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  1. Looking for any CNA lvn or RN programs on that schedule. Thank you
  2. Golden West College ADN Fall 2021

    I am interested in applying for fall 2022 I just need the TEAS test
  3. Lvn-RN 3 days a week?

    Hi I am looking for a lvn-RN program 3 days a week in California?
  4. flexible nursing programs

    Doesn’t the ABSN program have a heavier course load than traditional?
  5. flexible nursing programs

    My job is on call sometimes I work sometimes and sometimes I do not work at all. Is there a nursing program that fits my needs?
  6. Any nursing programs that meet 3 days a week?

    Yes any CNA, lvn, RN programs in California.
  7. LPN school 3 days per week?

    what is the name of the school that offers 3 days a week?
  8. I work 4 days a week and cannot afford to take less hours or not work at all.
  9. for absn/elm students what were your prior degrees in
  10. Journalism Degree to Nursing

    I'm in the same boat as you are. I have a degree in business and unable to find a job that fits my degree. I would not go to the absn route because the courseload is heavy and costs alot of money.
  11. 63K ABSN - Yes or No?

    If you don’t mind asking why did you study hotel mgmt if there is no financial stability? I have a ba In hr mgmt and that was a terrible mistake. There fore we ba holders either have to start from scratch from the ADN/tbsn or take 15 units or more pe...
  12. ADN program

    Are there people with BAs who get rejected from the adn program?
  13. west coast university

    For those west coast grads who got rn jobs, how did you obtain them from
  14. Does anyone know the name of the Nursing school that is run by LA county?
  15. grading scale 80 percent is a C?

    Are there any schools out there that can inflate a grading scale like that? Do they have the right to do so?