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Family Nursing & Palliative Care
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matthewandrew has 9 years experience as a NP and specializes in Family Nursing & Palliative Care.

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  1. matthewandrew

    ACHPN Cert

    I a new NP in palliative care. Would also like to know this. I plan to take it after my 1 year of practice.
  2. matthewandrew

    New FNP in Inpatient Palliative

  3. matthewandrew

    CCRN Certification

    Is an inpatient palliative care nurse practitioner that primarily cares for critical care patients in the ICU eligible to take the CCRN examination if they complete the required number of hours? Thanks in advance!
  4. matthewandrew

    My first week as an NP

    Thank you for sharing. I'm waiting to start my first NP position and reading these eases the anxiety. Thank you!
  5. matthewandrew

    DNP Minimum Requirement

    This is also so difficult because there are so many certifying bodies out there for every APRN and populations. Family NP has 2 certifying bodies. It would be great I think if national certification was administered like the NCLEX so exams would be standardized in the national level.
  6. matthewandrew

    DNP Minimum Requirement

    With CRNAs recommending the DNP as the entry requirement for practice by 2025 and CNSs by 2030... when do you think state laws will require the DNP for APRN practice? Do you think this will happen within the next 10 years? 20 years? Never? I know this is a controversial topic but I think this will eventually be a positive push for APRNs.
  7. matthewandrew

    PA practice authority

    You're right, I was browsing through the user's previous posts and it seems like they've been very critical about NP education, practice and existence. Some cynicism is healthy for the progression of the profession but it's treading on hatred it seems like...
  8. matthewandrew

    PA practice authority

    I know there is also a movement in their community to rename their profession to "physician associate," "healthcare practitioner" or just "PA."
  9. matthewandrew

    DNP/PHD Dual Program Opinions

    The DNP is about practice application using the best evidence out there. The PhD allows the nurse to generate new knowledge. The 2 are very different but complimentary.
  10. matthewandrew

    PA practice authority

    More education? Besides having an undergraduate education related to healthcare (RN), NP programs are specialized. Although PAs may have the breadth, NP education has more depth due to specialization. PAs are trained as generalists, very different from NPs who were RNs first.
  11. matthewandrew

    PA practice authority

    I don't think PAs can have full practice authority because their practice is medicine. NP practice is sesperate from medicine which justifies the autonomy. If PAs want full practice authority and responsibility of medicine, go to medical school.
  12. matthewandrew

    PA practice authority

    I agree that NPs have more leverage than PAs with full practice Authority. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I really wish California increase its efforts with FPA. We're the only western state requiring collaborative agreements.
  13. matthewandrew

    PA practice authority

    The AAPA has recently released a position regarding "Full Practice Authority and Responsibility" or "FPAR" to create a level playing field with nurse practitioners. It basically calls for ending their mandatory collaborative agreements with physicians and establishing indepedent PA state boards. http://news-center.aapa.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/12/FAQ-Final_12_15.pdf It seems like PAs are trying to mimic NPs full practice authority journey (especially after the VA ruling on APRNs.) I wonder how this will affect NPs and our practice environment? Thoughts?
  14. matthewandrew

    $29/hr--why am I still in this job!?

    I hope the cost of living there is free.
  15. matthewandrew

    FNP to GNP?

    Are you trolling? GNP is being phased out for Adult/Gero programs. Did your school not review the APRN Consensus Model with you?
  16. matthewandrew

    DNP Dual Certification

    It would absolutely be worth it if you have the time and money. You will be more marketable with both certifications. You do not need to practice in a specific setting to maintain certifications. It will cost you more though, but it would definently pay itself off.