How about nephrology and dialysis

  1. Anyone looking for a nice clean nursing field needs to look at Nephrology and Dialysis. CAPD CAVV or any of the perotineal dialysis is the way to go. Home Hemodialysis and acute hemodialysis for those that like the hospital. It is nice and clean no Sunday work in the clinic. Of course, Sunday and oncall if you work the acute setting. Think about it and write back. Any questions? I love my work and I love Nephrology. I have worked all settings of the hospital, including ER and ICU. Dialysis is the best for me as it is something I really love.

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  3. by   Esme12
    This is the student forum....are you looking for people to hire?
  4. by   RunBabyRN
    I am very confused by this post. What exactly are you looking for?

    If this is a job posting, I don't think this is how you go about posting it.
  5. by   sunny time
    No it is not a job posting. It is a new way of thinking about nursing. Many new graduates do not think dialysis first as they do not think about Corrections. But these 2 opportunities are available to new graduates or new nurses with 1 year of experience. This is just a comment on new opportunities for new nurses to think about.

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  6. by   nurseprnRN
    I would never recommend corrections nursing to a new grad, as there's a real need for more solid assessment capabilities and personal strength than new grads evidence. You need a really good BS filter (and I don't mean "bachelor of science") and psych skills, as it's estimated that 60% of incarcerated people have mental health diagnoses.

    As for dialysis, fine as far as it goes, but there is the ever-present increased chance of exposure to blood-borne disease, more than in many bedside settings, so a certain timid subset of folks paralyzed by that fear wouldn't make it. And of course, people would need a really good understanding of renal disease, chemistries, and related conditions. Of course anybody can learn the psychomotor skills of how to perform the tasks of dialysis, but that's not all there is to it. Though who knows, maybe you think it is? Unfortunate.

    So..what was the point of your post?
  7. by   sunny time
    Open your mind and read the writing. To express the idea that there is more to nursing than hospital, home health and clinical care. Of course, chemistry and renal disease is learned when working the position. To give a person who is at the end of life a few more years while waiting for a transplant is thrilling. To see someone who is 12 kg over dry weight and magically shrink 6-8 kg in front of your eyes while breathing better give satisfaction. By the way, new nurses are being hired at the California State Prison system and they are given months of education in psychology and the manipulations of new nurses. I was just hoping to get a dialogue going as to other positions in nursing.

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  8. by   Everline
    There is a specialties section where both dialysis and corrections nursing are discussed. Are you wanting to particularly discuss this with students?
  9. by   furelite
    Seems to me Motown is simply offering to students who may be contemplating their futures a specialty of nursing they may not have considered. There have been several posts from students looking for non-bedside typical positions. I was interested to read this post. Thanks motown.
  10. by   TheCommuter
    Anyone looking for a nice clean nursing field needs to look at Nephrology and Dialysis.
    A nice, clean nursing field? Chronic dialysis patients can get rather unruly and violent without a moment's notice. I will not discuss the myriad of psychosocial issues surrounding this patient population.
  11. by   Aaic
    I'm a nursing student and work in a outpatient dialysis facility. It's def not "clean" and some PTs can be mean! I like it though.
  12. by   sunny time
    Quote from Aaic
    I'm a nursing student and work in a outpatient dialysis facility. It's def not "clean" and some PTs can be mean! I like it though.
    Frankly, I have worked with mean nurses, management and even on this website. But putting personality flaws aside I would rather work dialysis or corrections than hospital. I have been a registered nurse for 24 years. Nephrology or dialysis has been the best job I have had. I have worked SNF, ICU, even new born nursery and mom baby, but taking care of the same persons day after day for 12 hour shifts can be tiring. Even day after day for 8 hours a day can be tiring. The same complaints keep coming up and patients locked up as in SNF or in the hospital for 3 days feel as though they are captive. They can get pretty cranky. Dialysis patients know this is the last of their days. Maybe that is the reason they go off on you. If I knew I was going to die when I stopped treatment I would be cranky too. Sometimes the same routine is mundane and boring. Think about going to treatment every other day for the rest of your life. Or until a transplant comes your way. When we work we take vacations. But a dialysis patient is unable to take a vacation away from treatment. It could be fatal. Thank all of you for your input. This was just a forum to release information. I appreciate the comments. But now I have enough for my paper.
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  13. by   nurseprnRN
    Aaargh, we've done somebody's homework again. "Just wanted to get the discussion going," huh? Feh.
  14. by   VivaLaVespaGirl
    Quote from motown nurse
    I appreciate the comments. But now I have enough for my paper.
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    At least be upfront about the fact that you are doing research for a paper rather than posting under the guise of helping new nurses think about different types of nursing opportunities. if you had been upfront about gathering the opinions of nurses who have worked in those fields, you might have had a better response.