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  1. We fail our old people and it's heartbreaking

    I had a patient with long term insurance in LTC. How is that for justice.
  2. We fail our old people and it's heartbreaking

    I had a patient with long term insurance in LTC. How is that for justice.
  3. We fail our old people and it's heartbreaking

    hold on sister, have you ever heard of life. maybe she had a plan but inflation happened and it wasn't enough . maybe she had an older child that needed financial help and she did which left her without. don't preach stupid stuff when it is obvious y...
  4. I hate nursing!!

    I know several nurses that have not had hands on nursing except nurse training. they are MDS coordinators, home health case managers or take more education and go into administration. you really did not say the reason you hate nursing. is it the pati...
  5. Male Nurse Disgusted by Female Nurses

    This is in all businesses if it is mostly women. I am a woman and I absolutely hate working with women. I work ICU or a place where major work is done by me and I don't spend time at the desk. when I hear someone ripping someone apart, I leave. one t...
  6. Residency: My First Mistake!

    if your preceptor had all 6 of these patients she would be begging for help shooting out orders to the Corpsman and not as perfect as she thinks she is. remember when blood is involved or breathing that takes precedent over charting. charting can be ...
  7. Sleeping during your breaktime

    it is comments like your unit clerk made that causes riffs between shifts. next time don't say anything she was venting and not very tactful. you let the cat out of the bag and put a target on your back and put yourself in a bad position with your ow...
  8. Feelings after first loss

    I hope you have malpractice insurance. that doesn't mean you will need it. your hospital will investigate and let you know if you were responsible. if the family is mad or feels there was a hospital glitch they will sue the hospital. more money. but ...
  9. Confused High School Student

    are you able to take college classes while in high school? if so take your general ed classes this pushes you ahead faster. take a medical terminology class. write down the dream you have then daily journal the step you took to get to this dream. Bel...
  10. My Family Thinks I'm Crazy

    maybe a job that will give you 6 weeks of preceptership will help build your confidence. also a night position in a LTAC is slower pace than acute but still gives the experience you need. Going to school at this time will not give you what you are lo...
  11. body odor

    using mouth wash also kills bacteria and stinky feet
  12. body odor

    2 pair of cotton socks with a change after school. they go through a lot of socks but 5he odor is limited.
  13. LGBTQ Patient Care?

    the above information should be used whether patients are different or straight. treat everyone with respect, kindness and nonjudgemental. in Ca we have people from all walks in life, different religions, thoughts and beliefs. I have been here for so...
  14. body odor

    you are becoming a man, that is a good thing. men have body odor, that's a bad thing. you are a man use soap and water every day on tthe parts that no one sees. then use deodorant, a little cologne and the next thing you know you'll be shaving. any ...
  15. How to Get Hired When I Graduate

    having every certificate up to date. be humble not a know it all. research the patients diagnosis on that floor. in other words, if the floor is a medical floor ,know about respiratory infections, AIDS, diabetes, cardiac diseases. if it is surgical f...