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  1. adamsmom

    Hesi exit test for RN like NCLEX RN?

    Just wondering for people that have taken Hesi and NCLEX. Is the NCLEX alot like Hesi. I found that the Hesi you had to think fundamentals, if you looked at the options it was best that you picked the one that was not complicated. Is the NCLEX like that? Or are they more like Saunders that has specific things like drug values and details?
  2. adamsmom

    July NCLEX Takers come on in!

    Just signed up for July 9. I take 100 questions a day from Saunders, NCLEX 3500 and Lippencott. I hope that will do it.
  3. adamsmom

    Which one

    Which Kaplan is best? THe online course or just do Qbank? I have been working with Saunders 4th CD not sure which way to go? thanks
  4. adamsmom

    Looking things up.

    I have been doing about 100 questions a day. When I have trouble with a certain subject I have been doing more quizzes until I get over 70%. My question is, does anyone stop and look things up or do you just use the rationale? Thanks
  5. adamsmom

    Is Kaplan worth it

    I am not a great test taker, I got a 882 on my exit Hesi the 2nd time. I have been doing Saunders 4th CD questions about 100/day. I like their rationales but I have heard Kaplan questions are alot like the NCLEX. If it is worth the money I will try it. Any advise would be helpful
  6. adamsmom

    How soon should i start applying for jobs

    I live in the Philly burbs and most of us had a job by March. The ones that did not have at least interviews by then are having a hard time finding one now. You can work as a Graduate nurse first then when you pass (first time) they change you to a RN. Also, if you don't pass most hospitals will have you work as an aide while you study and retake it then when you pass you change to RN. Some places will hire you but you can't start till you pass. It holds a spot open for you. Good Luck
  7. adamsmom

    urine drug test

    HI I have a pre-employment medical test including a urine screen test. I took 1 tylenol PM last nite without thinking. Do you think it will affect my urine test?
  8. adamsmom

    Kaplan and Saunders?

    Is Kaplan alot like Saunders 4th ed. CD? Or is it worth doing the home Kaplan program?
  9. adamsmom

    Nursing grads and job prospects

    I live in the Philly Burbs and had 2 job offers to choose from. I just graduated in May and did not take my NCLEX yet.
  10. adamsmom

    Maybe I should request temp permit

    hi I live in PA and graduated May 28. I am waiting for my school to send in my paperwork to state to be able to take NCLEX. (Still working on Hesi). But I did not send for a temp permit because I do not start my job till Aug 18. I figured I would have taken the NCLEX by then so if I did not pass the permit would be cancelled anyway. So I am not sure if I should go ahead and send in my permit paperwork in case I do not even get a chance to take it by then. How long has it been taking from the time the school sends in there part of the paperwork?
  11. adamsmom

    Single Mom Starting Over....

    Not sure if your interested in LPN but CAT Brandywine has a night program. I know a few that just graduated from there.
  12. adamsmom

    Depressed and studying my butt off.

    I did HORRIBLE on my exit Hesi, I retake it on Thurs. My teacher suggested to do 100 questions a day but do them in small blocks and make sure I understand the rationales of the ones I get wrong. She also suggested for me to concentrate questions from the print out of my Hesi and do most of my questions on the subjects I did bad on. So that's what I have been doing. I have not gone back into my textbooks yet on my bad subjects. I am not sure if it is better just to keep doing questions or do questions and go back into textbooks on my bad subjects. I am improving my scores, I have been doing Saunders 4th CD also Davis (teacher likes that one the best), and Lippencott too. Just to get a range of different questions. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks
  13. adamsmom

    new grad-critical care info.

    Lancaster General Hosp., Brandywine Hosptial, Bryn Mawr Rehab, CHOP, AI Dupont, Chester County Hosp. These are the hospitals that my fellow classmates got jobs at. We graduated May 2008. Good Luck
  14. adamsmom

    Ncsbn, Kaplan,saunders?

    I did HORRIBLE on my exit hesi and I am very worried about NCLEX. I took the Drexel review in school was not impressed at all. I have been using saunders book and cd. Concentrating on the subjects I did bad on on the Hesi, doing 100 a day and taking notes and reviewing. Not sure once I retake the hesi if I should do anything different. School is suggesting the NCSBN review. Any suggestions
  15. adamsmom

    Labs and NCLEX

    I have a question. When I studied for tests for school I used one book that had specific lab values in it. Now studying for NCLEX the books I see are not the exact numbers I know. What do you do? Do I use what I know or which numbers. I know when your read labs the normals are listed because each laboratory used different numbers but for the BIG TEST what do I put in my head and how do I remember them?
  16. adamsmom

    Exit Hesi

    I am very nervous about the Hesi. I did the end of chapter tests in Saunders 3rd and I have been going over the chapters that I had a hard time with again. Does anyone have any other way to get ready for the Hesi? If I do not get 900 I have to take it again. Thanks