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  1. Prankster patients

    My patient, just the other day, called me over to her chair during her dialysis treatment. She complained of having "terrible gas". The 'bowel sounds" were loud and audible without a stethoscope. I went through the usual litany of questions regarding...
  2. Working with student nurses

    I appreciate you taking initiative in clinicals and grabbing interesting opportunities for yourself. This will strengthen your knowledge base and practice. However, I suggest that you not "tell the nurse what to do" while you are on the unit. Maybe I...
  3. pet peeves when nursing students arrive

    Please, when you have an observation day or working day on a specialty unit, please don't act bored with what I am telling you. I have worked hard for the knowledge I have attained and I truly do enjoy sharing it- so please don't act like you know it...
  4. Work bags: What do you take and what's in it?

    In my purse: Ipod touch, cell phone, wallet, lip balm, feminine products, ibuprofen In my locker: Binders for various committees, assorted paperwork, stethoscope, bandage scissors, BP cuff In my lunchbag: yogurt, frozen diet meals, granola bars, poss...
  5. Switching from dialysis nurse to any other department

    My unit offers opportunities to care for chronic as well as acute patients. Caring for the acute patients from the floors, as well as those in the ICU, gives me exposure to med-surg as well as critical care environments. She may be able to float to o...
  6. Dansko Help!

    Get to a store that can fit you properly for your Danskos. I must have tried on 6-8 pairs of the SAME size shoe, and none of them fit the same due to being handmade. If one shoe fit, the other didn't. Find a local place that will let you switch shoes...
  7. Dear Nurse

    Thanks, I needed this right now after a run of some hard times lately. Hopefully, I can take what I have learned from them and be a stronger, more resillient nurse.
  8. What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Epoetin, Zemplar, Ferrlecit, vancomycin, heparin
  9. In an awkward place!

    I'm a new grad with 7 months experience, and I'm feeling frustrated. Maybe someone could provide me with some insight on this situation. I have a great fit with my unit, for the most part. I get along well with the other nurses, our nephrologists, an...
  10. Quick question re: thank you cards

    Wise move sending a thank you card! I sent one as well following the interview I had with my current department. My manager still mentions the fact that I sent a card, and how much that impressed her. You will stand out as a gracious, thoughtful, and...
  11. Scrubs: MOBB, Dickies, other favourites??

    I love both my Dickies and Grey's pants- they have drawstring as well as an elastic waist, so you get the best of both worlds Grey's pants run a little long so if you are vertically challenged like myself, consider hemming them (or get taller shoes)...
  12. Nursing School Must Haves??

    I'm not sure if I've mentioned epocrates for Ipod's free and you can download it right onto your Ipod touch. I use this in my daily practice as a RN to look up meds my patients take, and it would have been infinitely helpful as a student....
  13. What does your username mean?

    I'm a "mom" to my Australian Shepherd puppy
  14. wearing makeup to work?

    Appearance is part of projecting a professional image, so you're wise to consider what's realistic while still being attractive. I wear a little makeup to work, about the same as I would apply on my casual days off. Light foundation, mascara, a littl...
  15. Anyone start their career in dialysis?

    I started in dialysis straight out of school (approx. 6 months ago), and I enjoy my work. Starting as a new grad anywhere is tough, but dialysis is challenging as a specialty. There is a great deal of technical knowledge you will need to acquire abou...