hello, im a bit scared about...

  1. Hi everyone Im new here.My name is Jen,im 29 and will be starting my pre-nursing courses in Jan.I was a cna/hha for about 3 years and was wanting to start nursing school then but i just wasnt ready.ended up leaving to have my son and then became a nailtech.well I feel that now i am ready for nursing:0).My only concern is algebra!!!!! I love sci,anatomy,chem well everything else but alg. i did very well in HS in them all but alg. any suggestions? i really want this and have wanted to be a nurse sense i was a little girl.a friend of mine lent me her intermediate alg book and i opened it and it seem greek to me.
    is there any hope???? Jen
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  3. by   renerian
    I found it is pretty normal for math to scare people if they are not used to it. At the school I went to if I did not understand something there was someone to help me. Even though I hired a tutor for algebra and chemisty as I was out of school a long time when I went back. They only taught new math and since I was an old student they said they would not teach me old math. I got through it and I am sure you will to. You could always go get a Dosages and Solutions book. It spells it our in math format. Don't let it freak you out but I sure understand where you are coming from 100%!

  4. by   TeresaRN2b
    Welcome Jen! Math happens to be my favorite subject, but my advice to you is to not let this intimidate you. I would get yourself set up with tutoring through the school. Most colleges offer tutoring. I see a lot of people wait until they start failing the class to get extra help. Knowing that this is your weak subject go get the help set up right away and I am sure you will do great. Good luck!

  5. by   hobbes

    I would suggest going to the bookstore or library and getting an intro algebra book. I'm sure there are books out there geared more toward the layperson or written in an informal way that is less intimidating. I would suggest doing this before starting some of your other science classes because

    1). you will be expected to know basic algebra in chemistry
    2). you can assess your current level of proficiency (or lack thereof) and decide whether to pursue a tutor/other help
    3). it will give you extra practice without the pressure of school

    Before I started my prereqs this fall, I had already started looking at chemistry and A&P books because I either had no exposure to the subject (A&P) or it had been 18 years since I had taken it (chemistry). I found doing that not only increased my confidence but also put me a step ahead once school started.

    Good luck.
  6. by   missionnurse
    Hi, Jen!


    I would also suggest checking into tutoring! Don't wait until the first test either! Go check out through your college's student services whether or not they offer tutoring.

    Our college has what's called a Learning Center where you can go get tutored for free! Check it out!

    Bug your teachers for help! If there is no tutoring offered thru the school, ask the teacher if there is anyone they would suggest to help you!

    And just remember YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!! Don't give up!

    Good luck, and remember that now you have all of us here to help you as well!!!

  7. by   GPatty
    You know what? I had to take Algebra I two times, then passed Intermediate Algebra with a B! It is possible, and you can do it... just apply yourself, and don't be afraid to use your schools learning center or tutors...
    I did, and know I have my LPN to show for it.
    Keep your chin up and follow your dreams.....
    Good Luck!
  8. by   colleen10
    Hi Jen,

    Welcome to the board! There are very few people here that aren't affraid of math and algebra!

    There is hope. Like other posters said, don't let it intimidate you and if you are unsure if you understand it don't wait til your grade starts to go down to get help. Get help right away. I took Algebra I and at first did poorly in it and waited way to late to get help and buckle down and study. Somehow I made it but it would have been so much easier if I would have looked for help in the beginning. Algebra is one of those classes where you really do build upon what you have learned in the previous chapters so make sure you have a solid foundation.

    Feel free to come to the board. You will find it helpful.

    What classes will you be taking next semester?

    Good Luck,
  9. by   onlyaPre-nurse
    Thank you all so much! I fell better now,like I can really do it if I set my mind too it! thanks agian Jen
  10. by   Mkue
    Welcome Jen !

    A lot of great advice here !

    I agree to get a head start on it, you will be ahead of the class!
  11. by   Jennerizer
    Even though it was about 14 years ago, I had to take college algebra twice also. Then I took calculus & had no problem...go figure. I would definitely suggest checking into the counseling the school offers. I don't believe they had anything like that offered when I first took it, but at this other school I'm going to, I see it posted all over & it doesn't cost anything. Don't be afraid to get help.....sometimes other students can explain things better than an instructor can. Good luck!

  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    hello and welcome to the board. hang in there and you can do it!
  13. by   2banurse
    My suggestion would be:
    1. Why don't you audit an algebra class...this way you can get an idea, but you won't have to worry about passing or failing. A friend of mine did this with calculus and she has been carrying an A for her actual class.
    2. Most colleges have math labs, check them out...you'll have the opportunity to have FREE tutoring on a 1:1 basis.

    Good luck!