Clinical uniform for school

  1. I thought it would be nice to hear what everyones clinical uniform looks like:chuckle

    My school wears a bright green snap down top,with white pants and a yucky patch. we have to buy the top and patch from the school.

    We also have to wear a huge photo ID badge

    They see us coming! Thought I would add some humor to school
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  3. by   Carleigh
    First of all, good luck in school this year! Our uniforms are pretty decent as far as nursing school uniforms go. We have a V-neck white button up top and navy blue pants. Our school patch only has to be on our white lab coat. Shoes can be athletic shoes as long as there is no colored logo or design on them. I have Avias. We have an ID photo badge too but it is the same as the hospital employees. I'm in a diploma/ADN program(a student can earn his/her associate degree or choose to only get the diploma.) Our dress code while in class though is very strict-no denim, no capris, no sandals, no sleeveless tops, etc.-so we wear scrubs to class.
  4. by   ntigrad
    We have to wear white scrubs, either shirt and pants or a dress, with a Navy Blue smock that has like carpenter pockets in front and snaps onthe side and our school patch is right in the middle of our chest. Then, before our senoir semester started, we were capped at the last graduation by the graduates. So now we wear a white cap that also has our school patch on it. Everyone hates them because they wing our and look stupid, but I kept mine in a ziplock bag all summer so the wings are slightly bent inward and it doesn't look like the others. White shoes also, but no clogs.
  5. by   RNConnieF
    Jill,CAPS!!?? I thought they went out years ago. I had to buy one for graduation from LPN school 7 years ago and it has only been out of the box twice, once for graduation and once when my daughter's friend was a nurse for Halloween. I can't believe your school still makes you wear a cap. When I graduated from RN/ADN in May I didn't even get a cap. You have my deepest sympathy.
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i kind of like our uniforms. they are white with our school colors trimmed on the front on either side and the school's patch on the left sleeve. we will also wear our name pin.
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  7. by   kimmicoobug
    Mine are...OK. Us students wear smurfy blue matching scrubs. The top being a snap up with the school initials embroidered on them. We are encouraged to wear a T-shirt underneath in case we get snagged something pops out. Shoes have to be mostly white. I like to wear very colorful, screaming socks just so I don't feel like I look like everyone else. Hair is up. Used to be, it had to be in a bun, but they have relaxed that to a ponytail. No necklaces, but small earings are allowed
  8. by   Forevermomof5
    I can't believe that you guys get to wear color! No fair!!!

    We have to wear ALL white and the top has to be button up so we look more professional...okay whatever. Well we also have to wear hose, not socks, hose. I think we had this discussion before and I'm dying here.
    Las Vegas is like a furnace and they want us to wear hose. It'll probably melt to my legs!!!
  9. by   delirium
    We wear white scrubs, white shoes, and this godawful blue vest with our school patch on the left side.

    We also have school name tags and we get photo IDs done at every facility.
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by lpn,future, rn
    i kind of like out uniforms. they are white with our school colors trimmed on the front on either side and the school's patch on the left sleeve. we will also wear our name pin.
    that should be for the top and the dress which is white and the pants are white too.
  11. by   JailRN
    Poor dear hubby, a 2nd semester SN is all in white with a patch and name tag. His biggest complaint is that he has to wear underware.
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by jailrn
    poor dear hubby, a 2nd semester sn is all in white with a patch and name tag. his biggest complaint is that he has to wear underware.
    does your husband come to the board?
  13. by   JailRN
    LPN not yet. He's swamped with school. (one of those type A people who's just not happy with anything less than 4.0)

    Hopefully, someday.............He's Biker Santa when he does.
  14. by   hcnursesoon
    We have the most awful gray smocks!! I hate them, They go over our all white uniforms and are trimmed with our school colors. We wear our school badge on the sleeve and all white leather shoes. The smocks are terrible...