Philly, PA attending an accelerated BSN program. My plan is to return home in September after I graduate, but I'm starting to get concerned about the opportunities in PDX (and surrounding) for new grads. There a tons here in Philly, and I would get a job right away to gain some experience, but I really don't want to stay here another year, I want to go home! If there's anyone out there who feels they know the real deal on this subject, I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you! THANK YOU!
  3. circanw


    I think everyone's responses have been on the money, and I fully agree that the basic science isn't as important as having a good foundation in A&P. Having that knowledge base will be tremendous benefit to you. You really don't want to be relearning A&P while you're trying to learn pathophys, assessment and a hundred other things, trust me, I know from personal experience. The good news is that even with a weak A&P foundation weighing me down, I'm still hanging in there, so being weak in that area does not have to preclude you from succeeding. I've certainly had to bear down and put in the time, but I'm making it and I fully expect to graduate in September! As the others have already said, time management is a huge factor, and in my opinion it plays just as much of a role as the academics. I'm not a fast learner (my ability for wrote memory is horrible!) and I feel like I'm behind my peers most the time, that being said I honestly haven't found any of the material to be over my head or too complex in any way. If you've gotten into the program you don't have to be a wiz kid, you CAN learn the material so don't worry about that, the problem is there's just so darn much of it squeezed into such a short amount of time! So figuring out how to tackle the work early on and study efficiently, as well as possessing tenacity and endurance, will serve you well. Definitely there are downers about the program, but there are many great things too, and if I were in the same circumstances I'd probably do it again. Just know you're in for a challenge, but it's a challenge that can be overcome. Nobody can really prepare you for the experience no matter how much you hear about it in advance, it's just something you have to walk through and experience for yourself, because it's going to be what you make of it. Good luck and fear not, just "keep your eye on the prize" as they say!
  4. I'm currently a nursing student, planning to graduate September 07'. I've been hearing rumors of generous employment incentives being offered by Philadelphia area hospitals as a means of attracting nurses (both experienced & new grads) to the area. I've heard of things like $20,000 loan repayment in exchange for 2-3 year employment contracts, or $10,000 cash sign-on bonuses. Most of this information appears to be hearsay of hearsay. Is there anyone out there who has first hand knowledge on this subject?? Thanks for any info you can provide!
  5. circanw

    considering move to oregon?

    Hi! I'm a displaced Oregonian writing this from Philly, PA where I'm attending nursing school. Something to keep in mind when considering nursing school in Oregon is that there just aren't enough programs to go around which has created a rediculously competetive environment for aaplicants. I heard recently that about 10% if the applicants get accepted a anually, and I believe it. The most important thing to do with your pre-reqs. is make the grades, make the grades, make the grades, especially in the sciences, A&P in particular. I really struggled w/A&P and did not earn the stellar grades, which is why I looked to programs outside of Oregon. PCC is a great place to get those classes out of the way. I highly recommend taking Dr. Ed McGrauw at the Sylvania campus for your Anatomy. He is excellent....I took him for 231 (the second time around) and learned so much, and he will do everything he can to help you earn the A, all the while actually teaching you something. For the chemistry, I really liked Wayne Yanamura (I think that's his last name........I know it's Japanese and starts w/a Y). Good luck with your classes and get those A's!!!! :wink2:
  6. Just checking to see if anyone has received a notice on the HRSA scholarship. I haven't yet......the wait is agonizing!!
  7. circanw

    How many Accelerated RN students?

    I'll be starting the "ACE" (accelerated career entry) program at Drexel U. in Philly, PA on the 25th of September.........leaving my home in Oregon for a year to do it!
  8. circanw

    HRSA Scholarship...

    Forgive me, but I'm a little confused.......if the hospital I'm interested in does not show up on the "Health Professional Shortage Area" link, then does it not qualify as a critical need facility and in turn not satisfy the scholarship obligation?? Thanks!
  9. circanw

    HRSA Scholarship...

    I had $0 EFC on my FASA and applied for the HRSA scholarship this year.......I'm keeping my fingers crossed. As far as fulfilling the commitment though, I understood hospitals in general to qualify because of the low supply of nurses out there right now. Is that incorrect? How do you find out if a hospital you're interested in qualifies?
  10. circanw

    Preparing for Nursing School

    I'm starting Drexel's ACE nursing program this fall. Does anyone have any advice on preparing for school? Is there any brushing-up that would be helpful? Something to get a headstart on......maybe some terminology? Is it important for your A&P to be fresh??? My strengths are in problem solving and hands on application, but I struggle with straight memorization......it seems I have to invest more time than most to get it .....is there a lot of memorization in nursing school:uhoh3: ? Any advice for that? Thanks so much!
  11. circanw

    Can I hear some positive things about nursing school?

    I'm so glad to hear so much positive feedback, and especially from the "mature" students! I'm moving cross-country to attend Drexel's ACE program this fall. At this stage of my life it is no small sacrifice, but I'm confident it will be worth it......I'm thrilled and terrified at the same time!
  12. circanw

    Drexel' s ACE program

    Hi All! This is my first time using one of these forums, and I'd never even heard of a "thread" until now......hope I'm doing it right! I'll be in the ACE program this fall too. I'm coming out from Oregon (any West Coasties out there? Acceptance to nursing programs out here is brutal.....only about 10% get admited......needless to say, I didn't fall into that category, but I did get into the ACE program, YEAH! I'm excited and terrified at the same time, but it sounds like the consensus is that it's incredibly demanding but worth sticking out. I haven't commited to an apartment yet, but am seriously considering a place in West Falls. The building is located on Wissahickon Ave., and I've been told the R8 train stop is w/in walking distance, which will take me right to the Center City campus. Any locals that can comment on that? Orientation is rapidly approaching......looking forward to meeting everyone!
  13. circanw

    Drexel ACE Program Fall 06'

    Hi All! I'll be in the ACE program this fall and driving out from Oregon for the year......anyone in the program from the West Coast? Admission to nursing programs in Oregon is brutal.....only about 10% get accepted and I was pretty sure I wouldn't fall into that top 10% (which ended up being the correct assumption) so I spread my net out and fortunately got into the ACE program. I'm excited and terrified at the same time! Looking forward to meeting people at orientation. I haven't commited to an apartment yet, but I'm seriously considering a place in East Falls. The building is located on Wissahickon Ave. It's sopposed to be walking distance to the R8 trainline, which I understand should take me to the Center City campus.....does that sound about right to anyone? Any comments/suggestions on the location I'm considering?