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  1. by   melizerd
    ADN program here- First semester 7-2 one day a week, second semester 9-3 and 7-3 Tues/Wed, third semester 7-3 and 12-6 Wed/Thurs, third semester 7-3:30 two days a week.
  2. by   idani
    Mine will be 12hr shifts.
  3. by   prettymica
    My first time around in LPN school about 8 hours 3 days a week. One hour prep, 5 hours on the floor, 30 min lunch and 1.5 hours post conferecnce. Now that I am in RN clinicals they are 3-4 times a day 10-12 hour shifts, depending on the rotation.
  4. by   Streamline2010
    Diploma RN program, clinicals at that hospital that ran the school: Typically report at 6:30-6:45, to walk in as a group with the instructor, and then be on the floor 6:45 or 7AM to to 11AM or noon, then noon or 1 to 3:00, meet with the instructor for a re-cap / wrap-up / set-tomorrow's strategy meeting after, from maybe 3PM or 3:15PM to 3:30 or sometimes 4PM or 4:30PM.

    There were some 12-hour cilnicals in certain rotations, like labor/delivery. And psych. The hospital did some goofy things with scheduling to get all clinical groups rotated through all the required clinical experiences. The clinicals were handles as rotations, and were not synched with the content being covered in lectures.

    In the second year of that program, Nursing 5, they did about 3 days of 12-hour shift clinicals in a row, at times, 7AM-7PM. Then they still had to do all the paperwork and homework and busywork to be ready for the next day. My housemate was coming home at 7:15P, staying up until 2-3AM doing that paperwork, then reporting at 7AM for another 12-hour day. I left after the first year. If I ever attempt RN school again, it will be only in a college or university degree program. The hospital schools can and do jerk students around all the time and make it either greuling or downright impossible to succeed. Colleges and universities are far more accountable to administration, and they also have standard block schedules and follow the college terms and term breaks.
  5. by   kaydensmom01
    Quote from Stephalump
    Mine are 6:45am-5:00pm once a week. I'm so happy to have a break from waking up at 5!
    I know, this last semester we had to wake at 2a to be there by 4a an hour away. I have a two year old and a husband that works until midnight so I was barely getting any sleep. All of my classes this semester, including lectures, are in the afternoon. I am so excited that I get to sleep!
  6. by   rumwynnieRN
    For the most part, almost all of my clinicals were 12 hours shifts. The only exceptions were mental health and community. My final semester was very much like a "regular" nursing schedule: rotating 3 and 2 back to back 12's.
  7. by   TipToeLPN
    Mine are 6:30-3:00 every other weekend.
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  8. by   Katie71275
    Ours vary but tend to be 630-230, 645-3, or 7-3.
  9. by   Jennybrie
    12 hours with 30-60 minute pre-conference and 60 minute post conference = 14 hours, one day a week.