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I have some classmates that are about to drive me INSANE!!!! They act like they are super-students...yet they are failing. What REALLY bothers me the most is how they talk about all the drama in... Read More

  1. by   sharpeimom
    just tune them out and keep reminding yourself that they're idiots and not worth getting upset over.
    as my mom used to tell me, "don't let them rent any space inside your head because your brain is the most valuable real estate there is and you'll lose too much rent." in other words, your mind is worth too much to waste the effort expended worrying about things or people who don't really matter in the long run.

    shar pei mom
  2. by   L&DWannaB
    [font=lucida sans unicode]wow, this is the same garbage i dealt with all semester. i tried to ignore it but, it became such an issue several students were going to go to the dean about it. i said hey "we're all adults i will talk to them". i sent them an e-mail and said i understand you have lives and drama, children, etc... but you have been a huge distraction texting in class, interrupting lecture because your conversations in the front row cannot be ignored. i politely pointed out that 3 times in the last lectures various profs had to ask them if the needed to separate them etc.. i said if you must talk politely leave the room or move to the back because you never have the right to interrupt our learning. the e-mail was much nicer then my tone here but you can get the drift.

    this hit like a bomb! they complained to professors about me. they went as far as to set me up to get kicked out of school by texting me and asking what the name of my patient was that just passed. i refused and stated hippa says unless they are caring for her they have no right to know. again this set them off. it was a huge deal until we got called in 1 by 1 to the deans office to ask what the problem was. eventually the dean said this crap happens every semester and we will just be happy when natrual attrition happens.

    so to make a long story a bit shorter, attrition happened and those students, like me, made it and the other drama queens flunked out. they were so busy talking and worring about everyone else that they forgot to study and focus on why we are really here. i cannot wait to start the semester w/o these 3 students. yeah. (a little side note these women were 30+ women that should have known better)
  3. by   canigraduate

    After dealing with a lot of nasty people over the years, here are some of the things I learned about how to cope with them:

    1) Nip it in the bud. The very first time someone starts something, assertively tell them that you do not tolerate that kind of behavior. If you let it go on without saying anything, they'll assume that you are actually enjoying their behavior. Since the behavior of your classmates has been going on for a while, you need to start RIGHT NOW, or it will just get worse.

    2) Be courageous. These people aren't your friends or family and what they think about you DOESN'T MATTER. You know that you are in the right.

    3) Develop rubber skin. These people will talk about you, get rude with you, and generally be witchy. Let it bounce off of you and rebound on them. Just keep calm, be assertive with your needs, and let them hurt themselves with their attitudes.

    4) Go the assertive route, not the passive-aggressive route. Being passive-aggressive can make you seem weak and stupid.

    5) Focus on your studies, not the trouble makers. They aren't important enough to take up your attention. If you display an attitude like you are bored with their crap, it will dampen their enjoyment and may put a stop to some of the behavior.

    These are the most important of the lessons I have learned while dealing with jerks of many kinds over the years. I hope they can help you!
  4. by   SarahLeeRN
    My suggestion is to not take things they say personally. In one ear and out the other, so to speak. Unless they are personally attacking you, don't take it seriously! This is what I have to do when there is that certain person that is just driving me insane!
    And by all means, don't just blow off or tell anyone off. You may have to work with them someday when school is over! Just remember that some people need someone to tell their woes to- if it gets to be to much, change to topic or politely remove yourself. And if someone is really annoying you, just don't hang around them all the time. Be nice and polite, but, without making a fuss, avoid them.
    But don't ever bring yourself down to a complaining, angry, 'the sky is falling' level, even if they are. Let it go over your head, and be respectful to them even if they drive you crazy. The last thing you want to do is to make enemies with someone who you may work with some day! Or with someone you are seeing on a daily basis during school.
  5. by   CrazierThanYou
    I've been in school for a loooong time. I just finished my BS and now I'm going back to nursing school and just so you know, there are those in EVERY group! Every class! Every situation!

    Yes its annoying and sometimes it can be REALLY hard to ignore them, or tune them out. Sometimes, being downright rude can help open their eyes but other times, it only makes things worse.

    We had a guy like that in CNA and we pretty much had to express that he was driving us crazy and he shaped right up. No such luck with another girl. Even the instructor spoke to her and it just got worse.
  6. by   Mr ButtWipe
    Just feel bad for them, they are like this for a reason and that is so damn sad.

    I find annoying people more likable when you pity them.
  7. by   VICEDRN
    If you are talking about conversations that happen during the break or before class starts, then I suggest you get a thicker skin or just tune out what is being said. YOU might not think its something to be proud of but that doesn't mean its something that they want to be judged for. Keep in mind that you will and probably are already seeing situations that would lend themselves readily to judging a patient so they are giving you some practice in avoiding judgment.

    If its disruptive to the lecture or its one of those annoying "I have a personal story about..." people, just remember that they probably don't think they are annoying and sadly, possibly think they are helping. Try asking the person, "Hey, uh, we want to move the lecture along so could you maybe not raise your hand?" If that doesn't work, go to the professor and complain that you don't think you are getting all of the material because of their interruptions.
  8. by   bonestAx
    One day when one of these folks' are telling everyone how bad things are and how stressful their lives are you should speak up and say,

    " I know its so hard to be a nursing student especially when some dumb *** keeps interrupting the instructor with their bs questions!"

    They'll never know your talking about them either. But you will feel better.