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Hi there!!! I was wondering if anyone is from the Dallas/ Ft worth area? I live in Allen . Ana:)... Read More

  1. by   subec

    For those of you that are still needing some pre-reqs and are in the Dallas area, I HIGHLY recommend Jackie Reynolds for A&P and microbiology. She teaches at Richland College branch of DCCCD, and she is by far the best teacher I have ever had.

  2. by   NurseStacey143
    Houston/ Galveston area here now and always!
  3. by   pedi-RN
    Originally posted by subec
    I'm not in an ADN program, but I've heard that the program at El Centro in downtown Dallas is better than the one at Brookhaven.

    I am in the Brookhaven program, which is the same program as El Centro, Brookhaven is just a satellite campus. As far as better, I would have to disagree. I have taken my sciences at Brookhaven, and talked to many who have taken them both places. It seems that every class at Brookhaven is harder than the same class at El Centro. I know I was enrolled in A&P II at El Centro this summer, and after looking through the materials, it was going to be a breeze. I ended up switching to a class at Brookhaven since it is closer for me. It was HARD. Totally different book, much tougher. I will finish tonight with a B. Could have had an A easily at El Centro, the book they were using looked more like something for high school. I will take the harder class and feel that I am learning important information, anyday.

    Brookhaven also has better clinical site choices, I have learned.
  4. by   joyflnoyz
    I've been off the board for a few months...We live in Lytton Springs, which is about 25 miles SE of Austin (in the Austin-Bastrop-San Marcos triangle).

    Cheerfuldoer, don't I remember something about you going to Ohio to work for a bit?
  5. by   KevinN
    I live in Grand Prairie and finished my prerequisite and core classes at Mountain View College in Dallas. I am starting my first semester at El Centro in a few weeks. Holli is right, El Centro and Brookhaven have the same nursing program. The only major differences between the two schools are their locations and clinical site choices.
  6. by   2005 Nurse
    I live in the Colony and have just completed my pre-req's at Brookhaven. I made application at both EC and BHC for the nursing program, hoping that I will get into one in January.

    Personally, I would have to agree that BH is harder then EC just from conversations I have had with students at both campuses. I also understand that the nursing instructors at EC are MUCH more helpful then those at Brookhaven. WE will see
  7. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    In the Panhandle area, here.
    (oops, didn't see that this was for students until after I posted).
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  8. by   donna decker
    i was born and raised in the garland mesquite area. now living in odessa. got my lvn from a school called E & K Vocational nursing program. any one know if it still in existence.
  9. by   NICUhopeful
    I am close to Dallas too. I currently work in Ophthalmology and am going to school for my RN now.

  10. by   LauraLou
    I am hoping to start at Brookhaven in January. I have also heard that the program at El Centro is more relaxed and friendly than the one at Brookhaven.

    I do agree with Holly_RN_2b that the science classes at Brookhaven are harder. I took AP I and Micro at Brookhaven and sweated every minute. I am enrolled in AP II at Eastfield and we are using a different textbook and are only required to memorize about half as much information as in AP I.

    My guess is most people choose the campus that is closest to them. I live in Plano and don't want to end up with a clinical site in Duncanville, so I picked Brookhaven. I'm sure someone living in Duncanville feels the same way, so they pick El Centro.

    I heard there was an accelerated nursing program being tried at North Lake, but haven't been able to find any information on it. Has anyone else heard anything?
  11. by   2005 Nurse
    The accelerated program is beginning its second year now. I don't know if they are going to do a complete 2 yr test run, or if they enroll another session in the fall or spring. I will be curious to see.

    I agree about the campus location. I live in the Colony, I would love to have clinicals in Carrollton!!! That is why I am hoping I will get accepted at Brookhaven! Duncanville would be a real problem for me. lol.

    I think what ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so......I'll take Brookhaven, and deal with it. Just like I will deal with A & P 2 with SEifert this semester
  12. by   geekgolightly
    Houston Community College. graduated in august. just got my GN and will sit for boards by end of October. eeeek! also five months pregnant.
  13. by   nubian26
    Hi I live in Arlington and will apply for the TCC program and El Centro Program by January hoping to get in. I have heard the Tarrant County program is very hard to get into. Can anyone tell me about the DCCD programs....