are you a grade conscious conscious student?

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what can you say to those grade conscious students - those student doesn't want to have even low grades? :idea:

well, i just ask because I am a very grade conscious student.

I study hard and sometimes if I had a low grade, I feel very sad and all I can do is to cry. :crying2: my mother and my brother said everytime that im crying because of my low score, they said that just better luck next time.

I passed all of my subjects but I haven't been contented with my grades. my grades is quite high but i didn't satisfied yet. :sniff:

maybe I just want to be as intelligent as my brother did. but its that a problem? :confused:

kindly give a comment about my problem.

thank you.

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I am very anal about my grades... mainly because I know how hard I have to work having to raise children at the same time. I really think that it is a pride thing with me and I have relaxed a little recently but I think that it is okay to keep yourself in check with your grades.... just don't stress out too much over slight differences. Hang in there



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Well, I cannot speak about other fields, but in the nursing programs that I have seen, if you make lower than a C on a course, you fail that course and cannot continue at that school in the nursing program. However, I have been a bit confused reading on the message boards that some students who failed at some point during the program and quit, that they went into a new nursing program at a different school at later time. So, I wonder how all of that works? Also, I do not think that you can repeat failed courses in your nursing program, right? And lower than C in the program is failing, as well as some nursing courses are graded only by a Pass or Fail basis.

However, I have always been pretty grade conscious, but if I made a B here and there, I honestly would NOT get upset about it. But when I am studying, so that I will do good, I study hard as if I am trying to ace it, so grades normally will work in my favor. But if you stress yourself out too much that could have an opposite effect on your grades than what you would like, so just make sure that you do study hard, and lighten up about what your grade ends up being because it is not like you can do anything about it. Try to balance your life by "having a life outside of class and taking care of yourself by, - doing some fun things for yourself and loved ones, get some sleep and exercise for stress relief, and keep your eye on an important goal that you have for yourself, and you should be able to do just fine...


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I am also grade conscious. It seems though that even many of the nursing instructors at our school look down upon students who are not happy with anything but the best grades telling us to not worry about grades. I try not to listen to them - I feel that you never know what you will want to do in the future and some fields require that you have excellent grades. Better to leave the door open than close it prematurely.



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This thread made me a sick twisted way!

I was not only conscious about my grades, I was obsessive! By the end it was awful! I got a 98 on a test and was mad at myself because I wanted 100%! WHY didn't I just get that one more question right?

It hurt all the more when it was something that I knew the answer to.

Now, I realize for me, it was important and serious (and it tended to irritate some of the people in my class) but I was proud of my grades and ten years from now I still will be, although I know that it is a personal thing.

Will my grades determine what kind of nurse I'll be? Nope! I'll do that, but it sure felt good to know that I could do well and did.

I always competed against myself and no one else. I did get better as time went by and that is all that mattered.



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I too have always been crazy about my grades. I have cried and beaten myself up quite a bit about actually getting, god forbid, a "B" in my nursing class last semester. I hope to go on to some form of advanced practice so I know the grades are important. Everyone I was friends with in class was the same way so we could vent to each other.

I also have three kids and I want them to see what you can do when you work hard. By getting good grades with all the responsibilities I have in my life it gives my a good base to have high expectations for my kids. As I tell my daughter (who tends to be lazy about school work), if I can get good grades while working, raising a family and taking more than a full course load there is no excuse why she can't get good grades. As long as you don't make yourself sick over it i don't see the big deal about caring about your grades. JMHO.


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omg I am obsessvie about my grades

I used to not be obsessive but anymore I HAVE to make all A's

Gator, SN I am like that to, if I make a 92% to me that is almost not like even a real A cause its close to a B. How did I get like this? Its kinda funny in a sick way though, I laugh at myself sometimes about it. My husband thinks Im nuts.

But I am proud of myself and I am proud of my grades! I have worked hard to earn the A's I do. I also know it is important to make good grades, especially if you want to do get a masters degree (CRNA, NP, etc). I know to get into the BSN program here you have to have a *minimum* of a 3.5 before they will even look at you.

But if you are truly doing the best you can and only making Bs then dont beat your self up and cry about it!! All you do is do your best Reign! But I do understand where you are coming from.



I am also another extremely ANAL person over grades. I am throughly upset because I had an A in one my courses the past semester and it dropped down to a B at the END because of a group project we had to do. I HATE, HATE, HATE group work at my school because the way they grade group work goes like this. No MATTER how hard you may have busted your rear end off during the project there may always be that one or even two people in the group who are slackers and decide to slack off and if their work is of failing quality it REFLECTS on everyone's grade no matter who done what in the group. It TOTALLY frustrates me that they do things like that. IT is totally unfair to have those who are lazy get the same grade that you would for busting your REAR end off. So I was VERY, VERY upset and I am still am but I am starting to let it go. I got a B+ in another one of my nursing classes. The instructor did not grade one of my assignments and I KNOW I did it. Because of that it costed me. I had ended up with a 3.4 GPA this semester when I should have had a 4.0 for just my last semester. Overall I ended up with a 3.1 which is not too bad. Some people rub there Summa Cum laude and Magna Cum Laude in others faces but I know of some people that truly will not do good because there people skills are horrible. IF you have honors but don't have people skills you are not going to get very far. However, if you have both then that is GREAT and such a MAJOR accomplishment to have both!!! It is good enough to get into graduate schools around here and that was my goal. To make the GPA acceptable for graduate school.

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One thing I hate the most is how easy and fast it is to lower your GPA and how hard and time consuming it is to get it higher!!

I have a really good GPA now (4.0) but it started out as a 3.3 and it took me forever to bring it back up to a 4.0

Yep I'm obsessed with my GPA and grades can't you tell? LOL



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Marilynmom, I don't understand how you could bring a 3.3 GPA to a 4.0. That seems mathematically impossible. Could you please explain how you managed that?


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I am in a CNA class and I was getting 100's on all the test. Then I got a 90 and I had nightmares. I can't imagine what I'll be like when I get into the RN program. I start Chemistry and Math for Health Sciences on June 2. Any advice on how not to get so stressed out about grades. Obviously we all want to do well, and do need to do well but to put all that pressure on ourselves, that is not healthy.


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Me too totally anal about keeping all grades in the 90 percentile. As you have all pointed out grades are relevant, especially when one is looking into transferring to a four year program or doing post graduate work.

We all know folks for whom good grades seem to be effortless. (My two best friends curse their hides have damn near photographic memories and perfect recall sigh....)

Now that being said...

I would like to gently remind everyone that their grades are not indicative of either their intelligence or abilities. Curiousity, assuaging that curiousity and finding a practical application for what you have learned is really what is important and reflects a person's "intelligence". (IMHO)

And my next pay check says you all take the same approach with clinicals as you do with classwork!

So congrats on your grades and all the hardwork and dedication taken to achieve them! Now just try not to beat yourselves up to badly over those "B"'s. And feel free to throw my own words back at me when I moan over a "B".

Smiles and study guides...


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