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It's Friday night and I am so pi**ed off I can't even enjoy the night. I need to vent so that I can let this go and relax for the rest of the weekend. Well, enjoy it as much as I can considering... Read More

  1. by   Lovely_RN
    Mistydave, it's really up to your instructor. Our instructor believes in peer-teaching and peer-learning so she does no lecturing. Instead each topic is assigned to a group; it's our responsibility to teach the class. We do a presentation about every other week (whole class is behing schedule due to quality issues and repeats) and we are stuck with each other until the end of the semster.
  2. by   CrufflerJJ
    What's even better is when you're the group leader, try to drive the project to conclusion, follow up (with no feedback from the slackers), compile/type the final report (rewriting a couple sections of garbage), then have the slackers screw you on the final team performance appraisal.

  3. by   midcom
    I absolutely hate group projects because I am a perfectionist & usually I get paired up with someone who thinks a C is good enough. So far I have only had one group project this term & I lucked out. My partner is just as dedicated to doing well as I am. I'm almost positive we'll get an A on it.
  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    We have a semi-group type of project we're going to be doing next week and I brought some documents I had created in to members of my group....a gal who sits in front of one of my group picked up a page and started going through it line by line...I could NOT believe it....this is one of those folks who always wants to know what someone else is doing so she can try to utilize those ideas in her is so aggravating....
  5. by   lily_lover
    I remember doing group projects, and the more you get into nursing school, the more you have to do. I was assigned with three other people for our final project in community health, and I felt we all contributed fairly to the project and had equal shares in writing the paper. We were also graded individually and as a group, and I have, never, ever had a problem with a group grade before. You can imagine my surprise when the instructor told me, based on what two out of three people said, that she was taking away my A and giving me a B. I was sooooo pissed off about the whole deal. When we gave our group reviews, I thought that everyone did equally good, and we all worked equally on the paper. Twords the end, apparently the two people who were critical were going completely insane, they wouldn't even let the other girl and I work on the paper, and they would meet at the library 2 hours ahead of our agreed upon time to work on this paper... I could go on and on. I got the DISTINCT impression that our instructor liked those two the most, because she gave them both A's based on what the other girl and I had said, while we recieved B's. I have to say, although I was pretty bitter about the whole deal for a while, Karma comes around. Guess who passed the boards the first time and who didn't? That's right, us two "B" students passed, and the "A's" took the boards three times apiece. I can see why they do things in groups, and it's not always fair who you get to work with, just as in the "real world" of nursing. Welcome to the rest of your life!
  6. by   Thedreamer
    Red rum? :X
  7. by   Alternator81
    When is the rest of the civilized world going to get hip to the idea that group work is unfair. Your grade should not "weigh in the balance" of other group member, whom you didn't choose to share your work with. I understand it's important to learn to work with others, and they anticipate personality conflicts, but what about those who do nothing?

    I had a group project once, and I was grouped with 2 older students, who always are serious about coursework and their grade. Unfortunately, we had 1 idiot. We all worked really well together, but constantly pulled the weight of this girl. By the end of the project, I was just rude to her. I couldn't hold back! I just don't deal well with that.
  8. by   Daytonite
    i'm going to respond to this thread even though it is older because this subject of group projects comes up from time to time. my comments are not being aimed at anyone who has responded to this thread. a lot of it comes from my years of experience and frustration at what i hear students on this and other threads saying about group projects.

    in the work place (hospitals, nursing homes, clinics) everyone works as a group, a team. these projects that you are asked to do in school are a precursor to work situations. they involve getting a task done and sometimes involving having to deal with difficult personalities and the behavior of the various people in the group. nursing is a people industry. if you are going into nursing thinking that you were going to hide behind a desk in a cubicle you are going into the wrong profession. you are, on a daily basis, having to interact and deal with people's behavior whether they are patients or coworkers. you have to learn to deal with it. there are skills you can learn to help you with this. if your instructors happened to neglect telling you about them i will tell you what you need to be studying and have some weblinks to get you started. it is a long pursuit to become skilled in learning to interact successfully with people. but good leaders will put in the time to learn and master them.

