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One of my instructors usually doesn't curve grades, but if the class doesn't do very well, she'll throw a few extra points in. The problem is when enough students, like myself, do well enough that... Read More

  1. by   NurseWeasel
    *stands up* "Hello, my name is NurseWeasel and I am a curveblower". :chuckle

    Yes, I am frequently despised. I am blessed with the gift of intelligence. Sorry, but it's really not my fault that I get better grades than the rest of you, and I refuse to knock my GPA in the dirt "for the team" (fellow classmates).

    Whining is exactly why I will never be an instructor. I'd get fired for telling the whiners to buck up & deal with it or get out of my class.
  2. by   kids
    I have always been extremely greatful that the CC I attended had (and still has) a NO CURVE grading policy.
    The letter grade directly related to the score with no + or - letter grades:
    A= 90-100
    B= 80-89
    C= 70-79
    D= 60-69
    F= 59 & below
  3. by   fergus51
    I don't like grading on the curve either. I think it's stupid. People should get the grade they earned period.
  4. by   jenrninmi
    Quote from kids-r-fun
    I have always been extremely greatful that the CC I attended had (and still has) a NO CURVE grading policy.
    The letter grade directly related to the score with no + or - letter grades:
    A= 90-100
    B= 80-89
    C= 70-79
    D= 60-69
    F= 59 & below
    Mine too. As far as nursing school goes, how is a curved grade going to help you?? Maybe in the prereques if you need it to get in the program, but why have them in the nursing classes??
  5. by   Achoo!
    Boy I wish I had that grading.
    We have 96-100 A

    C is 76-82, so you need a 76% to pass.
  6. by   Tweety
    We used to have test in A&P three times a week. They came out of his lectures. I would tape the lectures, write them out and memorize them. I usually made 100 on these quizzes, and most often was the only one in the class that did. He curved them up to the highest grade, so often there was no curve for the other folks.

    I didn't know any other way to study and I certainly wasn't going to lower my standards to please those other folks.

    You are there to learn. To become a nurse. You be the best you can be and don't you change.
  7. by   Mithrah
    When taking my prereqs I had some challenging courses that I didn't get top grades in. I loved the curve, but I NEVER resented the people who were smart and got the good grades. I always tried my best and accepted my original score. I kept trying and trying until one time in A&P I tied with 2 others for the highest grade in the class (we got 47/50) and we were bumped up to 100%!

    In my nursing program there are no curves and I don't think there should be. Nursing school should have stricter standards IMHO. If you can't pass a class with the minimum 76%, maybe you should study harder or think of another career.
  8. by   rebel_red
    Quote from NurseWeasel
    *stands up* "Hello, my name is NurseWeasel and I am a curveblower".

    *standing next to NurseWeasel* "My name is Tres and I too am an avowed curveblower."

    Acccckkkkkk One of my major pet peeves. We don't grade on the curve, thank goddess or I probably would have been stoned to death in the parking lot.....Yet we have that contigency of whiners.....At one point it got so horrible that one of our instructors stood up and said "I honestly don't know what to do to help you. Is it the way we are teaching? Do you need more help with study techniques? You know you can always call us. etc etc etc" Well this crap had been going on for months so I just stood up and let it rip...
    My personal manifesto on accepting personal responsibility. What suprised me was the majority of my classmates felt the same way, but didn't feel comfortable expressing those sentiments.

    And as to joey Yes I know there are folks who can study harder than I do and not make the grades I do, and you have my respect, because you do study, you do put forth that honest effort. Those too that work full time, have children, some have parents in the process of dying, one's son is extremely sick....I could go on and on everyone in school, no matter how it appears to us, has their own personal stressors, yet they go on everyday, put forth the effort and I am constantly amazed at their strength and grace. I would do anything to help them. And anyone else who asks me for help. And you can bet your butt when I don't understand something I am definately asking for help until I finally get "it".

    It's just the slackers that piss me off. :angryfire

    ummmm I'll go store my soap box away now..... :uhoh21:

    Everyone hang on! We will all be done soon! (Then we can nailbite over the NCLEX)

    Ahhhhh just four spring break days left...
    Be Well,
  9. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Ew, you said the N word :P lol
  10. by   joey442000
    yeah well i used to make all A's until i hit med-surg now just a B will sufice heck i will even take a C in med-surg just as long as it gets over with. And who ever has a 10 point grading scale has it made. I hear all of you people with the 76 or you get the boot rule
  11. by   dansamy
    It's just the slackers that piss me off.
    Ya'll can hate me after I confess: I'm a curve-blowing slacker. Yup. I'm the girl sitting in the back row who barely listens to lecture & doesn't take notes, but always pulls a high A on the exam. No, I'm not cheating. I read my textbooks for fun. As soon as I register for a class, I buy the book. Usually by the time the semester has started, I've already read the entire text once. Academia is easy for me. It's application of the knowledge that gets me. While ya'll will all breeze through clinicals, I'll fumble & stutter & fidget until I finally get it.
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  12. by   orrnlori
    Yes, there's book smarts and life smarts. The lucky among us have a little of both. I went to nursing school with two girls who seemed to breeze through the book stuff, no problem, blew the curves all the time, they were the eye-rollers in the class. But when we hit the floor, they hit a wall. It was weird but interesting to watch. The slackers won't make it, some of the whiners will inspite of themselves. And 10 years from now, none of this will matter to any of you, that's what's neat about finally getting out and into the real world. Good luck to everyone. I'm studying on line and don't miss the classroom at all. It's nice and quiet here.
  13. by   Mandylpn
    How about the student who is flunking med/surg and after the final goes into the instructor's office demanding to see their prior tests, only to find two extra points that the teacher missed, and still needing one point to pass (to go on to clinicals) and the teacher gave the student the point. not fair. :angryfire