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Beverage specializes in Cardiac/Telemetry.

RN, since 4/08

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  1. Beverage

    Nurses and their pens

    Bic Atlantis black medium point retractable. Slim barrel, smooth ink, gel cushioned grip. My favorite plus a 4 color for coding my brains. They stay in my pocket and I rarely lose one. I keep a spare of both in my lunch bag in case I run out of ink. Best pen ever.
  2. Beverage

    Com'on, you got one...What is your heart wrenching moment?

    A Family members 14 month old grand child choked on a grape at the Los Angeles Zoo 2 weeks ago. Huge delay in care because the child's mother was hysterical and the aunt was occupied with Heimlich maneuver begging someone to call 911 while bystanders were more concerned with taking photos and video of the child choking to death with their phones. The childs' heart stopped for an hour and he was brought back in the ED but not without a severe ABI. The Connor Phoenix Project has more details. 3 weeks ago my DNR patient with mets had just finished lunch, was doing well and scheduled to go home the next day. K+ replaced, Mg infusing and I was in her room with daughter discussing the POC. Her eyes rolled back and she started agonal breathing. My phone rang to say she was in Toursades. Cardiologist was at the nurses station and ran into he room, updated the daughter and per her wishes we stood and watched her die. The daughter took her moms hand and told her what a great mother she had been, how much she was loved and to go be with her dad in heaven. I lost it and had to hang out in the break room for a bit, snot and tears flying.
  3. Beverage

    Forced Baths and Patients rights

    I suspect this "rule" was created by mgmt to hold the CNA's feet to the fire. It's easy to say "the pt refused a bath", when none was offered.
  4. Beverage

    your very first patient death.....

    My first was a PNA who was doing well with orders to D/C Tele, so he was waiting to transfer to a Med/Surg room. I had suctioned with yankaur earlier for secretions at pt's request (I'm not squeamish with phlegm), sats were low 90's on 3L, he was talking with family and they left so he could rest. OK, I get busy with EOS stuff, red lining charts, 1800 meds and I look in at him from my med cart and he's sleeping but didn't look right. IV is still running. I Went to bedside, tried to arouse him, feel for pulse (is it my pulse I feel?), whip out stethoscope and listen for heartbeat (is that my heartbeat I hear in my ears?), I see charge RN and wave her in. OMG, CODE BLUE, pt non-responsive. I was fine with the death and code until the Son came around the corner later and grabbed me in a big bear HUG to say thanks for all I did during the day for pt while they were there. I'll never forget that.
  5. Beverage

    will universal healthcare ( in the usa) cut RN pay?

    There are some days when even at double pay, its not enough. I'm talking a 12 hr shift where I get no break for lunch or even to pee but maybe once a shift. Start with 4 or 5 pts, discharge/admit all day, the bed never gets cold before I have another slip, drug seeker getting morphine/dilaudid q hr, FSBS on all pts, missing meds, multiple piggy backs, dopamine, cardizem, or heparin gtt, chest tubes, drsg changes, bed alarms/restraints, isolation for MRSA, H1N1 or C-diff, pt pulls out IV/Foley/NG. Family with multiple requests are the worst "when is the Dr coming? What time is my fathers test? When do we get to go home? Can you change the sheets, bring another blanket/pillow/socks, Can I have some more water/coffee,ice? I didn't get anything to drink with my meal... I love my job and for the amount of work I (and everyone else) does, a pay cut would be like a slap in the face.