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I'm in need of some encouragement :o : This is my second attempt in Anatomy I and I know that I'm only going to come out of it with a D. It's not that the work was so difficult, it's just that with... Read More

  1. by   susanmary
    Life happens ... there will always be something going on. Only you can decide what your priorities are. If you truly want to be a nurse, then you need to refocus and let go of less important things so that you can study. Starting out with an F & D in A&P may preclude you from some nursing programs -- find out the requirements (including cumulative GPA) to see if you have a realistic chance. Nursing school is very challenging ... just as is nursing. If you want to do it ... you really have to want to do it. Good luck ... refocus ... and don't waste your time. Get help if you need it ... tutors, etc. Good luck.
  2. by   smk1
    check with your school about how it will affect you. I know that the program at my school is so competitive that i don't think anyone with less than a "b" has been getting in the past year of selections.
  3. by   youknowho
    I took a stand alone anatomy course and dropped it w/ in a month. My son was hospitalized so I was a mess and then there was the teacher:stone Oh that teacher was evil. Making "fat people" jokes, told a female that he missed her after she was absent, etc. The second time around I took an A&P combo and got an A

    Around here you do have to get at least a C in core science classes but even that is really not good enough. 1/2 the slots get in on GPA for the next nursing class. My Micro class is sooo competitve. No one wants to risk not getting in on GPA becasue the other 1/2 slots are lottery.
    Don't give up! Figure out whats going on and try your best.
  4. by   luckyladyore
    Quote from lanitra
    I'm in need of some encouragement : This is my second attempt in Anatomy I and I know that I'm only going to come out of it with a D. It's not that the work was so difficult, it's just that with my full-time job going away, I've been under some personal stress. I know this grade will stand-- since it's a second attempt, but I'm planning on re-re-taking it next semester. I'm wondering if I should just think of another major, because I don't think I'd stand a chance getting into nursing school (in about 1 1/2 years) with this kind of grade on my first science course. Needless to say I failed the first time. Can someone please tell me what you think??? I'm looking for those who've gone through this. I just can't imagine going into another field besides nursing!!!
    Dag....Satan is ALWAYS busy!!!!
  5. by   Energizer Bunny
    Gotta have C's here to even be considered for the nusring program. Have you considered counseling for whatever issues may be disturbing you and affecting your schoolwork?

    Good Luck to you...I wish you all the best!
  6. by   cns48
    I agree witht everyone else.

    I work at a nursing center that does research on nursing issues and mostly everyone in the nursing world says that courses like Anatomy and Physiology I, II and Microbiology are big determinants of how people will do in nursing school. This is according to the research.

    I would suggest that you start out with a general chemistry. At a lot of schools, General Chemistry is a prerequisite for A&P I anyway.

    I do not want you to give up on your dreams, but schools of nursing need to be truthful to students. They should not make you waste your money and keep taking the class over. They should have suggested another science to start after you didn't past A&P I the first time.

    Don't be discouraged though because there are a lot of reasons why students don't do well in classes and it is not always the student. It is sometimes the instructor, or the way the class is taught (maybe you need a different learning style).

    This is why it is important to really check out a school. I know it is hard for most of us to travel, but sometimes your local school's nursing philosophy doesn't fit with what you need as a student to become the best nurse you can be.

    My boss use to be the head of a school of nursing at a community college and he told me that he had plenty of students to fail out of his program and go into another program and be successful. This is because every nursing program has its own philosophy and you have to find what is right for you and your learning style.

    Be encouraged!
  7. by   lanitra
    Once again, THANK YOU very, very much for all of your advice, kind words, etc. I called a former advisor at my school and was told that I should take my AP courses and Micro at one of our junior colleges, do extremely well, and shouldn't have a problem getting in---provided I don't mess up any further. I looked at one of the colleges and found that they have an "Intro" Anatomy course that I'm thinking I'll take this summer. I'm not giving up as long as God doesn't give up on my; however, I do know that FAITH w/out WORKS is DEAD. I will continue to go on and re-refocus. I'm so thankful for the "THIRD" chance and refuse to take it for granted this time. My next post will be how wonderful I did it my pre-Anatomy class this summer
  8. by   klone
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  9. by   Justus
    There are several interactive websites that "teach" Anatomy online for FREE.
    Perhaps you could "bone-up" on it there
  10. by   menetopali
    find out what the drop policy is and how it will appear on your transcript at this late date. if practical: drop the course, take a general bio course and then A&P at a CC and make the time to ace it (ie: lighten your course load while you take A&P). by-the-by you may be able to test out of other subjects if you excel at them through the CLEP which will lighten the study load as well. above all, check with your school's rules on re-taking courses, transferring courses after martriculation, and the CLEP.
  11. by   sabine_rn
    I'm a firm believer in "Baby Steps". I think it would be good for you to take a basic A&P class first. I was VERY scared of A&P and I'm getting an A. It has alot to do with who teaches it too. I asked around, and found that teachers at night are much more relaxed and willing to help. The day-timers seem to be on a mission to weed out potential nursing students, intentionally making it as hard as they possibly can. A&P I is all about memorization really.
    I am doing the LPN program first--maybe that would take the stress out of it for you too.
    I rather take a small step gracefully, that to jump and fall on my face :chuckle
  12. by   orrnlori
    Rarely are we given 3rd chances in anything in life. Make hay while the sun shines and devote yourself to this if you truly want to get your license. Good luck!
  13. by   SirJohnny

    - I'd like to add some advice here.

    - First, you need to do some self-assessing, and determine why you are not doing
    better in A&P. Perhaps even speak with a counselor at the community college
    or something.

    If you cannot are unwilling to devote 2 or 3 hours/day (everyday) into studying
    A&P, then stop now. Yes, it takes that kind of dedication to studying if you want
    to grab an A in the course.

    - I am taking Microbiology, and out of 135 students, only 50 are left, and only 3 of
    us will get an A in the class - finals in 2 weeks. This is at the University of
    Southern Indiana. I will be one of those folks grabbing an A.

    In this class, I put in about 4 hours/day every single day hitting the books. I even
    start studying for the next exam 10 min after I finish the current exam.

    - The weekend before the exam, I will put in a 10 to 12 hour cram session, on Sat and again on Sunday. So do the
    other 2 folks getting "A"s in the class.

    - I also hold down a full-time job (software engineer).


    - Why do I mention this?

    - Something is wrong with either your dedication to study time, or your study
    habits. This is where the counselor can come into play.

    - How do I study?

    - I write or replay the same word/sentence/concept in my mind for 5 to 10 min. I
    have timers on my computer - you can use an alarm clock if you have to. Then, I
    take a blank sheet of paper or use MS-Notepad on my laptop and do a memory
    dump. I continue the process for 2 or 3 or 4 hours.

    - How do I stay focused/motivated. I ride an exercise bike sometimes, or I lock
    myself in car while watching trains. I also study at Denny's, Barnes & Nobles, and
    Waffle Hut. Also study in conference room at work (after hours).

    As far as motivation. After putting in 100+ hours for the first exam and grabbing
    a 95%, I am not going to slow down and procrastinate. "Riding the wave" as some
    people put it.

    - Regarding taking the class multiple times.

    - At this point - your study skills need to be re-evaluated. It's not the material - it's you. And again, it would benefit you to talk to an advisor, classmates, etc.

    - Regarding admissions to nursing school. Switch community colleges and start over once your study skills are up to par. No one has to know that you took classes at the other community college.


    - With regards to study-time & committment. It only gets worse. So gotta get good skills and dedication now.

    Hope this helps & good luck.

    John Coxey
    Evansville (where the cows don't play), Indiana
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