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  1. I thought I would give you guys the update. I got my letter today and I'm on the alternate list... #8 of 15. So there is still a chance of getting in. I better get my immunizations together just in case. Are there many people here who go into the program off the alternate list?
  2. You know I was really thinking about that today. Why do they do it so close to the beginning of the semester? It's to much to do in 1.5 months and during Christmas break. Well, that is if I do get in. Every semester it's much more difficult to get in the program. That CPR class I'm taking is at my CC. I just checked the description in the school catalog and it says it's for healthcare providers. As far as vaccinations, here's what they list that we must have proof of before enrolling in nursing classes: 1. Rubeola titer or proof of two MMR immunizations received after the age of one year. 2. Rubella titer or proof of two MMR immunizations received after the age of one year. 3. Varicella Titer (two vaccinations at least one month apart) 4. PPD within the last year 5. Hepatitis B titer I don't know if there could be more but that's what they list on the advisement paper.
  3. That's what I'm worried about, if I do get in I have so much to get done. On my advisement paper for the nursing program it says we must provide proof of our immunizations before enrolling in classes. It says that there may be a background check and we also have to be CPR certified. I'm taking a CPR class this weekend. I better start finding my vaccination records and figure out what else I need to get now so if I do get in I won't be waiting to enroll. This is an ADN program. I've heard that clinicals start the 2nd 8-weeks for the semester, so we don't start right away. I don't expect the letter to come until after Thanksgiving, so these next 1-2 weeks are going to be hard to wait.
  4. I'm still hear waiting to find out. It won't be at least the end of the month until I'll get my letter. I'm not sure at all if I'll get in or not. I wish I can know sooner so I can start preparing. Anyone else waiting?
  5. Cynthiann

    Medical school/Nursing school

    Marilyn, We've briefly talked about this before so you know my opinion. I feel the same way as you, I like the science aspect of medical school but it would require so much sacrifice. With having small kids, that's a huge sacrifice that I'm not willing to give that's why I'd rather go the advance nursing route (i.e. CRNA). If it's strongly on your mind, I'd say still go for nursing. With a BSN and a few other pre-med pre-req classes you can still apply to med school. Either way you go you still have nursing to fall on.
  6. Cynthiann

    Anyone else waiting to see if they got in?

    I'm still waiting to hear if I got in, too. I won't find out for another month. What sucks is enrollment begins next week and I'm scared if I don't get in all the classes I want to take won't have any spots left.
  7. Cynthiann

    Is nursing school making me sick?

    It sound like a combination of your exposure to more germs and your own health. If you are stressed out, not sleeping enough, not eating right and not exercising, they all can lower your immune system. Make sure you are taking care of your self by giving your body what it needs to fight off those germs. Although I'm not in nursing school yet, I notice when I eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep it's very hard for me to get sick.
  8. Cynthiann

    Crna = Mda?!

    AA's wouldn't necessarily be cheaper to employ if you need more MDA's to supervise. I tend to think the the cost is about the same either way. (Keep in mind I'm still an undergrad student, so my statement is based on what I've been reading here for the past year).
  9. Cynthiann

    Anyone working as a CNA in the DWF area??

    check it out at http://www.salary.com
  10. Cynthiann

    please help a newbie!

    Welcome to the board! You'll learn a lot from here, I know I did. I think you will find that the majority of people do all their pre-reqs first. For me, I have no choice because the program is so competitive that you have to have them complete to even have a chance of getting in. A little advice, since you are just starting out and want to take it easy, I would reconsider taking two science classes off the bat. Those are both difficult classes so it will be like going to school full time. I'm taking Anatomy and chemistry right now (also english comp II) and it's kicking my butt. If I were you I would take one science and something easier like english, history, nutrition, etc..
  11. Cynthiann

    The mailbox watch is on

    Congratulations!! I'm still here waiting, I won't find out for at least another month. People keep telling me they think I will get in, hope they are right.
  12. Cynthiann

    Crna = Mda?!

    That is sooo true.
  13. Cynthiann

    A&P - Droppin' Like Flies

    Some people don't do well on certain types of test. Personally I am horrible at essay questions. Even though I know the material inside and out, I have trouble putting it correctly in an essay I will get an answer wrong because the teacher will nit pick my answer or because I made a poor choice of words so it didn't mean how I was thinking it. I had a teacher who was the exact opposite. She told me that when she was in school she was horrible with multiple choice and rather do essays. She almost didn't get into graduate school because she didn't do well on the GRE but if she was tested with essay questions she would ace the test. I agree though with what many said, with science classes (and probably nursing classes, not in nursing school yet) you have to know the material well and not just memorize it. It's the only way you can critcally think your way through the questions.
  14. Cynthiann

    Just venting....

    Man, that sucks... no money until December. We get our a month after the semester begins and sometimes that month seems to take forever. Oklahoma is "technologically retarded" too, but I'm sure glad everything is online for school. Enrollment, transcript, tuition bill, etc... It makes things so much easier. Just hang in there...
  15. Cynthiann

    Its really not fair

    I could of done my BSN in 4 years but that's with 16-18 credits a semester. But I'd rather go the ADN-RN-BSN route, much less stressful on my family. I never heard of any programs in my area where you can take all your pre-reqs along with the nursing classes (not that I would want to anyways). With every program so competitive to get into you have to have your pre-reqs completed just to be looked at. Some people even finish it all and still can't get in...
  16. I grew up in Jacksonville, never really been out to the small towns in FL but I do know of towns here in OK that sound like what you describe. I now live in Oklahoma City and I still don't think there is much here in OK. When people want to go to a city to actually do something fun, they go to Dallas 3 hours away. I think I will love to live in any city that is near a beach and stays warm most of the year. Here in OK you are stuck in the house half the year because it's too cold to do anything. I hate it because I'm an outdoors type of person.