Another textbook thread

  1. My bookshelf is sagging with overpriced texts & my wallet is screaming, "Get your hands offa me."

    I'm a big fan of libraries... great places to study, scope, socialize & sleep.
    Any of your nursing texts on reserve at the library, so that you don't have to buy every required text?

    Also, are there any great nursing texts that you love because you can use them for multiple classes & clinicals?

    It is not just about saving money, it is about eliminating clutter. I have found a good use for some of my old books. My bedroom have a severe slope & I feel like I'm sleeping on a hill. My thick textbooks level the bed nicely.



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  3. by   teeituptom
    Mine died from oldage, but those heavy stone tablets that were hand chiseled were a bit difficult to lug around
  4. by   essarge
    Some of my books are on reserve at the library but then again, everyone is using them! I like the idea of walking down my hallway into my "study" and pulling my book off the shelf.

    As far as using the reserve books for your text, when you are in class, you never know when the instructor is going to ask you to refer to page such and such. And what would you do if your instructor (who has a big heart) says "OK, open book test"? Are they willing to let you sit next to somebody?
  5. by   EmeraldNYL
    I really don't think it's necessary to buy all of the books. Several of my books I never even used and just ended up selling back at the end of the quarter.
  6. by   dosamigos76
    Call me chicken, but if on the list from the school it says you need such and such for class, I buy it.
  7. by   Bevi
    Cheryl, me too.....
    I buy em all...
    even if i never use em.... and I keep em.
    I'm convinced they'll be good references. I have my bio 101 book, and i still refer back to it from time to time.....same with chem and micro...

    I can't remember a time that i've ever sold a book back or ever not, bought a recommended book....
  8. by   LauraF, RN
    I buy all recommended books for my classes as well. But, as soon as that semester is over, I sell them back. Except for the nursing books. I will use them over and over. I think I also kept my computer book too. I still refer to some of my nursing books from time to time from LPN school many moons ago.
  9. by   Jen2
    I sell all of my books back at the end of the semester. The only one I regret selling back is my A&P book. As far as books for this fall which will be my first semester in the ADN program, I will buy the 9 that are required but the three that are recommended, I will wait to see exactly how important they are b4 I buy them. I also refuse to pay $65.00 for a lab kit. I am hoping to split the cost of this with a partner.
  10. by   Noney
    When I was in school I would look online for the previous issue of the same textbook and saved alot on a few of my books. Usually the 3rd edition is not that much different then 2nd edition.
  11. by   maire
    I buy all the recommended texts on the list, and after the semester is over I keep the ones that have useful information in them and get rid of the rest. My computer desk has become my nursing bookshelf. I should take a picture and post it. It's a mess.
  12. by   SteelTownRN
    I would recommend keeping all of your nursing and science textbooks to have your own home library. (Saves trips to the real library.) You never know when you want to look up some unknown fact. I've been a nurse for 14 years, and still refer back to my original patho book for things. At the very least, keep your books until you pass boards. Selling them back for 5% of the original price (or something very close to it) doesn't amount to much more than a Big Mac these days. :-)
  13. by   sagelola
    I usually sell my books back, too. I haven't started the Nursing Program yet, so we have yet to see if any of those will be sold back. I, too, regret selling my Anatomy was A&P and a superb book as I was to later find out (I have a friend who kept girl!)

    Last semester I got screwed...spent $500 on book, and only got $47 back. They were not taking the Micro or Phys book so I am keeping them. Who knows, they may come in handy someday! Besides that, I really do like the Micro much useful info. You know, that's how I figured out my daughter had ringworm!?
  14. by   jgreenlady
    "I'm new" and starting 1st Sem Nursing Aug 18. I also feel the need to buy all textbooks on "required list". Up to this point, in prereqs I have always gotten far better prices when buying at "" than at the bookstore and also I usually can resell for about what I paid on "". I will be keeping my A&P book and probably all nursing books from here on out. I do agree with the post concerning buying the previous edition. Sometimes when I have sold a book back, I then purchased the edition just previous to it(at a 40 to 50 percent savings) for my "library". My school specifically requests the "latest edition" on all nursing books. However, with these books my school's bookstore price is better than most I have found on the internet. The Med-Surg Kit & Stethoscope Kit seem pricey though, but I don't know enough about this yet to try to buy elsewhere. My total will be about $400 for everything(except uniforms) and from what I've seen here that's not bad. God bless us everyone!