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Just wondering who's out there siting on pins and needles waiting for something in the mail???? I am still waiting to hear the status of my file. I think I'm losing my mind!:rolleyes: :eek:... Read More

  1. by   Cynthiann
    Originally posted by allthingsbright
    So, waht is the point system-I keep hearing about it?

    My school picks those for the program based on who gets the highest points. Points are based on-
    completed pre-reqs- up to 36 pts,
    healthcare experience- up to 8 pts
    GPA- up to 40 pts
    the scores on the school's entrance exam- up to 60 pts.

    I have 108 points, same as last semester's cut off. I'm wondering if they had a few people with the same amount of points at their cut off, how do they choose who gets in and who doesn't. Hopefully I'll get in.

  2. by   zannie
    Amy, thanks! Ohhh I don't know if you have to retake the net everyime you reapply, I think that was just random rambling that I was doing... hehe.

    What a small world!!! Glad you've been reading! I'm so excited to be back in. Now that it's all said and done with, I'm bummed that I left when I got pregnant!! My son was born in July, I TOTALLY could have done it!!!! ugh. Ah well, not much I can do about that now. hehe.

    Glad to be back!

  3. by   nurse4tomorrow
    I am right there with you all, I am waiting. I am in the summer term now finishing up a couple of class to to have all of my Pre and Co req. done except Micro. I have heard that they had almost tripled number of applicants for the Fall term. I am on pins and needles until the end of May or the First week of June depending on the mail. Anyway good luck to us all.
  4. by   allthingsbright
    Well, talked to the nursing dept yesterday and they havent reviewed my file yet-so looks like I am in for a wait. She did say there was still lots of room in the fall class, and I still need to finish my pre req of Biology in the next few weeks-so who knows. Either way I have a plan-but I would soooooo love to get into the fall class!

  5. by   Loubell RN 2B
    We will be waiting here until about the last week in May or the first week in June. It's a killer waiting and not knowing for sure. My calendar is marked and I will be stalking the mailbox the whole time..

  6. by   cna on her way
    Our point system is a little different. You get points based on the general ed courses that you have already completed and the grades that you received. For instance a C is 2 points, a B is 3, and an A is 4. Multiply that by credit hour. If Eng is 3 credit hours and you have a B you will receive 9 points. The only other points awarded are 1 for CNA2, 1 for diploma (not healthcare related, 2 for diploma that is in the healthcare field (LPN, Surg tech), 4 for a BSN or associates in non healthcare field and then 6 for Associates or BSN in healthcare. So the most points awarded is somewhere in the neighborhood of 118. The highest last year was like 89 and the lowest was 56. I have 56. So its a wait and see thing. Good Luck! I have to wait till June for my first choice, the second is July.
  7. by   MJ-12
    I'm still waiting too and i got no idea if New York has this point system?? anyone know if they do?
  8. by   camkib

    I think it depends on your school.
  9. by   salgal
    also waiting too and it is driving me nuts!! I am right at the cut off point also. I was told anything over 50 points and you are in......well I am right at 50 pts out of 73 possible.....that doesn't make me very comfortable! It could be worse I geuss. I won't know till the first week of june.
  10. by   Hooligan
    Did I mention I HATE WAITING!?!?! notice should be coming any day/week now...
  11. by   AlishaNHayzley
    I'm waiting to. I'm pretty confidente, but every day that passes I think about it twice as much as the day before. They said we'll get ours the end of may. I wish I could get and exact date and time though! Oh well I'll use this time to pray...
  12. by   Ortho_RN
    Alisha.. Where in Arkansas are ya??
  13. by   fnimat1
    I take my NET on Saturday...then I won't find out until around June 15th.....I thought my school was the only school that was