Failed 1st Fundamentals Test

  1. The highest grade was an 86 and the class average was 72 (passing is 75) 75% failed the test. I'm so upset. Are these typical grades on these type of tests? The test had 45 questions and there are 64 students.
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  3. by   jadelpn
    I would think that if 75% of the people in the class did not pass the test, then either the information is not being presented in a way that is understandable, students are not studying correctly for the tests, or perhaps not enough notes are taken in class. I wouldn't worry so much about the test, but how does that play into your average for the class itself? You just want to be sure that you pass the class. Study groups? Tutoring? I also am a huge fan of index cards. Carry them around, pull a few out and study when you can. Fundementals sets you up for some good critical thinking skills, so this class is important. With that being said, some people just do not test well. I have also heard of people taking a recorder to class to tape the lecture, to review and add to any notes. Something about hearing, hearing again and writing makes it a bit easier to remember. Good luck, and you can only go up from here. You got this! Oh, and one more thing do NOT overthink the questions. Do NOT go back and change answers from your first instinct. Read the question for what it is, and not add a bunch of "ifs". There are usually 2 incorrect answers, and out of the ones that are left, one "more" correct. Best of luck!
  4. by   BillieP
    I made a low c so I can recover hopefully. This was the first of 5 exams to be given in this course. Our test was supposed to cover the chapters on hygiene & vitals only but there were several questions on safety & asespsis. It is those questions that have me the most upset and I don't understand why they were on that test. Monday we will go over the exam and I hope my instructor explains that. I really felt I prepared a lot & so it was very easy for me to recognize what was not in those chapters. Thank you for the advice. I change answers even though almost every time I do I originally had the correct one. I'm going to do my best to resist changing my answers from now on
  5. by   rubato
    That's a huge percentage of failing grades. I have to agree with the above poster that there is something wrong. I think our average for our first test was 89% or something ridiculously high like that.

    As far as questions on the test that weren't covered, welcome to nursing school. We were just talking about how annoying that is at clinicals yesterday. I understand that they are wanting us to use our "critical thinking" skills and try to route out the right answer based on common sense, but when you haven't learned the rationales behind things, you aren't always going to be able to come up with the right answer.

    I'm glad that you are able to see past this and see that you'll be okay in the class. Study hard and good luck on the next 5.
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    First fundamentals exams are often the first cut of people who didn't realize how hard nursing school is.

    When I taught in one program, we admitted about 25% more students than we knew would stay, because we knew that within about three weeks we'd have our offices full of weeping girls (almost all kids right out of high school into our ASN program) saying that they always wanted to be a nurse like mama/auntie/Cherry Ames but didn't know it would be so hard/require so much science and math/that they would have to see and touch naked old people/they couldn't stand odors and fluids/ wasn't going to be possible to do baby and mother only/there was so much responsibility and not just "following doctor's orders"/etc., etc., etc.

    Then the first fundamentals exam struck. We usually had about 25% of the entering class leave within the first four weeks because of that.

    Fact is, OP, that a number of your classmates may not be able to step it up enough. But for the ones who can, this is their wake-up call.
  7. by   matthewandrew
    Your class needs to start READING the material. Yes, nursing school is unfair, you get teachers that don't teach we'll. That doesn't stop you from studying and reviewing the chapters assigned. It's a battlefield. Can I suggest buying this pocket book called RNotes. I used it a lot for studying and in clinicals. I also used MedSurg Notes. Search it up!
  8. by   Sun0408
    First test is a shocker, getting used to the types of questions etc.. Sounds about right from my program. As far as things on the test that were not supposed to be, yep that happened too. During nursing orientation we were told to "look to the left of us and to the right, half of you will not be here at graduation" and yes, that was true.
  9. by   springchick1
    I've learned that when we are told to do the required reading, we do the reading. Our lectures cover about 1/4 of what is in the chapter and the smallest, most obscure thing in the book can be on the test. I've learned that our instructors LOVE the info in the little boxes to the side of the main text. Like the one that says what garlic will interact with (EVERYTHING by the way!) I also have the Fundamentals Success NCLEX book which is VERY helpful. It helps practicing questions and gives the rationales behind the answer. Keep your chin up and good luck!
  10. by   matthewandrew
    Buy the ATI Fundamentals and Med Surg book. So helpful.
  11. by   fm1089
    I also failed my first fundamentals test last semester with a 75. I worked hard, figured out how approach critical thinking questions, and finished the class with a B+. Just don't let your first test score discourage you, especially if the majority of the class failed. Keep working hard, study the text book, and make flash cards!! You'll do fine if you keep at it
  12. by   fm1089
    Oh and concentrate on the safety aspect of each chapter. The NCLEX is focused on patient safety so professors usually aim their questions toward this as well..
  13. by   RubberDuckieLove
    You can't let one bad test grade get you down! I barely passed my first fundamentals test (got a 77), and it was a wake up call. But now you know how the questions are going to look and hopefully you have a better idea of how/what to study. We have tests every two weeks, and Ive learned that I cannot possibly read 33 chapters in two weeks, so I use the objectives/study guide to guide my reading and what I study. I did much better on my second test.
  14. by   shay&lynn
    My Fundies class was the same way...low scores, I got a 66% (77% is passing). I think the first exam was a shock to many of us. It's always that first never know what to expect or what direction to go.Chin up! You can do it