    here are links on how to survive and deal with student group projects that were put together by college instructors who did take the time to give their students instructions on how to do this. if your instructors haven't given you this help, part of the blame for problems you have belong to your instructors. you need to recognize that. you also need to recognize that there are techniques to help you out when you run into one of these crises. similar crises will crop up in work situations as well. as future rns and lpn charge nurses, you will be expected to know how to deal with them. that is just one of the things you are being exposed to and learning from group projects. read these various websites and tutorials. when you run into a snag it will give you ammunition to ask intelligent help from your instructors--that is how to better handle snags in your projects--not by just ranting and complaining. most bossess don't want to hear you rant and complaint--they expect results.
  9. by   MB37
    We're almost done with semester 1 and haven't had to do any yet...after reading all the horror stories on here, I'm really hoping the trend continues. I work and study best alone, and I'm an A student and don't want anyone else to bring me down.
  10. by   Daytonite
    Quote from MMW37
    We're almost done with semester 1 and haven't had to do any yet...after reading all the horror stories on here, I'm really hoping the trend continues. I work and study best alone, and I'm an A student and don't want anyone else to bring me down.
    Nursing is a profession where you MUST work with people of all types, both patients and coworkers.

    Let me re-write my post. If you were a patient that needed a lot of different things to be done for you, would you want a nurse who only wanted to work alone doing complicated things with you that you would feel much easier about if it was done with someone helping him or her? Would you want a nurse caring for you that was only interested in doing what had to be done for you and then leaving ASAP? Is that your image of a nurse? If you were ill and in need of comfort and care, is that the kind of person you would want taking care of you? How would you move a 400 pound patient by yourself? How would you resuscitate a patient on your own? What if the only person who could help you is someone you didn't like? Then, what are you going to do?
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  11. by   rnmomtobe2010
    SNB, you used the exact word I was thinking of!!!"HATE"!! That is a strong word I know but sometimes you can't help feeling that way. I cannot do group projects. That burns me up. Falon,just take deep breaths and keep pushing. My mother had a group proj. not too long ago and let's just say she had a few choice words for the chick. My mother was going to skip class that day but I told her she better not. After her choice words, she talked with her instructor and her instr. told my mom to present what she had and not to worry. Needless to say, my mother got a B and the chick failed. She thought she was going to get part of that grade. Boy was she wrong. Sometimes you have to look over people. Temptations come in all forms and different ways. Hopefully next semester will be better and good luck!!!
  12. by   MB37
    It's not that I hate working with others in general - I've just read so many stories on here about people not putting forth any effort AT ALL, and the instructors still assigning everyone the same grade. Most of the people I know in my class are at the least hard workers, so maybe it won't be so bad if we start having to do them. I work with others at my job, and we certainly all depend on each other. While I love allnurses, sometimes the posts get me a little more scared about certain aspects of NS than I need to be - so far I enjoy going to class, like my classmates and instructors fine, and am doing well. A lot more people post I guess when they're unhappy than when they're not.
  13. by   Lovely_RN
    I never updated this thread!

    It turns out that the two worst offenders flunked out of the program because of the grade they received for this class. The third managed to pull herself together, squeaked by, and now she is a much better student. She actually pulls her weight in the group that she is in now....I guess she saw what happened to the other two and decided to get with the program.

    In the end getting the memebers of our group to band together and apply pressure to the lazier ones helped. It didn't make getting the work done any easier but at least I didn't feel like I was climbing the mountain alone.

    I think that the two that were expelled simply did not believe that they would really be dropped for not workig hard. Both of them had went to college before and thought that NS was like a regular college experience where you can BS your way the minimum, wait until the last minute and still get a decent grade. The overwhelming majority of the class takes school a LOT more seriously now that they understand that they could fail out for something as "minor" as missing the cutoff grade by a point.
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