Does anyone else think this is ridiculous?

  1. I'm taking pre-requisite classes at the community colleges this and next semester to bridge for my BSN. I have to take College Algebra and Statistics.
    Here's the thing that seems strange to me.....I've taken the NET, gone through the nursing program (graduated w/ADN in May '01 from the same community college group), and passed the NCLEX. They insist that I have to take the Math placement/entrance test in order to take College Algebra. you think I could learn math if I've done drug calculations and made the VERY difficult passage through nursing school? Personally, I don't thnk it will be a problem.

    Jump through hoops, Jump through hoops!! It never ends!:chuckle

    Funny thing though...I told my mom about this. She is a Physical Therapist who went to college at Kansas State and PT training at Mayo. When she wanted to take classas at the same local community college...they insisted that she send them a copy of her HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT. Yep, that's right. They didn't care that she'd been through college already...that didn't seem to matter. She had to call her high school back in Austin, MN to see if they kept records from 1967 ! Geez.

    The employees working in school offices don't give an inch, do they? 'By the book' to the extreme!

    Wish me luck on the test!! (I say with sarcasm.)
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  3. by   bet0326
    Good Luck! When I applied to take my prereq's at the local community college they asked me for my high school information even though I already had a bachelors degree from a local university. I decided right then and there that I didn't want to deal with the school altogether.

    It's amazing sometimes how difficult schools can make things for you.

    I'm sure you'll do fine on your test. Good luck with the rest of the program

  4. by   maire
    Oh GEEZ.
  5. by   nurse0977
    UHHH!!! I applied to a community college (didn't end up going there) and I had to retake my ACT, even though I had already completed my bachelor's degree in something else. I was also going to have to retake chemistry since it was more than 5 years old. The state nursing school I applied to (and am now attending) didn't make me redo anything. Go figure.
  6. by   colleen10
    Oh my gosh KC, that stinks!

    I totally agree with you. I just sent in my nursing school and transfer of credit applications to my local CC and so far to the best of my knowledge I don't have to test for anything.

    My school makes you submit your High School transcript but I think they use it more to verify that you did complete HS, didn't lie your way into any colleges. But one thing that does bug me about my school is that it doesn't matter that I took 2 chemistry classes, or that I graduated with a degree in science, all that matters is "did I take Chemistry in High School and did I pass with 'C'" .

    Hoops I tell you, Hoops!!!
  7. by   BrandyBSN
    That is ridiculous! Drug calculations required more advanced math skills than "college algebra" requires. You miss a question in class, big deal, you miss a dosage on the floor, its SERIOUS!

    Like you said, its just a hoop. Can't fight it, just gotta muddle through. I'm sure you will do fantastic anyways Anne, despite the crud your college is making you wade through!

    BrandyBSN - official supporter of ridding the world of non-applicable math theories.
  8. by   Genista
    Those hoops are frustrating aren't they!
    I encountered one myself recently...I've just been accepted to a teaching credential program, and I learned that to be a substitute teacher in CA (where I live) you have to take this silly equivalency test called CBEST, which is reading, writing & arithmatic, supposedly to grade 12 level. Well, golly gee, you'd think that since all CBEST test takers also have to have a BA or BS degree, that maybe they'd *ALREADY* know the basic skills as having become a college graduate! I have a BSN for goodness sakes. You should have seen the silly questions on this mandatory test! Pretty sad that you have to take the CBEST when you earned a BA/BS in the glorious CA school system! (Doh!)

    I can feel your pain. But jump through the hoops, anyhow I guess. I know I am! LOL!

    Good luck Anne, on that test.
  9. by   sjoe
    "The employees working in school offices don't give an inch, do they? 'By the book' to the extreme!"

    But that is what bureaucrats do for a living! You wouldn't want them to have much decision-making authority would you? Then only their friends would get what they needed. These are NOT rocket scientists, people. They are not paid, or trained, to make decisions, but only to follow "the book."
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  10. by   Just Angi
    IMHO, school's do things like this to get more money for the school. I think some of the classes we have to take are absolutely crazy. I finished all my pre-req's to enter the program, but the program starts again in the summer. The school suggested that I take a full load of unneeded classes to be there full time for the fall. NO THANKS!!! I'm taking the sem. OFF!!
  11. by   peaceful2100
    ANNE, that is truly ridiculous. Anyway, you will do fine. You are able to do the drug calculations you will do fine on the Math.
  12. by   nurseleigh
    In my short career as a "nursing student" I have learned a very important lesson. Never trust the "counselors." One gives you a list of classes that you need to take and enrolls you in them and then when you start the classes another, or sometimes the same one, asks why you are taking these unnecessary classes.

    I sure wish these people could learn their jobs.

  13. by   Gromit
    y'all are taking this far too seriously! You really have to remember that first of all, you are dealing with (school admissions and administration) a set of very narrow-minded and inflexible people. If it doesn't fit their little cubby-hole arrangement, it does not work.

    (btw, who was it that said that drug calculation required more math skills than college algebra? Drug calculation math IS algebra. Did more complex stuff than that in my highschool algebra class (level 2) back in '85.)

    The difference being that, as was stated by that person (or others) that an error in math class may cost you some points, but an error in medication calcs may cost you a patient (and your licensure, job, etc etc). Math is math, but consequences are not the same

    But in any case, I agree that its frustrating to 're-invent the wheel' just to further your education.
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