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menetopali has 9 years experience and specializes in ED, Tele, Psych.

Born in San Juan, grew up in NYC, live in rural AZ

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  1. menetopali

    When the doctor doesn't respond to their page...

    Advise charge, call RR and/or send pt back to ED if the pt is deteriorating and provider is non-responsive. Remember that the nurse's primary obligation is to the patient, not anyone else.in this case the provider may not have responded for any number of reasons but they are the ones responsible for ensuring coverage and therefore they should be reprimanded through the medical staff oversight process. If you are getting grief from nursing admin for advocating for your patient then you may consider looking at another place to work.
  2. menetopali

    Throwing the computer out the window!!!

    Never trust a computer you can't throw out the window.... Wozniak
  3. menetopali

    FNP in a non-clinical position

    I am an FNP and DoN for the hospital I work in, I know that a hospital CEO in the valley is also an RN so there are definitely options out there
  4. menetopali

    He Says/ She says, Who's in Charge?

    Strongly recommend you seek a place to practice elsewhere. If policy says x and practice does y then you are in a very bad position should there be a negative outcome, audit, or legal action taken. Get out now.
  5. menetopali

    NPs... Who is your boss?

    My immediate supervisor is the CEO and not an MD. I am in an interesting position in that I am the DoN and an FNP. With the FNP hat I am , I join the outpatient psych medical director and inpatient psych medical director as the primary care director as an equal member of the medical staff executive committee. As the inpatient DoN I report to the CEO and join the Inpatient director of social work and inpatient medical director as an equal member of he hospital executive committee. I would not be concerned about reporting to a non-clinician for administrative issues (most CEO's are not clinicians after all) but as an APRN I would expect that you are treated as a member of the medical staff or the APRN staff with equal standing to the other providers.
  6. menetopali

    ? about DNP accreditation

    short answer is that attending a program that is not accredited by a recognized agency is a risk that you must weigh. most schools have several accrediting bodies - one for the college or university itself, another for the college within the university, and another for the program within the college. if the program isn't accredited but is applying for it or is 'provisional' and the college/university are accredited then it's probably a low risk gamble. on the other hand if the college/university isn't regionally accredited then i would avoid them as there is a real risk that the education you receive will not be recognized by other institutions of higher education or industry.
  7. menetopali

    Online FNP/ACNP Programs

    ASU has a hybrid program, UofA has a program with local clinicals and two weeks every year, UofP has a hybrid program.
  8. menetopali

    Palm Pilot vs Phone downloads

    hands down - palm - blackberry is not a supported platform for the entire epocrates package
  9. menetopali

    How did NP school compare to receiving your BSN

    BSN was a cakewalk as it was mostly a rehash of the ADN with a couple of extras - half the MSN was that way as well (ie "nursing theory", research, ethics). The tough part of the MSN was the patho, pharm, and clinicals. I worked full time through the BSN and it was almost a hobby. For the MSN it was busting hump every day while working a Baylor in the ED (it was a great choice for an FNP student - much better experience than the ICU to see primary care stuff). hope this helps.
  10. menetopali


    Arizona is like that - you can check the Pearson report at: http://www.webnp.net/ajnp08.html for a comparison of practice environments from state to state.
  11. menetopali

    Integrated medicine?

    The University of Arizona has an interdisciplinary (physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants) fellowship in integrative medicine directed by Dr Weil
  12. menetopali

    Is a NP also a " Physician?"

    maybe in any state law - but federal law, specifically the social security act (and medicare by extension), defines "physician" a bit more broadly to include dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and optometrists - 42 U.S.C. 1395 1861® to the OP - an NP is not a physician and a physician is not an NP. the patient may have used the colloquial 'physician' to refer to their provider, it is unlikely that either they were mistaking the professions as the patient clearly identified the NP, I think it is also unlikely that the patient was 'humoring' the NP. this helps demonstrate two things - (1) acceptance of the NP as PCP in the public eye and (2) the need to continue to educate the public about the NP profession and that while an NP may be their 'doctor', an NP is not a physician and a while a physician may be their 'practitioner', physicians are not Nurse Practitioners.
  13. menetopali

    Help with a 3 question research paper

    sure, i'll participate.
  14. menetopali

    DNP's failing the test????

    i'm not insunuating as much as saying outright that DNPs (and frankly all new NPs) should be able to participate in federally funded and closely mentorred experiences after graduation and before flying solo so to speak.
  15. menetopali

    Differences (Educative/Clinical) between NP & PA

    my program has computer log system that tracks this info - what isn't included includes orientation, drive time, meetings, lectures, condition/disease discussions, etc. in a given 8 hour day (excluding lunch), i may only log 5-7 hours of patient time with the rest as chart reviews, f/u letters, review of labs, care coordination between office & hospital, or the myriad of others things included in providing care in a family practice. in contrast when we have medical students float through they count every minute from when they set-foot in the building until they leave for the day. (ie - my 5 hours equals their 9).
  16. menetopali

    DNP's failing the test????

    It is this very steep learning cutrve that physicians are helped through via residencies. unfortunately those with an economic agenda, instead of a patient agenda, block the inclusion of DNPs in residency programs (even though there are many empty slots) and cry "poor" when nursing seeks funding for NP residency programs.