Failed first test of semester

  1. I am very depressed. I truly studied my *ss off and got a 72. Over 50% of the class failed the test and only a few got better than a C.
    I know it is the first test and we have many more to improve our grade and we have a couple projects too but I truly studied and I could not have done anything more or different. It makes you wonder if I am cut out or smart enough to be a nurse
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  3. by   momx4
    I usually dont do well on the very first test. I think its because you have no idea what to expect. These Nclex style questions are very overwhelming but it gets better. Keep your head up!
  4. by   trellimana
    I did the same thing, only I left thinking I did really well. Imagine my surprise when I saw my 68!!! I'm an A student usually, got a B in one nursing class. You're not alone! I just keep telling myself the first test with a new instructor is always tough, and I'll do better on the next one. Our class average was a 72 on this first test as well, so I know it wasn't just me. It still sucks nonetheless, and I wish you (and me) better results on the next one.
  5. by   locolorenzo22
    Likewise, I'm usually the first one done, with a grade of 85 (at worst) to 99 at best. However, our last test I got a 72.5%!!! and I thought I did well! The sad part? it was open book/note and 90% of the class still, just goes to show ya. instructor did say it was the usual worst test of the year and don't worry too much until you get 4-5 tests under your belt....
  6. by   Scrubz
    Then study more for the next test and do better.
  7. by   Beverage
    What I've found to be helpful is to write questions about the chapter you think the teacher may ask and exchange with another student to use as study material. I'll take a chapter and my study partner takes a chapter. We each write up questions and exchange. Examples:

    What is anticipatory guidance?
    Name 5 classifications of play according to Piaget.
    What is anthropometric data?
    What is thelarche
    What is cephalocaudal?
    Which is not a component of Piaget's Theory?
    a. object permanence
    b. magical thinking
    c. animism
    d. trust
  8. by   marilynmom
    I think that is common for your first test of your first semester.

    Nursing school tests are a lot different and require a different approach than your pre-reqs most likely. I didn't do too well on my first test in Fundamentals because I didn't really know how to study for it. Now I do just fine an every test (all A's and B's).

    I know most of my teachers are big on us learning nursing interventions, drugs, and pathophysiology. Of course each teacher is different, you will figure it out.
  9. by   shellsgogreen
    hang in there - i know it's frustrating not doing as well as you' d hoped:icon_hug: i agree with what marilynmom said - it is common ( at least in my school) to not do so well on the first test. are you friendly with anyone in any levels above you? sometimes they can be helpful in pointing out certain things that have helped them be successful and move up in your program
    best of luck to you on your next test.
  10. by   Jolie
    I'm sorry to hear that you got off to a rough start, but please don't give up! I remember your frustration well. I think we all experienced it at one time or another, especially with a new instructor.

    Do your instructors offer review sessions prior to tests? Many of ours began to do so at our request, especially early in a semester when we didn't know what to expect from their tests. They were very well attended and always helpful. Maybe a group of your classmates could request this.

    Good luck!
  11. by   Medwynn
    it's only the first test. I've had rude awakenings like that.

    Do the post test questions in the book. Get NCLEX questions for that section. Ask the instructor how many questions for each section.

    I have studied my butt off on many occasions but couldn't seem to crack the A. When i backed off of studying (stressing to much) and started to understand the concepts first of what the instructor explained and noticed how they tested. I didn't study as much and still got the same grades.

    Remember to thinking about hypothetical situations for that certain dx or disease process. What would to assess first. what would you do next. what medications would you use first. what lab data would support that. All those can help.

    Oh yeah my advice is to relax the night before or the morning before the test. Listen to the IPOD, or go on a nice drive...have your significant other give you a back rub, etc.

    And Good Luck
  12. by   NICU_nurse2b
    I feel your pain! I too failed the first test of the semester, as did most of the class. The class average was 70%. It was very disheartening! We only have 7 tests and THE FINAL FROM HELL (according to the nursing class ahead of us). I am waiting on pins and needles for my grade of the second test that we took today. I bought some Nclex review books to study from. We shall see if that has helped any. Good Luck to you and keep looking for a way to study that works well for you.
  13. by   PurrRN
    Hey Adamsmom, you are not alone. I failed the first test of my semester Monday night also. But then I tend to either bomb or ace a test, so stay upbeat and positive we have the rest of the semester to bring those scores up!

    P.S. As an added kicker, we were told on the first night of class that this particular second semester of nursing students won't have the luxury of restarting second semester if we fail this one because they are changing the curriculum. If we fail the semester we have to restart entire program from scratch:uhoh21:. LOL, no pressure, right?