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what can you say to those grade conscious students - those student doesn't want to have even low grades? :idea: well, i just ask because I am a very grade conscious student. I study hard and... Read More

  1. by   FutureNurse2005
    I am absolutely aware of my grades! I have to be! If I dont do well in my pre-reqs, I wont get in to Nursing school! The competition to get into any Nursing program is so fierce, that anyone with grades lower than 80% are cut off right away!
    I think I may be setting my standards a little high (I want nothing less than a 90%) but this is my future. I also know that to go on for my Masters, I need incredible grades.

    Each school is different...if you are at all concerned, why not speak with one of your professors? They can certainly give you tips on how to study better or even help you find a tutor.

    Good luck to you!
  2. by   marilynmom
    Originally posted by Mithrah
    Marilynmom, I don't understand how you could bring a 3.3 GPA to a 4.0. That seems mathematically impossible. Could you please explain how you managed that?
    How is it mathmatically impossible?

    Its easy when I first started in college I only carried a 3.3 GPA, then after a few semesters making all A's I brought it up to a 4.0 which I have now.

  3. by   marilynmom
    Originally posted by seewhiterabbit
    Let me just tell you how important grades are, at least here in HOUSTON. I have all of my prereq's done for getting into a BS-RN program at a University here, yet a 3.39 GPA is not GOOD ENOUGH to get in! I have applied twice to the school and got on a waiting list twice. Other schools in Houston that offer a BS-RN will not accept me either. Actually, I have only applied to two schools. Now I know, most people are like, "Well why don't you go to Houston Community College for their RN program?" Well, I don't want to have an associate's degree and become an RN. I want my BACHELORS DEGREE in NURSING.
    Ya here if you don't have at *least* a 3.5 they will not even look at you (the BSN program). So ya grades are *very* important here as well. Its hard to get into the community college programs here as well.

    If you are not getting accepted by the BSN program do they not have a RN-BSN program you can do? Here is my plan: I plan to apply to both the community college and the BSN program (which is hard to get into here as well). If the BSN program doesnt take me then I will take the community college one instead of going and retaking all those classes again or something and wasting time. After I finish my RN at the community college (if I dont get into the BSN program) I will immediatly finish up my BSN (only takes 9 months and is not as competitive since you are already an RN). Do they not have something like that where you live? That way you are not wasting all that time just retaking classes you made a B in?

    I too plan on getting my BSN, I have to with what I want to do (masters program).

  4. by   peaceful2100
    Marilyn it does not make math sense to how you had a 3.3 but then got it up to a 4.0 to some people but I can understand it.

    At most schools it would be impossible to go to a 4.0 after starting out like that no matter what. Some schools are just like that. My school happens to be one of them. That is why to some people it is confusing.
  5. by   marilynmom
    Originally posted by peaceful2100
    Marilyn it does not make math sense to how you had a 3.3 but then got it up to a 4.0 to some people but I can understand it.

    At most schools it would be impossible to go to a 4.0 after starting out like that no matter what. Some schools are just like that. My school happens to be one of them. That is why to some people it is confusing.
    Oh that is weird. Why do they not let you raise your GPA? To me that doesn't make sense. But in order for me to get mine back up there I have had to make *all* A's for the past couple year or so. Do different schools calculate GPA differently? I have no idea. It did take me a long time to get it up from a 3.3 to a 4.0 though and some classes I took over

  6. by   Ortho_RN
    When I was doing pre-reqs I was much more grade conscious than I am now that I am in the program...

    I'm happy with my B's in the program.. Several of my classmates the first semester cried b/c they didn't make A's on all the tests.. They were like.. "I have made A's in all my classes".. Well hate to break it to them but nursing school is much different.. Once you take a few nursing tests they make A&P seem like kindergarten work...
  7. by   Vsummer1
    No one, not one person, makes A's at the school I go to. Many of us have come close, but never an A. Some schools just grade harder than others, and the grade scales are different. So be it, if I pass I am happy!
  8. by   RN2007
    There is a big difference in caring about what grades you make by studying hard and doing what it takes to excel versus someone who is obsessive about their grades. I guess what makes it harder for a lot of us is that we all know based on the school or program that we try to get into, etc., that we must keep a certain GPA or we will not get admitted and/or cannot continue in the program. I know that I certainly am nervous about starting back in college for the 2nd time and this will be a 2nd chance for a new career for myself, and I think since I am older that I will be more focused and will do at least as good as I did when I got my other degrees years ago, if not better. I had a 3.7 years ago when I got my B.S. and had a 3.9 when I got my Masters Degree, although neither degrees were in nursing but the programs were pretty tough. However, back then I did not feel the type pressure that I have in the nursing program, although now to think about it in my other programs I never got a C ever in a course and I know they had rules as well that if you did not make at least a C, you would have to retake the course. Oh well, I guess I was young then and just expected to study, do well and to achieve. I know being 38 now and going back to school, I will have to work on my confidence some because many times I wonder how well I will do with all those years that has passed since the first time I went to school.

    Regardless, when you find yourselves getting too stressed due to whatever reason, back off and do something that relieves your stress like taking a nice long bubblebath with aromatherapy, having a night off with the one you love and doing some fun things, spend some time with some good friends that are positive and who help make you feel good about life, and mainly understand that you have it all under control. and that you are only human. :kiss
  9. by   Gator,SN
    I just wanted to comment on GPA' absolutely can start out with a 3.3 and raise it to a 4.0, if you have the majority of your classes still pending when you start with the 3.3.

    At my university they do not carry over your gpa from another college, when you start here you start with a clean slate. Credits will transfer but are not calculated into your gpa at this school and are not totalled into the overall credits.
    I transfered 10 credits and had a 3.33 at my first college but upon graduation I only had 85 university credits even though I have taken 95 total and my gpa was calculated only from classes taken on my campus.

    Ok, now I'm talking in circles. To all who have a 4.0, pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

  10. by   RNIAM
    Yes, I am very aware of my grades. I am happy as long as I get a B!
  11. by   litebrite
    YES, I must have an A too. I would have to say i am anal about it as well. I want a high GPA and A's. I work hard and learn to earn them. it was great to see the A's on the website where they post our grades!

    With that said I must point out that went I graduated nursing school (getting BSN now), the student with the highest GPA for the class had a 4.0. Now, she was book smart but she could not interact with patients and was horrible on clinical. We were always helping her, she was a nervous wreck!!!! However, our clincial were pass/fail and she passed. Wondering what she is doing now? Well, my point is that you can have all A's in book work but not be a good nurse. It does take more than grades!!!!!
  12. by   straba
    Although I'm not very grade concious, to make yourself competitive for most nursing programs, grades are what count. I'm more interested in genuinely learning and understanding (I like to ask why) the material, than how well I can regurgitate it on an exam. (I know that last part didn't sound good:chuckle ). Grades are not everything!!!!!!! I was able to get accepted to 2 BSN programs with a 3.2 gpa! go figure

    Jah be.