Dating during Nursing school

  1. Is it better not to date during nursing school?
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  3. by   Simplistic
    Nursing school is stressful and very time consuming, but its up to you to successfully manage yourself and your time. So if you find the time and energy to date, then go for it!
  4. by   verene
    Depends on you. In my program people have dated, gotten engaged, gotten married, broken up, maintained relationships, and remained single. I think it all depends on your priorities and time management. Just because you are in nursing school doesn't mean the rest of life stops.
  5. by   Double-Helix
    Live your life. Nursing school is school. Do what you need to do, and dedicate the time to need to be successful. But nursing school is not so difficult that you need to have no social life. People have babies raise families while in medical school, residencies and fellowships, or other strenuous programs or time consuming jobs. You can go on dates in nursing school.
  6. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    I can't imagine dating is more difficult than being married with kids during nursing school, and lots of people do that.
  7. by   emmjayy
    Nursing school is not some awful experience that consumes your life and leaves no time for relationships. I've been able to maintain my relationship through long distance and a deployment for the boy while I was preparing for and starting nursing school. I'm also a parent. Sure, some days my kid has to make her own dinner and entertain herself because the paperwork gets a little dreadful, and some weekends my boyfriend has to be content with hanging out with my daughter rather than all three of us together because I'm studying, but it's whatever - just a temporary part of my life, you know? If dating and having a love life is a priority for you, you'll find a way to do it in nursing school.
  8. by   Wiggly Litchi
    It's possible to date, and it's also very possible to raise a family and maintain other relationships.

    Time management is key - it's healthy to have a good work/life balance and without it you're likely to become pretty darn grumpy; that being said, you've also gotta know when to put social outings on the back burner if you've got an especially pressing week. It's up to you how you balance your priorities~
  9. by   AnnPerkins
    I'm dating my husband of 13 years during school. Does that count?

    Actually, it's less "dating" and more "frantically trying to juggle four kids, his job, my school, and not kill each other in the process." We're romantics.
  10. by   Wuzzie
    Just don't date one of your instructors.
  11. by   Ramcharger310
    Quote from Wuzzie
    Just don't date one of your instructors.
    Or another nursing student. You don't need that drama.
  12. by   Zyprexa
    Quote from Wuzzie
    Just don't date one of your instructors.
    Or a patient.
  13. by   spdaydream
    I vowed not to date during nursing school. Turns out, I met the love of my life. He was a fellow student and we just celebrated our third year of marriage, and have a baby on the way
  14. by   amber14
    There's no rule stating that you shouldn't date while in nursing school. Dating might take time away from studying, but you shouldn't be closed minded on the matter. I live with my boyfriend and I'm starting the nursing program in February.