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Hey yall! Just wondering if there are any of us out there still working on pre-reqs - hopeful nursing graduates of 2006? Roll call! :) I'm the 26yo mama of two boys (5yrs and 18mos). I... Read More

  1. by   landonsles
    Another May 2006-er here!! Finishing up my second semester--only five more weeks of clinicals and six weeks of classess left!!! I've got Spring fever bad, and can't wait for not have to study, read, or take tests for three months sounds heavenly!!
  2. by   Brad_RN_Student_PA
    Hi, I'm also considering CRNA once everything is said and done. I am working on my ASN currently, but went to another college first (no degree but lots of Gen-Eds), so after achieving RN status with my ASN, I will hopefully be able to get my BSN within a year after that, while working full time. Another alternative is that PITT offers ASN-to-MSN (masters in "you pick your speciality"), which actually promotes faster completion of the program by avoiding crossover classes. (and saves money too!) So I am considering that also. Just wondering if I am "smart" enough for CRNA school. Don't want to dish out the benjamins and end up dropping or failing out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not stupid, and my motivation and focus are getting better with age, but you's without doubt a tough program. Just wondering if anyone knows what I could do in the mean time to give myself some sort of head start or edge, because I have it set in my mind to go into some field of advanced practice nursing. Thanks to everyone, and good luck! :hatparty:
  3. by   crb613
    Quote from manna

    So where are all my fellow "class of 2006" folks now and how's school been going for you?

    This is my 3rd semester, we're doing maternal-child and med surg II. I also just found out this week that I am going to be doing a critical care externship this summer. Can't wait!
    May 2006 for me too!! Can't wait. I have app. 7wks left in this semester, we are doing OB now. We get our summer break from around May 15th-mid August then only about 9 months to go!! :hatparty: of course there are holidays/breaks in between. I break it down so it looks shorter!!! Good Luck to all we are almost there.
  4. by   enfermeraSG
    We're still here! Can't wait for summer though. Wonder how I'll survive one more year, but if I got through this one - anything is possible. I currently have the most evil and intense med-surg instructor on the planet, I'm sure of it! We have pop quizzes all the time (mostly med/math) The benefit of all this torture is that I will learn like I've never learned before - I'm terrified of what she'll do to me if I don't! SG

    THIS TIME NEXT YEAR...........RN'S! almost
  5. by   LeesieBug
    Ahhh, yes...We are definitely getting there!

    I have a countdown going, as well! 13 and 1/2 months!

    Have fun everyone! It will go so fast our heads will be spinning!

    P.S. I am finally getting a bit excited about job prospects! The hospital I am hoping to work at announced to us that they are going to be opening a 96-bed critical care unit, and will be doing a huge hiring (in all areas of the hospital as some nurses will be transferring to it) THIS TIME NEXT YEAR! Perfect, I tell ya.
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