Do You Wear a Vest? Student Uniforms.

  1. Hello all!

    I am a nursing student at a community college in Florida. We currently wear white scrubs, covered with a white button up vest. Students at the school are hoping for a change of uniform in the upcoming semesters.

    Looking for input:

    Name, location of your school
    Uniform color/ style
    Do you wear vests

    Thanks for your help everyone!!!
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  3. by   Aneroo
    We wear white uniforms, with a while pinafore (similar to a vest), that has royal blue stripes on the sides. Guys have white uniforms, but the end of their sleeves are royal blue (school colors).
    We've hated them, but it's become part of who we are. We have very traditional instructors, who like them. We're very recognized in the health care setting as Insert School Name Here Student Nurses, and we like that. There is a university in town, and sometime's it is hard to tell the difference between them and staff.
  4. by   mom2michael
    We have royal blue scrubs and we have a white jacket (lab coat) with the school "patch" on the side. White shoes. No vests.

    They go w/royal blue because we do a huge amount of clinicals at this one particular hospital that color cord. each dept. Royal blue is the "student" color and thus not used anywhere else in the hospital.
  5. by   ganursechick
    we wore the white scrubs with stripes around the bottom of the sleeve and the school patch on the arm, white lab coat with the patch and on the days that we were in class, not clinicals, we had to wear emerald green scrubs.
  6. by   NurseyBaby'05
    My soon to be former nursing school uniform (One more clinical to go! Yay!:hatparty: Sorry, I have a bad case of senioritis. ) is white uniform pants (any brand/type as long as they're not see through), royal blue polo shirt with the College name and the word nursing embrodered in the left lapel area in white and white cardigan style lab jacket with the school patch on the shoulder of the sleeve. Also a name pin and white shoes and socks. We joke that we look like smurfs and just need the white hat. I actually think the vest would come in handy as my last few clinical sites have been really warm. I miss the pockets when I take my coat off, so I wind up sweltering.
  7. by   manna
    Some in our class have talked about a uniform change as well, but we haven't formally tried to implement one - since we're not sure the majority of the class would vote for new ones (due to the cost of having to buy them all over again, with only one year left to go).

    We don't have the apron.. thank goodness! It's solid white, pants are tapered with a seam sewn into the front - so ugly! Of course, white leather shoes. Top is white, zips about 3/4 of the way down (not sure why it doesn't go all the way), has pleating above the breast, and the shoulders/sleeves kind of poof out. On our left shoulder we have a blue school patch (also on our lab coats). They're very uncomfortable, and not too good-looking, either!

    I just live for the days when we go to OR or L&D so we can wear the comfy green hospital scrubs! :chuckle
  8. by   goodknight
    White scrubs, white shoes, everything white. No vest, though.
  9. by   megamoo1979
    hunter green scrub pants, white polo shirt, white vest over polo shirt. You can also get a white jacket to wear over the polo shirt if you want....but the vest or jacket has to be ordered from a certain company so they all match.

  10. by   WSU_Ally_RN
    We wear a uniform similar to megamoo's.... Hunter green scrub pants, white polo shirt with our school name/insginia embroidered on the left side, and a name tag. We also have lab coats to wear, but most of the time they just get in the way at the hospital, so most all of us wear long sleeved white shirts under the polos. We have to wear white leather shoes, and white socks, although most clinical instructors aren't too strict about this. We have to order our pants and tops from school, so they are all the same, but again, most clinical instructors don't care if you have other scrub pants, as long as they are green.
  11. by   kirbi
    Community College in Northern Calif. here. We wear white pants, white polo shirt, Navy Blue Vest. Sure it's ugly, but we don't have to wear it everyday so it's not so bad.

  12. by   S.N. Visit
    We wear a royal blue "smock" with the school name/logo stitched in white (above the heart) oppossed to a vest. We also have a white polo shirt, white professional nursing pant, and all white shoes.

    I thought I would look like a cafeteria worker or school lunch lady, but after I tried the uniform on I was very surprised at how professional the uniform looked on . Even my kids were impressed that I looked like a "nurse".
  13. by   jenrninmi
    Name, location of your school Grand Valley State University's Kirkhof College of Nursing Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Uniform color/ style -Ours is a Navy blue and a white polo shirt (depends on where you are) and navy blue Dockers and sometimes (again, depends on where we are) a white lab coat with our school's patch.
    Do you wear vests - Thankfully, No
  14. by   z's playa
    Wow...I feel left out. We have no uniforms.....except for the dress policy at our clinicals. scrubs that are not too crazy is sufficient. Maybe its becasue I go to a University instead of a nursing school. I would love to wear a uniform. Tres cool!