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  1. Ramcharger310

    Best Drug Guide App for nursing school?

    Thank you for that information. Luckily our clinical instructors do allow mobile devices.
  2. Ramcharger310


    I would say get your EMT if you are going to pay out of pocket. You can pick up CNA after the first semester of nursing fundamentals. In the EMT program, you go over more of pathophysiology, head-to-toe assessments and how to administer meds (medication rights). Heck, you even go over some OB and pediatric stuff.
  3. Any recommendations for a solid drug guide app for nursing school. The Davis drug guide looks nice and was wondering if there is anything better?
  4. Ramcharger310

    Does anyone use "SN" in email signatures while a student?

    Only when contacting my professors, nothing for outside of school.
  5. Ramcharger310

    Applying to take the CNA test with record in CA

    That's beyond my knowledge, I am still in my first semester RN program. The cna approval should take around 30 days. You may still want get a cna cert while waiting for the lvn board to respond.
  6. Ramcharger310

    Applying to take the CNA test with record in CA

    RN and LVN's are under different Boards. It never hurts to ask. Board of Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians Have you talked to your RN advisor at school on what your options are? I am sure they could offer some guidance. Some RN schools offer an LVN option after 3rd semester.
  7. Ramcharger310

    Applying to take the CNA test with record in CA

    You inform them on the CNA application. It states to list any convictions even if the court granted a dismissal pursuant to PC 1203.4. This means an expungement. If you get an expungement and apply for any sort of gov't issued certification/licensure, it must be disclosed. If you did not do this when applying to sit for the NCLEX, I would bet this is why they said no. So yes, list the conviction. CDPH will look at your Livescan and see the expungement. As for section 3 part 2, that refers to if you had a license or certification and some sort of negative action was brought against it. You never tested or was issued a thing. Updated application link https://www.cdph.ca.gov/CDPH%20Document%20Library/ControlledForms/cdph283b.pdf Also, have you looked into testing for the LVN exam?
  8. Ramcharger310

    Applying to take the CNA test with record in CA

    So you already finished RN school? Great. This link has everything https://archive.cdph.ca.gov/certlic/occupations/Documents/Equivalency%20Process%20062215.pdf But I will type it out. Step 1: Obtain official sealed transcripts or a official sealed letter on school letterhead showing completion of "The Fundamentals of Nursing." Word for word the CDPH states: "If you were or are presently enrolled in the Registered Nurse (RN), Vocational Nurse (VN) or Psychiatric Technician (PT) program, you must submit an official, sealed transcript of training (students may substitute the official transcript with a sealed school letter on official school letterhead listing equivalent training in the Fundamentals of Nursing course. The letter must include the completion date(s), units/hours received, and grade obtained in the course). Copies of foreign transcripts are accepted' Step 2: Fill out an "Equivalency Application Package."(CDPH 283B): Here is a link to the Initial Application (CDPH 283B): http://www.cdph.ca.gov/pubsforms/forms/CtrldForms/cdph283b.pdf Step 3: It really is completed in step 1 but is so important, I want to list it separately. Fill out and complete a "Request for Live Scan Service"(BCIA 8016) Here is a link to the Request for Live Scan Service (BCIA 8016): http://ag.ca.gov/fingerprints/forms/BCIA_8016.pdf Here is a link to the Request for Live Scan Service Sample (BCIA 8016 Sample): http://www.cdph.ca.gov/pubsforms/forms/CtrldForms/bcia8016sample.pdf Step 4: Contact the CDPH via email and let them know you completed and sent your forms in already, including a request for live scan, and that you want a letter stating you are "granted criminal record clearance" from the Criminal Background Section of the CDPH. They will send you a hard copy letter in the regular mail that you can take with you when you test to show you are good to go. Here is their contact information: Mailing Address: California Department of Public Health Aide and Technician Certification Section MS 3301 P.O. BOX 997416 Sacramento, CA 95899-7416 Telephone Number: (916) 327-2445 Fax Number: (916) 552-8785 Website: CDPH Home Email: cna@cdph.ca.gov Any questions? To the rest of the internet reading this, this is for CA ONLY. RN's/LVN's are under the CA. BON. CNA's are under the CA. Dept. Of Public Health.
  9. If she is having trouble getting hired on at your local hospital, have her volunteer to get her foot in the door. Once a volunteer, she is considered a type of employee by the hospital and given priority hiring over outside candidates. That's what she said.
  10. If your are in an RN program, you should have looked into CNA equivalency requirements (i.e. completion of Fundamentals of Nursing) and perhaps saved some dough.
  11. Ramcharger310

    Should I start studying???

    Read now. Lecture time is for clarification of topics you didn't understand. Also focus on the powerpoints.
  12. Ramcharger310

    Dating during Nursing school

    Or another nursing student. You don't need that drama.
  13. Ramcharger310

    Male CNA while finishing prerequisites for nursing

    Having CNA experience while applying to Nursing schools is golden. 1. You have real world knowledge of Nursing. 2. If you have been a CNA for a least a year, you got the tough skin required of being a good Nurse. 3. Some schools require being a CNA for a year to even apply to nursing school. The rest give you an extra point on the application process. My background. CNA since 2013 and 1st year RN student.
  14. Ramcharger310

    Ten week summer courses

    Depends...what are the classes? Also, do you work, do you have kids?
  15. Ramcharger310


    Here is where I would start: 1. Expungement. 2. Check out barring criminal convictions from both of the school's nursing program. Most schools have a list of convictions were they won't accept you. 3. Do look into becoming a CNA to be more competitive in the application process. However, first contact the CDPH who oversees CNA certs and see if that conviction will prevent you from obtaining a CNA cert.
  16. Ramcharger310

    HESI A2 entrance exam!!

    HESI ASSESSMENT EXAM REVIEW, 4TH EDITION (HAER) And pay for the full version of the app. It should be $14.99. Well worth it.