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  1. Your son needs help. You did the right thing. This isn't something you can "fix" on your own. You will feel guilty, this is normal. You need to absolve yourself of your own guilt, and know you are doing what is best for him, even if he doesn't know...
  2. I lived in Tyler until recently. There are no decent places to live near the hospital. Also, Texas in general is not a place you can live without a car. It is not like big cities with bus routes. There is like one cab company in town and three or ...
  3. A lot depends on the floor you are being offered. Some good floors, some run screaming, get a clear picture of your orientation process before being put on your floor. Some floor give little, others do a better job. Grande Hill apartments are nice...
  4. furelite

    Sad story of an ex-new grad nurse

    Oh, I forgot to add...last week I had to put my beloved dog down at the age of 6 after he suddenly bloated. Forgive my pity party. I will recover.
  5. furelite

    Sad story of an ex-new grad nurse

    Thank you everyone for your words. Today is our 26th anniversary, so while not trying to sound like a mental patient, that's what I am today. I have started to contemplate a rural job or an outpatient clinic if I can find one that will take a new ...
  6. furelite

    Sad story of an ex-new grad nurse

    Can I leave it off resume?
  7. furelite

    Sad story of an ex-new grad nurse

    Thanks y'all. We have been in counseling together, and now are in separate counseling. During our couples counseling, my husband could never come up with anything that we needed to work on. He could come up with NOTHING other than he "wasn't happy" ...
  8. furelite

    Sad story of an ex-new grad nurse

    Last week I removed myself from patient care mid-shift because I felt I was not safe. I had just come off of 5 weeks of precepted orientation as a new grad on a very busy med/surge floor that is the melting pot for all levels of acuity patients. Som...
  9. furelite

    New Grad, disciplinary woes

    Thanks y'all. I do understand where the miscommunications took place and see where I need to improve. I guess I am also feeling a little thrown out to the wolves, since apparently my preceptor never even went into the room to double check on my wor...
  10. furelite

    New Grad, disciplinary woes

    I am a new grad on a busy M/S floor on day 16 of my floor orientation. I have two more weeks under a preceptor, though I have been caring for my patients independently for the past several shifts with supervision over my charting. I work in a hospi...
  11. furelite

    I fainted today in OR:(

    Don't worry about it at all. It happens to everyone, and sometimes in the most unexpected places. I am not squeamish all. I have put in many IVs. The other night I was at clinical, was trying to start an IV and was having a hard time with it and sudd...
  12. How did you get 30 mls per hour? When I work it I get a much higher number. Are you just using the 30 as an example? I feel like I am going crazy. ml/hr = 250ml/10mg*1 mg/1000mcg*1mcg/1kg/min*71kg/1patient*60 min/1hr = 106.5ml/hr?????
  13. furelite

    How about nephrology and dialysis

    Seems to me Motown is simply offering to students who may be contemplating their futures a specialty of nursing they may not have considered. There have been several posts from students looking for non-bedside typical positions. I was interested to...
  14. furelite

    57+ and starting a nursing career

    I may be completely naive, and too hopeful. However, I have read over and over about how new grads won't find jobs, and it is distressing. However, if you want a more positive spin, go to the Career tab and look under the subheading for First Year ...
  15. furelite

    Texas Tech Trad BSN Fall 2014

    Also, did y'all find a form to complete and submit with the CPR/First Aid training? I did not see one.