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  1. Aaic

    what are my chances?

    Quincy college. Just graduated. They will take those grades.
  2. Aaic

    Anxiously awaiting my ATT (MA)

    It was confirmed that my paperwork was sent to Pearson vue today. Have you heard anything yet?
  3. Aaic

    Anxiously awaiting my ATT (MA)

    That seems extreme. Have you called or checked your junk mail
  4. Aaic

    Anxiously awaiting my ATT (MA)

    Did you receive your ATT yet?
  5. They are striking for safety reasons! This isn't about the money. Smh.
  6. Aaic

    Anxiously awaiting my ATT (MA)

    I'm in Ma. Still waiting. Super annoyed.
  7. Aaic

    ATT wait in Mass

    How long has everyone waited in Mass? I'm getting impatient!!
  8. Aaic

    Overnight application

    Does anyone know if I can overnight my nclex application?
  9. As a nephrology nurse working in dialysis, I think it's great that you want to do this. We have a tech at the clinical that had a transplant and now works in field. The patients love him and his knowledge of both sides.
  10. Aaic

    Kaplan nclex RN qbank??

    I graduate Tuesday!
  11. Aaic

    Is this doable?

    Depends on the person. This is too much for me.
  12. Aaic

    Failed teas V twice...What should I do?

    Old post but thought I would share. Took the teas 5 times, passed the 5th time. Graduate my adn program in 24 days with honors. Don't give up!
  13. I'd think pain would be the priority. Is patient on hospice?
  14. Quincy takes everyone.
  15. Aaic

    Quincy College ASN fulltime day 2016 application

    Quincy takes everyone that applies as long as you have the basic criteria met for application. The school is chaotic as far as clinical placements go but if you want a guarantee to start in the September apply there. I'm a third semester student and it's not awful.
  16. Pay off some of those school loans before you take out anymore. Your husband and yourself make a decent salary, SAVE SAVE SAVE. Go back to school later.