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We had to wear all white all the time. Tops, bottoms, shoes, socks, and yes underwear all white. I must say that the male uniforms looked better than the female.



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You guys have all the luck!

In my school we have to wear the old nurse uniforms (Dresses or pants) with hoses and cap to clinicals. It reminds me of the nusre that I saw in that 1970's Halloween movie.


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"do you have to wear your uniforms to class? or just clinicals? "

no, we only wear our uniforms to clinicals.


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We have a light blue w/small white pinstripes. Both top and pant are the same. You can purchase a dress too but I didn't. Dresses are not for me. I don't think we even get a cap which is a little disapointing. Heck we even have to pay for our graduation.150 bucks!


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I had to wear all white the first 3 semesters of nursing school. Button-down tops or scrub tops in white and white pants. Or dresses. White shoes, tennis shoes, clogs, whatever...with white socks or hose.

The last 3 semesters we could wear scrubs of any color or print. It was actually encouraged for our peds rotation. Colored shoes if we wanted. Didn't have school patches, just name badge. Professional street clothes for non-hospital clinicals. Sounds like we had it easy...


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I just ordered and tried on my school uniforms TODAY!!! The best part is that they are really cute. We are wearing a carribean blue scrub top with some light khaki flared scrub pants. They will be delivered Aug 22nd and I can't wait.


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Our uniforms are not too bad. We have to wear a royal blue scrub top w/ the school patch on the left sleeve, white pants and all white leather nursing shoes. We also have a white lab coat with a patch on the sleeve that we have to wear when we go pick up our patient assignments at the hospital. We also have a name pin that must be worn at all times with NURSING STUDENT in BIG letters. :)


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We wear navy blue top, navy blue pants, white socks white shoes (no clogs), hair up off shoulders.. after hearing about all the white I guess im glad for blue now:lol2:


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I am glad that we have royal blue top and bottoms with white shoes no clogs.


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Whats with all the patches?? What are they for?? Mine are embroidered..?


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Mine are school colors~ black scrubs with gold patch. We have to have a white lab coat and white, all leather shoes. They can be either athletic type shoes or the nursing type shoes. I feel really lucky not having to wear white. I see all the horror stories from previous posters!!!

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White scrubs , Top has the school logo and our name and student nurse embroidered on them . We also have a white lab coat also embroider with our name and school logo. white socks, shoes and underwear.

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