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  1. Hi everyone! I am getting ready to start my first semester of nursing school (Thursday). I have been so excited about school, until a few days ago. I am expecting a new baby Feb 16. I have so many mixed feelings. I have wanted another child for several years (husband included). But this is about the worst time for the blessed event to happen. Has anyone else had a baby while in nursing school? Let me know how you did it. I want to be able to finish school and be a good mother.
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  3. by   GPatty
    Well Ginger~
    In our class, a girl had her baby and was back in less than 2 days, and another was in labor at the evaluations right at Christmas break!
    I think you'll be all right, but you will have to jump right back in as soon as possible....
    Best of all to you and your family!
  4. by   delirium
    I don't really have anything constructive to say except congratulations!

    I would venture to guess you could finish your first semester, take the next semester off, and return the following year. We had a student in our class who had a baby, returned to school the following week. I understand she was really motivated to finish school, but I believe you need some time to recuperate and, more importantly, bond with your baby.

    Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide, and congratulations again.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    congratulations! all the best to you and yours!
  6. by   larae09
    Hi! I am in the same boat as you. I am starting my 1st year of nursing tomorrow and I am also pregnant due 12/26. Luckily I am due during Christmas break so hopefully the baby will wait until then but If the baby comes early I plan on having the baby and then going back to school ASAP. I will attend classes from 8-10 then go to the daycare and spend some time with the baby, nurse it, etc then go study then come back to daycare around 12:30 or so and nurse it again before my afternoon classes. Hopefully that will work, if not I will nurse it once during my break and pump once. then at home I plan on studying when I can and taking plenty of breaks to spend time with the kids (this is my 3rd child). Luckily I don't have anymore night classes this semester. Good Luck with your new baby and if you want to talk you can email me

  7. by   RNIAM
    Congrats to you. It will depend on how much time you will need off as to whether your going to need to wait a year or not. If you can be up on your feet in a couple of days and have no problem leaving the baby, then I can't see anything stopping you from finishing. If you want time with the baby then as MSPURP says take the semester off and complete it next year. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  8. by   Reabock
    Ginger, I did it, 22 years ago! was pregnant when I started (That weekend:imbar )and of course did not know it. Had been trying for over 2 years and gave up. It was a great pregnancy, had to figure out how to make a maternity top out of uniform because it had'nt happened very often before. she was due week of finals, but was born 2 weeks later so timing was great! Labor was not all it was cracked up to be and had a section after 2 days, had blood, Yeah it was great, not!
    Nursed her all summer and tried to continue when starting back to school in fall, but quit after a couple of weeks. Would be away 12-15 hours and find that my mother had just fed her!
    She was 11 months old at my Pinning ceremony, walking, healthy, happy. It can be done, with a lot of support from family and friends. An option might be to just take electives next semester, no nusing courses so that you have a little more energy and time to spend with new baby. Joanne GOOD LUCK!
  9. by   fnimat1
    Hi Ginger,
    Congratulations!!!! You and I are in the same position. I am expecting my 4th child on Jan. 9. Although I was accepted into the Fall 2002 program at my college, I had to forfeit my spot. A couple of weeks ago I had complications with my pregnancy. I was bleeding and passed a huge blood clot. I was relieved to find out that the baby was okay and that what happened to me is very common for pregnant women. This was a shocker to me as this didn't happen with my first 3 pregnancies. Since then the bleeding stopped and turned into spotting, which is an on and off thing. So as much as it hurt me, I forfeited my spot. But that's okay, I'll just apply again in Dec. If I wouldn't have had any complications I would be getting ready to attend the Fall semester too. Just be careful and don't overdue it....and you'll be just fine.

  10. by   live4today
    WOW!!! This Winter Season is going to be booming with new babies!!! How exciting for you all! Congrats to those of you who are expecting happy little bundles in the near future. :kiss

    I've known ladies who have made it through the nursing program while pregnant, delivering and returning very soon after they've given birth to their babies. You can do whatever you set your mind and heart on doing. I personally wouldn't do least I don't think I would have...but only you know what you can or cannot handle. If it works for you......go for it......if it doesn't.....resort to "Plan B". :kiss
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  11. by   Mkue
    congradulations !!!

    this baby will make your graduation even more special !!! you did it together.
  12. by   researchrabbit
    I didn't but two of my classmates did. One dropped out; she had complications. My other classmate stayed in, though, and even managed to breastfeed her baby for the first year (she bought a pump and that's what she did at every break we had). Yes, she was tired. But she has no regrets.

    If you choose to stay in, take it as easy as you can and learn to accept the help of others gracefully!
  13. by   Sarahstudent
    All I can say is pump, pump, pump!!!! As a nurse you know the importance, even if you're only supplimenting formula. Plus when you do get home and nurse your baby what a great bonding time, being away all day then cuddling with your baby. I loved nursing my babies!
  14. by   Beach_RN
    Congratulations! Children are a blessing from God... and he certainely would not give you anything...that he knew you would not be able to handle!

    So on that note! YOU Go Girl! You can do it!