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Beverage specializes in Cardiac/Telemetry.

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  1. Possible adult admit with minor child in tow

    Slightly off topic but similar... I requested not to be assigned a patient who had a dog with him (not a service animal). Pt was a homeless man with a scruffy dog who barked and growled at anyone walking by pts door or entering the room (I'm sure the...
  2. What's up with all the 'failed NCLEX' posts?

    I passed my NCLEX at question #78 and when the machine shut off, I really had no clue if I had passed or failed. I do remember getting 2 similar questions about crutch walking up and down stairs which I'm sure I missed hence the second question. I do...
  3. Verbal Hand-off Reports - Are they no longer necessary?

    There was a short unsuccessful trial of faxed SBAR report from ED where I work. We are back to verbal report and I am thankful. Once bed control hands me an admit slip, I have 10 minutes to look up info in EPIC and I make the call to ED for report. ...
  4. Requesting No Students During Orientation

    In my hospital, students come to the floor the night before to select their pt's for the next day. They are required to prep before the shift. RN assignments are made the morning of the shift and the charge has no idea which pt's the students have se...
  5. Nurses and their pens

    Bic Atlantis black medium point retractable. Slim barrel, smooth ink, gel cushioned grip. My favorite plus a 4 color for coding my brains. They stay in my pocket and I rarely lose one. I keep a spare of both in my lunch bag in case I run out of ink. ...
  6. Nurses with pedometers - How far do you walk?

    I have the Fitbit Zip and keep it in my pocket or clipped to my shirt at home. I average 14K steps for 6 miles on a busy shift though 4-5 miles is average for my day. Hubby and I walk every evening 1-2 miles in addition to what I walk each shift.
  7. Thoughts on pain med with a range

    When I have a range of 1-2 tablets q4 hours and the patient asks for only 1, then two hours later wants the second tablet, I will give it to complete the "range". I interpret the orders as the 4 hours starts from the second dose as I do not want to b...
  8. The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

    1. No, I do not take the vaccine. 2. Yes it is required for work by order of the Public Health Officer in our county and provided at no cost to employees. Staff who refuse have to sign a declaration and wear a mask for the 5 months of flu season. 4....
  9. A Family members 14 month old grand child choked on a grape at the Los Angeles Zoo 2 weeks ago. Huge delay in care because the child's mother was hysterical and the aunt was occupied with Heimlich maneuver begging someone to call 911 while bystanders...
  10. Vasoactive drips

    I work Cardiac Tele, we titrate diltiazem, dopamine and dobutamine. We manage amiodarone, loading, 6 hour and maintenance dosing. We also titrate heparin gtts. We don't take Nitro or insulin gtts because it's too labor intensive with 4 and sometimes ...
  11. How to perform CPR on a hospital bed?

    I heard a story yesterday at work where the PA ran to a code on a med surg floor, upon arrival there were 5 nurses standing at the bed doing nothing! He started compressions and gave instructions on placing the Zoll while the bedside nurses where par...
  12. I'm a sexless nurse

    Medscape: Medscape Access
  13. That nagging feeling...

    Last week I was on day 2 with a POD14 CABG, slow to progress. BUN 2.09, K+5.5, WBC 15 all trending up. Had a PICC extravasation 3 days prior which was d/c'd. LS Clear, no chest tubes, just pacer wires. BP 120's/70's, SB 55-59, 94% on 4L NC. Bipap at ...
  14. Esme Needs Your Prayers

    God bless you sweet Esme. May you continue to heal and progress. You are a treasured resource to this group and have been missed. Speedy recovery and prayers for complete healing.
  15. IVP vs Drip

    I personally would never walk away and leave narcotics in a BD pump or as a piggy back. I have used a BD pump for lasix when I don't want to stand at the bedside to do IVP and if lasix dose is >40 mg of lasix.